M. A. Khan

It appears that Islamic barbarism, which had a fascinating year in Pakistan, will end the Mayan ‘Dooms Day’ year on a high. Even if nothing further of the sort happens during the next 9 days when the year ends, it will still have a glorious finish with a man just burned alive for alleged desecration of the holy Quran.

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When the greatest Kuffars of the world help spread the divine messages of the Quran through expensive advertisements on buses and subways in America, Islam couldn't have any better than this, could it? Islam's campaign for subjugating the whole world draws towards a close, Inshallah!

bus and subway ads with violent quran verses in America

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My life in my beloved country is over, they have won, Australia as we knew no longer exists! How I weep, my paradise gone.

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Apparently a Muslim, living in France, pretends to be the wife of the Indonesian murder victim, in whose case ex-Muslim Imran Firasat was implicated by Indonesian authority, and makes claims as if she saw Imran kidnapping her husband or have decisive evidence against Imran...

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imran-firasat-family-childrenAnd the Spanish police blamed him for his problems and adviced him to make peace with the Islamists…

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