Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims


I am a writer…… that’s why I write. I play with words and they play with me. The job of my words is to find a mind where they can enter and then reside in the memory of that certain person. Not all but some read my words……..some of them think its all absurd others feel that there is some weight but in the minds of very few the words click and click and then they start gaining the available space. To be very true that’s the beginning of my success. The huge success of the holy messengers of God came only after when besides gaining space the words plunged themselves so deeply in the minds that the burden was passed from one generation to another. Those words reshaped, recycled, regenerated themselves so many times that today they have become alive….. and after getting life they are dancing. This is a dance of chaos……. in the hidden darkness of the day….. around the flames of selfishness and hatred………and on the ashes of humanity.

Before discussing the modern picture of the religions just imagine the time when Abraham first thought about a God……an invisible God. Why he needed one?

That was the era when the people of the world had many beliefs. From trees to animals, from sun to stars, from fire to water, from idols to kings…they had made every possible effort to find an entity like God. Instead the trees withered, animals decayed, sun and stars vanished, fire extinguished, water evaporated, idols could be broken and the kings passed away. The mind had much evolution to the extent where it was not ready to accept such elements as God which were visible, mortal or under its control. Instead of commanding the mind wanted to be commanded and Abraham knew that. For his times, Abraham was intelligent. He understood that there is Nothing. He also got the clue that he is a part of this Nothing and ultimately will dissolve in it. Thus he looked up at the void…… and invented God which instantly swarmed the world and took it under His control…………… Welcome to the world of God.

Later Abraham and his two sons changed the map of the world as “God” desired.

In a race to be closer to God, mankind has developed a rigid superiority complex. The collective mind created a strong hallucination of an immortal fun land which is known as paradise whereas social sins led to the feelings of guilt and hence hell came into being.

A pious soul is an entry pass of paradise where it will be free to do anything and a sinful soul will directly land in hell where in no time the cooks of God will roast it.

Living in the labyrinth of sin and piety we, the so called civilized human beings, are always engaged in a continuous curiosity of who is more eligible to enter the above said “Neverlands”. Since curiosity is a very mild term and does not satisfy our complex we directly recommend (and some times send) millions to hell and heaven.

A close watch of the Divine religions shows the levels of intelligence of their founders. Without doubt they were the cleverest minds the world had ever seen. In fact they made everything out of nothing. Even the best CIAs, FBIs, KGBs, MOSADs etc of today cannot give the infrastructure of a future world like our messengers did many centuries ago. These messengers knew that they are not going to live for ever and hence they made it sure that their stories never die. Only the craftiest minds can give the idea of a complete divine religion with a sacred divine book telling its followers to strict to it and then promising them to believe that if, in any interval of time, they are overcame by the evil forces(other false religions) then a Messiah will come to save them. The duty of this Messiah will be to end the time and tell the real thing. To this date Mullahs, Rabbis and Padres are waiting for their messiahs to come and reveal the truth……a never ending story of never ending religions.

(Many modern day apostles are so inspired by this theory of Messiah that they commit group suicide at a certain moment. End of Time)

It is bitterly an amazing reality that the common Jews, Christians and Muslims have defied the natural law of evolution of mind where, in the cycle of nature, it has to advance towards some other hypothesis. They have become the puppets of their own religions. Holding their strings from the graves, the messengers still rule the world and decide the fate of millions. Religious fanaticism has now become a fusion reaction which if starts is very difficult to seize. It devours everything which comes in its way. Only those who start it sit comfortably with their interests fully secured. Afterwards they come out of their dens and raise their voices to justify such inhuman acts…………………… ……..A condolence for the condemned.

Who says that the earth is round! This is our world, where we live and die in a triangle.

Peace Be Upon Us.

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Name: vbv
Date: Thursday October 25, 2007
Time: 00:51:45 -0700


Hats off to Mr. Daani Ali! It is an article exposing human stupidity vis a vis "religion". I have never come across a piece of writing so sarcastic, humorous and at same time so rational! Not a word is wasted! A real eye-opener!

Name: aja
Date: Thursday October 25, 2007
Time: 12:23:46 -0700


WONDERFUL ANALYSIS! People who are capable of thinking analytically could appreciate this article. Unfortunately closed minded people never even visit this place. Anyhow good job!

Name: Allat
Date: Thursday October 25, 2007
Time: 12:50:54 -0700


"From trees to animals, from sun to stars, from fire to water, from idols to kings…they had made every possible effort to find an entity like God. Instead the trees withered...THE TREES SEEMED TO DIE - AND YET BLOSSOMED AGAIN IN A FEW MONTHS, MOREOVER, THEY GREW TALLER, animals decayed AND YET GENERATIONS OF THEM LIVED ON, sun and stars vanished..AND CAME BACK AGAIN A FEW HOURS LATER, fire extinguished AND YET GAVE WARMTH AND COOKED FOOD...A MAGICAL SUBSTANCE THAT WAS KEPT ALIVE, water evaporated..AND CAME BACK AGAIN IN THE RAINS! THE BLESSED RAINS THAT WERE AWAITED AND DANCED UNDER. Beautious Nature - that seemed to die and yet was reborn each year. If this happened with the Four-Legged - the Leafed Ones - the Finned Ones - the Winged Ones - the Creepy Crawlies - does not Humanity perish and come back again? Allat - Polytheist

Date: Thursday October 25, 2007
Time: 16:44:31 -0700


The three Abrahamic religions idea is one that Muslims push but it doesn't hold water. Whatever the Christians make of the 'Old Testament' Jewish texts, they don't re-write them (often because the have been misunderstood in the first place or garbled in the re-telling.)They do not then accuse the Jews of forging their current texts and that the 'mutated' versions are the true ones. The Muslims do exactly that with the Jewish and Christian texts - to my mind this makes them something separate and alien.The very fact that the Koran gets wrong so many things that had been written down long before Mohammedanism existed provoked much scorn among Christians and Jews at the time of the founding of that religion and has done so ever since. Ali is following the same line as those clerics who wrote to the Pope recently: he is talking as if all accept assumptions which in reality are held only by Muslims - tacitly, and possibly unconsciously, presupposing the superiority of Mohammedanism as completing and rounding off the previous two religions.Jews and Christians regard it as more of a regression cooked up in a semi-barbarian environment. A more accurate description would be to call t a syncretic concoction of misunderstood bits of Christianity and Judaism, with bits of Arab pagan belief thrown in and a liberal dose of the prejudices and fancies of it founder.

Date: Friday October 26, 2007
Time: 16:10:08 -0700


to who ever put in the post about Ali Sina refusing a debate: why should anyone want to enter an arena where you have set the terms of debate, before an audience packed with your partisans where your playing to the gallery is most likely to be the order of the day. Debates by correspondence, which Ali Sina constantly engages in, help obviate the tendency of Muslim apologists to lie by commission, lie by omission, lie by shifting between the levels of meaning of words,to obfuscate and obscure, make unprovable ( but not instantly disprovable) assertions, throw up 'tu quoque' red herrings, resort to smears and invective and generally grandstand.

Name: Thomas Justin Kaze (Saint Yukio)
Date: Monday October 29, 2007
Time: 21:38:06 -0700


The (obviously Muslim) individual who keeps posting positive pronouncements on Islam and accuses Ali Sina of hypocrisy and cowardice is a total blockhead known on the Faith Freedom forum as <iloveyou> or <abeliever>; he uses a number of other aliases. His desperation and persistence notwithstanding, it is very entertaining to read his howling. May your god have mercy on you - the humanity has nothing but contempt for you.

Name: You metioned...
Date: Monday November 05, 2007
Time: 10:21:44 -0700


From the chapter "The Adam: A Slave Made To Order"(Genesis Revisted). Apart from the naive assertion by some that in the account of Creation the "days" of the Book of Genesis are literally 24 hour periods and not eras or phases, the sequence in the Bible is, as chapters should have made clear, a description of Evolution that is in accord with modern science. The insurmountable problem arises when Creationists insist that we, Mankind, Homo sapiens sapiens, were created instantaneously and without evolutionary predecessors by "God." "And the Lord God formed Man of the dust of life, and Man became a living soul." ------- Were they to learn the Hebrew text--which is, after all, the original--they would discover that the cretive act is attributed to certain Elohim--a plural term that at the least should be translated as "gods," not "God." And second, they would become aware that the quoted verse also explains why "The Adam" was created: "For there was no Adam to till the land." These are 2 important--and unsettling--hints to who had created Man and why. Then there exists the other problem, that of another(and prior) version of the creation of Man, in Genesis 1:26-27. First, according to the King James version, "God said, Let us make men in our image, after our likeness"; then the suggestion was carried out: "And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them." The Biblical account is further complicated by the ensuing tale in Chapter 2, according to which "The Adam" was alone until God provided him with a female counterpart, created of Adam's rib.-------The suggestion for Man's creation comes from a plural entity who addresses a plural audience, saying, "Let US make an Adam in OUR image and after OUR likeness." What, those who belive in the Bible must ask, is going on here? As both Orientalists and Bible scholars now know, what went on was the editing an summarizing by the compilers of the Book of Genesis of much earlier and considerably more detailed texts first written down in Sumer. It happened, we learn from such long texts as ATRA HASIS, when the rank-and-file astronauts who had come to Earth for its gold mutinied. The backbreaking work in the gold mines, in southeast Africa, had become unbearable. Enlil, their commander-in-chief, summoned the ruler of Nibiru, his father Anu, to an Assembly of the Great Anunnaki and demanded harsh punishment of his rebellious crew. But Anu was more understanding. "What are we accusing them of?" he asked as he heard the complaints of the mutineers. "Their work was heavy, their distress was much!" -------It is possible to relieve the Anunnaki of the unbearable toil by having someone else take over the difficult work: Let a primitive worker be created! A Sumerian text has immortalized the answer given by Enki to the incredulous assembled Anunnaki, who saw in the creation of an Adamu the solution to their toil: The creature whose name you uttered-- IT EXISTS! All you have to do, he added, is to Bind upon it the image of the gods. In these words lies the key to the puzzle of Man's creation, the magical wand that removes the conflict between Evolution and Creationism. The Anunnaki, the Elohim of the bibilical verses, did not create Man from nothing. The being was already there, on Earth, the "product of evolution. All that was needed to "upgrade it" to the level of ability and intelligence was to "bind upon it the image of the gods," the image of the Elohim themselves. On your conflict concerning Evolution versus Creationism.

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