Islam is a cult which stands and prospers only by slandering other faiths. Since tender age, Muslims inculcate in their children the ideas that Christians are infidels and have corrupted the Bible; Jews are pigs and apes and have corrupted their holy book even more; Hindus are idol worshippers, a totally false religion, thus they are Kafirs and Mushriks; Buddhists are also idol worshippers, and so on. They keep on finding faults with each and every other religious faith. They label them with various terms and expressions to belittle those religions. At the same time, they exaggerate, embellish and embroider their own cult deceitfully. While most of them do it unwittingly, some do so intentionally in the hope of winning the heart and favors of Allah. They fail to understand such a simple thing that an Omnipotent God would never need any kind of lies or superficial beautification to promote and glorify His religion. Muslims hold an attitude concerning other religions, which is best summed by the famous proverb: "Give a dog a bad name and hang him".

Islam strictly forbids symbolisms. Muslims never sketch the image of Allah or of Muhammad. They are not even supposed to draw any living animals in picture. Idol worship is symbolism, not equivalent to making partners with God. Hindus do not say that there are two Gods; Christians or Jews never claim that God is multiple. Yet Muslims insult those religions with the false accusation of having multiple Gods. This is a malicious ploy that Islam use to slander and sully the image of every other religion, so that Islam can be advanced.

We humans are completely dependent on symbolism; we can never do without it. Whatever name we utter is a verbal representation of that object which we call with that name. For example, when we say “tree” we are just using the word ‘TREE’ instead of showing a tree in real. It is, thus, a symbolic representation of a real tree. But Islam outlaws only the pictorial symbolism not the vocal, because Muhammad lacked the sense of differentiating between these two types of imageries people use. Even any concrete object is not possible to denote without the use of verbal representation, then how is it even possible to think of realizing an abstract thing like “love”, “intelligence” or “wisdom” without the use of symbolic representation? It is impossible for us to live without using symbolism in perceiving even earthly matter. Then imagine how it is possible to conceive or perceive the idea of a God who is abstract and transcendental.

While God is said to be beyond the reach of human mind, Hindus never really make partners with the Creator of the universe. They are worshippers of Nature and its every manifestation. They make idols of gods and goddesses of and revere various forces and elements of Nature like trees, snakes, cows, the sun, rivers, parents, education, wealth, beauty, honesty and so on. Their worship is a sort of tribute they pay to the powerful and beneficent aspects of Nature and its facets, which again does not mean that they believe in multiple creators of the universe. Hindus worship Saraswati, but do not believe that Saraswati is the Creator of the universe. They revere and pay devotion to Saraswati only as the manifestation of knowledge and education which is again a faculty of the conscious universe. Can I question Muslims that isn’t prostrating towards Kaaba is a symbolism, isn’t throwing stones at Satan is emblematic representation or isn’t kissing the Black Stone a ‘Shirk’? If Satan is detained at Mecca, then who has been misguiding human through the ages? If Muslims kiss the Black Stone just because Umar saw Muhammad once kissing it, couldn’t the second rightly guided Khalifa question and guide his unguided Apostle to stop him from doing ‘Shirk’?

Muslims claim that the Bible and the Torah (Jewish scriptures) are corrupted, but when asked to provide some historical or logical evidence to prove when, how and who corrupted it, they would disappear. The fact is that the Quran was codified into a book 2 decades after Muhammad’s death under caliph Uthman, when many contradictory copies of the Quran were disregarded and burned to ashes. The Gospels of Jesus were also written down 2-3 decades after the death of Jesus. Then, how can Muslims claim--without producing any evidence--that the Christian Bible is corrupted, but the Quran is not?

Muslims never even hesitate to assert (without evidence) that Buddhists are idol-worshippers. Buddhism, in fact, is a non-God religion? Still, Muslims obdurately claim that they are idol-worshippers. They just need to pick holes into every other faith and ideology in order to elevate Islam. How awful!

When I was a Muslims, I found no errors in the Quran. But when I started reading the scriptures and materials of other religions and tried to compare those with the Quran, I started finding moral and ethical problems and scientific errors in the Quran. Obviously I never read the Quran with critical intentions when I was a devout Muslim. When I started reading it with an open mind and tried to find wisdom and noble teachings, all I found were those Islam-specified virtues like Salah, Fasting and Zakat and Hajj--hardly anything of value for the welfare of mankind. Since my childhood, I received advice from Muslims not to study non-Islamic religious books or materials, because they were supposed to be filled with sinful teachings. No religion despises other religions as does Islam. When I eventually read books of Hindu pundits, I found no concept like the damnation of the followers of other religions into hellfire, or God’s wrath upon those, who do not become Hindu or can’t be enlightened to embrace Hinduism. Unlike in Islam, I also found that other religions don’t demand that one must change one’s name, attire, physical appearances or faith for Salvation, Moksh, and Enlightenment or for Heaven.

Now I understand why Muslims demands that their children do not read, hear, or gaze upon anything that is critical or derogatory to Islamic ideologies. If someone realizes how vile Islam is, Muslims start belittling him with disparaging terms and names, like disbeliever, cursed, hellish, blind, prone, kafir, murtad (apostate), munafiq (hypocrite), filthy, misguided, ill-advised, ill-bred, unilluminated etc., which Muhammad himself used and recommended for those who criticize or leave Islam. Though few jargons like Murtad and Munafiq are not so offensive literally for non-Muslims or ex-ones, but they are used by Muslims in a very contemptuous way.

There are many faculties and attributes of the human mind, like perceiving, observing, realizing, looking, believing, knowing, empathizing, memorizing, recognizing, comprehending, feeling, being aware, being conscious and unconscious etc. Among these faculties of the mind, one can be used to deceive or manipulate others, which is ‘believing’. I can’t deceive you if you observe me; I can’t deceive you if you perceive me; I can’t deceive you if you realize me; I can’t deceive you if you understand me; I can’t deceive you if you know me. But I can deceive you if you BELIEVE me and very easily if you believe me blindly. In the Quran, immense emphasis has been put on ‘believing’ unconditionally with the promise of Allah’s infinite blessings and happiness as a reward. Concurrently, lot of curses and insolence have been showered along with ominous intimidation upon those, who doubt instead of blindly believing the Quran. In Surah 2 (Baqra-Cows), the word ‘Believe’ has been used 48 times, with total number of verses on ‘Believe’, ‘Believing’ and ‘Believers’ are 34 and the total number of verses on the evil of ‘Doubt’ is 5. Now just imagine how desperate is the Creator of the universe to make us believe in Him, in Muhammad and in the life after death. Out of so many faculties, only ‘Believing’ is very dear to Allah and reward for that simple task is great and infinite. Allah has nothing to do with more prized faculties, such as realizing, perceiving, comprehending, empathizing, feeling, being aware or being conscious. Allah needs only ‘Believing’ blindly.

Albert Einstein said the important thing is not to stop questioning; Galileo called doubt the father of inventions; Oliver Holmes Jr said to have doubted one’s own first principle as the mark of civilized man; Wilson Mizner maintained that he respected faith but doubt is what gets you an education.

The Muslim sense of wisdom is limited to the ‘Uniqueness of Allah’. Whenever one desires to talk to Muslims, they reply: ‘The greatest wisdom is the exclusivity of Allah’. No matter what philosophy you wish to discuss, their answer is shrunken to oneness of Allah. Whether you talk about Epistemology, Metaphysics, Aesthetics, Existentialism or Transcendental philosophy or something other, their answer is consistent, ‘Allah is One’. Such responses are too sickening for those, who are not diseased by Quranic verses. They reply in such an exaggerated and over-emphasized way that the whole world is conspiring against Allah to create and worship many other gods, when in truth no well-established religion says that there are multiple Gods. Muhammad was not the first to profess monotheism. He just exploited the well-established concept of monotheism in an over-exaggerated manner for declaring himself a prophet of Allah in Mecca, then the metropolis of idol-worship in Arabia. And his intention was to rule, subjugate and dominate other peoples, groups and lands. Every ruler, dictator or monarch needs some basis to manipulate and maneuver the masses, just like Hitler chose nationalism and restoring the German pride as such a basis, Stalin chose proletariat and class struggle, while Jim Jones chose social justice. In the Quran (4:48), Allah says:

“Allah forgiveth not that partners should be set up with Him; but He forgiveth anything else, to whom He pleaseth; to set up partners with Allah is to devise a sin Most heinous indeed.”

Which means Allah can forgive murder, genocide, rape, robbery, pedophilia or any grave crime, but cannot forgive the making partners of Allah. Why Allah is so jealous of other Gods and goddesses, which, Allah knows full well, does not exists?

Once an educated Muslim told me that God is not ONE but Allah is. He meant to say God is not the universal God but Allah is. I told him that yes, Allah is ONE, and He is the SINGLE supreme evil supernatural Being, who was worshipped by Pagans and ancestors of Muhammad and even Pagan Muhammad himself. Allah is ONE but cannot be the creator of the Universe.

Islamic scholars and writers are so corrupt minded that they don’t feel any shame for stealing the wisdom and insightful ideas from the books and resources of freethinking educationists, agnostics, atheist intellectuals and philosophers, and ascribe them to their Islamic literature. Once I read a book of vigorous and prolific Maulana of the Indian subcontinent, who wrote profound ideas about education and importance of education along with the problems and solutions of educating a child in a true sense. The author basically spilled over the major part of book the thoughts and ideas of great educationists like John Dewey, Bertrand Russell, A. N. Whitehead and others, and then tried to show that all these great ideas were oozing out of the Quran and Hadiths by stating a few dubious Quranic verses, like Surah 96:1:

”Proclaim! [Iqraa or read!] in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created…”

The shameless Maulana wrote that the very first command of Allah was to educate and get educated, and the Quran emphasizes on the importance of education and learning. The word ‘Iqraa’ in this verse, which means ‘to read’, was intended for Muhammad to recite the Quranic verses that Gabriel brought to him at the time of the very first revelation. It was never intended for promoting education in a general sense. Indeed, it was actually not even meant for “reading”, but for reciting to memorize something, just like the little children learn ghost stories from grandmas.

Another similarly mendacious Islamic scholar wrote a book about the philosophy of transcendental God. This author spent all his ink in writing the philosophies of Aristotle, Plato and other great thinkers, culled from and combined together, and then attributed it to Allah and Muhammad with a few simple verses from the Quran, like from Surah Ikhlas (112:1/4):

“Say: He is Allah, the One and Only; Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him”.

Even a child can say this sort of simple attributes of the Almighty, but here the malicious Ullemas do their part to deceive the simple-minded and gullible readers consciously and some with unconscious folly. Besides this, their deriving profound and intricate theories from such mundane verses through forcible mental acrobatics is nothing less than miraculous to say the least.

A theory, scripture or belief cannot be true just because they suit our preconceived opinions, emotions, or temperament. It has to be universally true and acceptable. Muslims take the Quran to be divine, because it says what he consciously or subconsciously believes from the depth of his heart. Many a times we conclude wrongly after going over something difficult to comprehend, but when we read again after some period of time, we infer differently to correct the meaning, which we had made out wrongly. But still, the Quran is written vaguely and incoherently, that is the reason why there are hundreds of commentaries, interpretations, and explanations. The Quran does not imply what a Muslim reader understands but the reader infers what he wants to imbibe as per his understanding and temperament at the moment. If the Quran would be clear, it would not offer differing meanings to different readers or if one reads it after a period of time. It would be constant in its meaning and implications. Muslims even take this inconsistency of sense and connotation to be a miracle. But there is no such miracle in Science. A scientific theory has no contradiction and controversy about any scientific laws, neither one interprets or infers differently. Whatever the meaning of a scientific theory is understood by an Indian student, the same would be understood by any one anywhere in the world.

Islamic scholars hide the Quran’s ambiguity by calling it eloquent. It seems that they don’t even know the meaning of eloquence. Eloquence is the fine use of vocabulary where exact meaning is conveyed what one wants to say, instead of multiple meanings could be inferred out of it. Then the question arises: Why Allah would like to give his message in such an ambiguous language, which majority would not be able to understand, or they interpret it in different ways when the purpose is to convey the message to all?

Muslims boast and flaunt their confidence and certitude enormously about their faith and ideology, but when critics vanquished them thoroughly leaving them speechless, they run off by quoting a Quranic verse from Surah 109:6: “To you be your Way, and to me mine.” This is probably the very last stupid stunt played by them.

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