The war that has been going on between the West and Islam is obvious to all except those Westerners who live in denial and refuse to believe their eyes. What we actually see is a new kind of war the like of which never been fought before. In fact the word ‘war’ may not be the right expression to describe what has been going on. In wars, the fighting is in both directions but what we see today is that Islam is fighting against the West while the West is fighting alongside Islam!

Islam will lose

Islam has no place in this age of the Internet because its true nature can be easily exposed. It simply has no strength to survive an intellectual challenge. The ideology was not well constructed but a random collection of myths and ideas that make no sense to any person with common sense.

Islam was destined to die at the stage of its inception in Mecca but the Arabs of Yathrib, the ‘Ansar’ ( supporters) gave it a new breath of life. Muhammad’s claims were examined by the scholars of the time, like Abu Al Hakam Ib Hisham, and were rejected for being false. If Muhammad failed to defend his ideology no Muslim scholar can succeed. Apart from the few dozens who joined him in the early years, Muhammad failed to attract any other followers in his own city. His uncles and cousins, even his own daughter, Zainab, didn’t join him because they all believed he was making things up. The Ansar supported Muhammad and his followers of ‘muhajiroon’ (immigrants) purely for political reasons. They paid the ultimate price for their blunder, which resulted in the loss of their power and the fall of their city to Muhammad as they completely vanished from history. The Ansar’s support to Muhammad is reminiscent of the West’s support to his followers fourteen centuries later. Muhammads current followers were persecuted in their home countries until they gained the support of the West (again for political reasons). The new ‘muhajiroon’ made the most of the generous Western support that was at their disposal, just as Muhammad did in Yathrib, and they succeeded. The new ‘muhajiroon’ are so powerful in the West that not a word of criticism is allowed to be uttered against them.

It was a pure accident that Islam survived to our time. Accidents do happen in life and often the unlikely things can happen. Throughout its history, Islam has been a handy tool used by rulers to subjugate its followers, and it is still so in our time. The enemies of the various Islamic empires never wanted or needed to challenge the Islamic ideology because they were only interested in power and conquests.

The Internet proved to be a different kind of enemy to Islam, and a lethal one. It is not interested in power or conquests and hits Islam where it hurts and where it has no defences - the heart of its ideology. But the Internet is not alone; in the last few years an unlikely fierce enemy of Islam emerged, which is Islam itself! The very rise of Islam and the implementation of sharia in various parts of the world proved to have a similar function to the self destruct button. The strict implementation of Islam with its associated horrible practices prompted many young Muslims, especially in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and some North African countries, to question the ideology and discover the big lie.

Apostasy is not new to Islam, it is as old as Islam itself. Even while still in Mecca, some of Muhammad’s companions defected to Christianity in Abyssinia. However, the apostate that humiliated Muhammad most was Abdullah Ibn Abu Al Sarh, who was one of the scribes of the Quran and who discovered that Muhammad was making up the Quran. Throughout the centuries, intellectuals living under the Islamic rule continued to defect from Islam, albeit keep their views privately ( Al Mutanabbi, Al Ma’arri, Al Razi … and many others) for obvious reasons.

The Internet is currently rich with ex-Muslims’ activities that expose Islam, and it is paying off. We will never have an accurate number of those who leave Islam but they are not a tiny minority anymore. Their number is increasing more and more, especially in North Africa and Saudi Arabia. Understandably, most of those ex Muslims are young which makes it more promising. It is the youngs who hold the future.

When I started writing on the Internet, I remember reading an article by Ali Sina in which he predicted that Islam will collapse in his life time. He actually produced a mathematical sequence explaining why he believed so. I admired Ali’s logic and confidence and wished if I could share his optimistic views. This was when Islam was actually going from strength to strength with more converts and increasing demands to introduce Sharia law. That picture started to change recently as some serious cracks started to appear in the Islamic structure and they are beyond repair. Ali’s prediction wasn’t that wrong.


The West already lost

Civilisations die of suicide, not murder Arnold Toynbee

The West has committed suicide; the lethal pill was swallowed by the post war generation of Europeans. The so called called ‘baby boomers’ inherited treasures of wealth, culture, freedom and unsurpassed civilisation, earned by their fathers and grandfathers. The rich inheritance didn’t come cheaply but at the cost of millions of lives that were sacrificed by the previous generations. All the the baby boomers needed to do was to enjoy those treasures and pass them on to the next generations; a task they could have done effortlessly, but they didn’t. The result is what we see today, a Europe with borders open to whoever interested, countries with dwindling economies and nations ashamed of their culture, identity and history. Europe reached the point of no return and nothing short of miracle can stop the rolling wheel of demise.

Germany’s position is not easy to comprehend; it was tough with Greece and suddenly became soft towards the influx of millions of immigrants. It does look as if the Germans this time will succeed in bringing down Europe. It has been known for years that the Germans (and most western Europeans) lost interest in raising children. This is not a human instinct behaviour but an acquired culture that is against human instincts. The politicians and their media were behind this madness, which is why they didn’t do anything about it. The Europeans were lead to believe it is better for them to enjoy life to the full without the cost and responsibilities of raising children. Ordinary marriage was frowned at and the “ordinary family” was slowly deprived of its privileges through biased legislations. The people who often campaigned to save endangered species became endangered themselves and nobody cares to save them.

By opening its borders, the Germans will have no real control on the number of people who come to the country. Once in Germany, those people can travel freely to the rest of Europe, if they desired. It is estimated that the number of Muslims in Germany will rise to 20 millions in 2020 (after five years) and the number will multiply in the years after. By importing this kind of immigrants on this scale, Germany also imports unemployment of unemployable people and ethnic conflicts on a scale that never been tried before. It is reality and not racism to note that the migrants who clench to their cultures will do in Germany exactly what they did back in their countries i.e minimal work, which made their countries poor in the first place. Germany has been a world leader in science, technology and manufacturing, which made the German products stand out as icons of excellence. Soon made in Germanywill no longer mean made by the Germans and that will be the beginning of the end for the economy and the nation.

I am an immigrant myself. I came to the UK because I loved the British way of life and wanted to be part of it, contribute to it and benefit from it, which I did. I could have continued to work in the Middle East just like the rest of my colleagues, who couldn’t bear the though of living outside their “superior Islamic” culture. Most immigrants are not Syrians and not refugees. Surprisingly, there are very few Christians (the really oppressed group) among the Syrian refugees. Traditionally, immigrants are motivated by a determination to succeed by working hard and making a new start. This how America was built. The current immigrants, regardless of their origins, have exactly the opposite motivation, which is to do no work and live on benefit. They have been fed the idea that Europe is obliged to respect their rights (ie human rights) to practice their religion and have a good life without having to work at all ( which is sadly true in many ways ). Even more shocking, some truly believe they are desperately needed to fertilise the European women because their men are not good enough! The Europeans like to think they can afford their blunder, which is doubtful, but even if true it is not sustainable on the long term.

The irony is that the European generosity to the immigrants is received with suspicion rather than gratitude by many Arabs, including those living in Europe, who adopt the views expressed by clerics back in their countries. Many believe it is a well planned conspiracy to abuse the Muslims and let them do the dirty works in order to boost the European economies and then convert them to Christianity. Many Arabs are actually more grateful to the Saudis, who refused to take any of the refugees, for offering to build mosques in Germany!

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