Google search has an auto-complete feature that gives suggestions to complete the sentence when you start typing. These are generated by algorithms based on the most commonly searched terms. When these auto-generate searches are not politically palatable, they are altered by human interventions.

poppy-remembranceFor example there are a lot of negative searches and follow-through clicks on material critical of Islam. But, due to activism by Muslim groups, these have been played around with so as to place Islam-critical contents further down and Islam-apologetic content higher up in the search results and to avoid the negative search auto-completes.

When it comes to searches that are critical of other institutions, such as ‘wearing a poppy’ in western tradition as part of remembrance for those who have given their lives in defence of Nation states, there has been no such human intervention in the search results, as there is no comparable activism to the Muslim apologetic one.

wearing poppy haram?

So the first google suggestion to this query is currently highly educational as to what people are searching the most about it. And the answers to this question are the defaultly generated Google results.

The topmost searched query is whether wearing a poppy is 'haram', i.e. forbidden in Islamic jurisprudence/dogma.

The answer to this query is even more educational to anyone who is honest enough to view the answer.

answers to is wearing poppy haram

According to all of the leading results it is indeed haram for a Muslim to wear a poppy. The very first result to the question from the highly popular UK based states: ‘It’s haram. Instead do dua for the mujahideen that have died.’

From this we get an example of how Islamic teachings are poisoning the minds of the UK Muslims and making them antithetical to sacrifices of those who died to make the UK a free and democratic country, and who defeated fascistic Nazis to keep Europe safe from totalitarian and genocidal German racial supremacism.

Given the popularity of this answer, this again can be seen as the mainstream and dominant Muslim teaching, and not as some fringe and extreme outlying view.

This gives a clear picture of how Islamic supremacist dogma is poisoning the minds of the UK based Muslims, and how it represents a clear and present danger to the integration and harmonious co-existence of Muslims in the UK.

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