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I recently came across “24 reasons to challenge Islamophobia” at the bottom of a silly article in the HuffPo (Ca) which claims to debunk “myths about Islam” by the use of … myths (in the sense of “total fabrications”).

The “24 reasons...” just pictures with snappy captions, so I've decided to reply one by one.

As we should all know by now “Islamophobia” means “critique of Islam” as well as “anti-Muslim bigotry”.Once more let me be clear here. In what follows I am referring solely and exclusively to the “critique of Islam” part of “Islamophobia” and not the (falsely) conflated “anti-Muslim bigotry” part which I always condemn, as I'm doing here again.

Okay, with that out of the way and since all the captions start with “Challenge Islamophobia because” we'll take that as read:

#1. ...I could be your sister, daughter, friend.
Clearly the intent here is to ensure that the “sister, daughter, friend” never has to defend – or fail to -  the barbaric aspects of Islam. Put another way “I'm Muslim, don't challenge me!”

#2. … we are humanity.
An interesting one. Note what it does not say, there is no “part of”. This reads like an exclusive claim to humanity which does not include the “najjis Kaffir” (filthy non-Muslim) who is lower than a microbe.Oops! Islamic supremacy leaking out here methinks.

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It is not often that I find myself in disagreement with Louis Palme, but in his article “Muslims to Muslims: “Knock off the Jihad crap!” I find things with which to take issue.

Before I do, however, let me on one level concede his point: there are Muslims who would want the “radical/extremist”, that is orthodox, Muslims to “knock off the Jihad crap”.

Some of them will even want the orthodox to do so for reasons with which non-Muslims would concur, others for reasons more soundly based in Islamic Theology on the grounds that 'terrorist' attacks in the west are likely, in their view, to have detrimental effects on the Muslim minorities therein.

Such minorities living amongst majority Kuffar populations are “in Mecca” in the sense that they lack the power to effect overthrow of the current governments and are at risk of the much touted but not materialising “Islamophobic backlash”; as such being peaceable is in their interests.

The orthodox, on the other hand, are “in Medina”. They believe that Islam as a worldwide concern has the power (however they conceive this) to effect sword-Jihad against the Kuffar for the advancement of Islam.

This is not the article for a detailed treatment of this topic, but the point I'm driving at is that there are 'good' reasons – Islamically speaking – for both points of view.

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Trope: “A significant or recurrent theme; a motif.” (OED).

“A common or overused theme or device.” (Mirriam-Webster).

In the west there are a number of such tropes about Islam that are widely used. What unites all of them is that they are false. Some are bare-faced lies, others are more subtle and contain various grains of truth within the myths and falsehoods. What follows is a discussion and a few examples of some of these.


The “Islam is the religion of peace” trope.

This is the Daddy of them all and so widely used that it has become a mantra.

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According to the “News Minute” the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) recently gave a 68 page affidavit to the Supreme Court in support of polygamy and “triple talaq” divorce in the hopes of getting Islamic law and tradition protected on the grounds that any interference by the state would violate Muslims' fundamental rights.

The “Times of India” reports that Women's groups have “slammed” the affidavit.

And no wonder. Here are some of the more “controversial” statements made by the board as reported by News Minute.

“Personal laws of a community cannot be re-written in the name of Social Reform.”

What this means is that how Muslim men treat women is not subject to change. In simple terms “Long live misogyny!”.

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Recently, I came across the article “75 Reasons Why Muslims Must Stop With Their Terrorism Condemnation Ritual” by Ismail Ibrahim.

I thought it deserved something of a reply.

In the interests of brevity (how well achieved you may decide) I will not go through it point by point, rather I will group the “75 reasons” under heads, thus I regret that you will have to look at the original article to follow my reasoning.

A. Tu-toque reasoning. Otherwise “It's ALL the fault of the West.”

Points #1, 16, 33, 37, 39, 40, 41, 59, 61-a classic, 65. (10 instances.)

B. Irrelevancy.

Points #2, 19, 67. (3 instances.)

C. Muslim supremacy aka “we're fine as we are and don't need to change”.

Points #3, 8, 29, 30, 35, 51, 57; (6 instances.)

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