The Muslim claim, that Ramadan fasting brings a whole host of benefits and wellbeing to them, is a myth and pure deception. Instead, the unscientific eating habit of Ramadan is a health and economic curse for Muslims, which is all to evident to the naked eye...

What Muslims say or practise may not always have a positive meaning. Most of the times, their claims could be quite opposite, bogus, or deceptive to non-Muslims. Their religious rituals and sayings, in reality, could have totally opposite meaning. Let us examine one case in point, Ramadan, which is a major pious ritual of Islam.

Muslims practise month-long fasting, from sunrise to sunset, in the Arabic month of Ramadan. The main purpose of Ramadan fasting, claim Muslims, is to practice economic bail-tightening, self-struggle, and self-purification—in order to be economical and also to starve oneself for realizing the painful condition of the hungry and starving people.

In other words, fasting is for reducing economic expenditure or pressure, as well as practising self-restraint by reducing indulgence in personal luxury, lusts, or comfort etc. But, in reality, Muslims do the opposite! Muslims, fasting during Ramadan, practice a total orgy of eating and drinking more delicacies, albeit during night instead of day time. At nighttime meals, a typical fasting Muslim may consume double the amount of most nourishing, delicious and luxurious food items compared to his normal eating habit. Monthly expenditure for a typical family duly doubles or triples during Ramadan as compared to monthly expenditure during rest of the year. That means, during the month of Ramadan, Muslims are engaged in greater spending spree than other months of the year. Instead of sacrificing self-comfort and self-interest and luxuries, Muslims indulge in gorgeous month-long celebration of vigorous spending and eating orgies.

Remarkably, it is worth noting their weird culture of Iftar-Party Politics (IPP), i.e. fast-breaking ritual, during Ramadan. One can witness how much foods they gobble (waste) in this month-long unholy activities of IPP. It is almost a competition of eating tasty and expensive food items of as many varieties as they can afford in this IPP. This is what they call exercise of self-restraint for realizing the pains of the poor and hungry! As if, poor people eat so much foods (which they try to simulate so piously) and still remain hungry!

Prices of commodities shoot up during Ramadan

Prices of common commodities such as food-stuffs and other daily necessities go up to the roof in Muslim countries during the fasting month, adding untold misery to the poor people. No government control can prevent this pernicious price increase in the month of Ramadan. Fact is: Muslims actually consume more foods and luxury items during Ramadan than other times of the year. A fasting man will consume more foods in total than a non-fasting man in the same family. Because, fasting man will consume all the most nutritious and expensive tasty foods during nighttime, which normally they hardly do during other months, the supply and demands get unbalanced, and business people can not keep the price down because of very high demands. Thus, the ultimate purpose of fasting—namely self-restraint or sacrifice, and particularly realization of the pain of the hungry—works to the contrary: i.e. the poor suffer more during Ramadan, thank to the price increase of daily necessities.

Some facts & myths of Ramadan and reality!

National Productivity: National productivity of all Muslim nations goes down in this month due to serious disruptions of business as usual. All educational institutes remain shut-down for the entire month. Muslims do not work hard during this month: they reach office mostly late and go home early. All Arab nations (Muslims) basically do not work at all during this month. Arabs even do not sleep during the night also. They remain awake and busy eating and drinking all night long; and after their Sehari (early-morning meal)—they go for a long deep-sleep in holy comfort.

Charity and donations: Mullahs and Islamic scholars brag that, the so-called fasting during Ramadan teaches Muslims to do charity for the poor people; but in reality, Muslims are little charitable; their contribution to global aid is very little or negligible in quantity. It is the non-Muslim kaffir countries of the East and West (especially American kaffirs) give 80% of the world’s charity to the poor nations.

Health benefits: Some Islamists unscrupulously brag that ‘fasting during Ramadan is highly beneficial to health’. This claim, of course, has no scientific basis and an untrue statement by Muslims. In fact, this kind of fasting is very harmful to health. The fact—that Muslims are least unhealthy people on earth, and that their longevity is one of the lowest in the world—proves it all.

Allah keeps Satan chained during Ramadan: Islamic mullahs claim that, during this holy month, Allah keeps the Satan chained (arrested and confined), preventing it from making Muslims do bad things in this month. This claim is utterly bogus and clearly untrue. Just look at what is happening around the world, especially in the Muslim world (Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan). Right from day one of Ramadan, there took place a heightened barrage of suicide bombings to kill scores of innocent people; the same has been the case during Ramadan over the past years.

In Bangladesh, for example, corruption is going on unabated, while killings by beheading, for example in the district of Kushtia, are occurring on almost a daily basis. Crime and violence remain rampant in the Muslim world during this month of Ramadan. A few days ago, even in Saudi Arabia (the birth place of Islam) terrorists were about to kill Saudi prince by suicide terrorism, which occurs there rarely. By no statistics or scientific data can one claim that crime-rates go down during the month of Ramadan! Is it possible that Allah, as promised, forgot to chain all those Satan he created? Or is it a lie from Islam and Allah.

Ramadan makes Muslims honest and pure: This is purely a myth, a bogus assumption if not propaganda, by the Islamists. Muslims are the most corrupt people on earth by all possible parameters, and by all scientific statistics. Nobody can deny that!

The fact

Thus, the month-long fasting of Ramadan is obviously a mockery of what Muslims claim. This unscientific fasting during day-time and the eating orgy (voracious munching of foods) at nighttime, instead, is unhealthy and unnecessary, and a most unproductive practice. Ramadan fasting ritual only helps Muslim nations pushed into greater poverty and dependence on others. Economically, Muslims get weaker due to unbalanced expenditure, and much reduced productivity and business activity during the month of Ramadan. Ramadan fasting, therefore, is another Islamic self-deception, to say the least, and a curse to their wellbeing, at best.

Here is a research-report that has found productivity loss in Muslim countries by 78% during Ramadan, while heart-attack increase by 28% due to over-eating:


(ANSAmed) - TUNIS, SEPTEMBER 3 - During Ramadan, the productivity of Arab businesses drops by 78%. The essential factors? Fewer work hours, absenteeism, and sick leave. In the meantime, diseases linked to cholesterol and diabetes by 27.65% because of overeating. Experts claimed that increases in blood crimes (+1.5%) and theft (+3.5%) are mainly the result of abstinence from smoke. The figures are included in a survey carried out by Cairòs Institute of Social Sciences of the Arab World which was printed today by 'Leaders', a Tunisian website. (ANSAmed).

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