Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Review: 'Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery'

Author: M. A. Khan
Publisher: iUniverse Inc., New York, Bloomington
Pages 380 | Paperback: US$ 24.95 | Kindle Edition: US$ 7.95 | E.Book: US$ 6.00

Violent Jihad is the heart of Islam; without it, Islam would, most likely, have died a natural death in the seventh century itself. --M. A. Khan (p. 79, Islamic Jihad).

M. A. Khanthe able editor of the increasingly popular Website, which disseminates the factual understanding of Islam and its ongoing malaisehas also proved his ability as a scholarly author in his maiden venture by writing a persuasive book, Islamic Jihad. This is a very important addition to the growing list of literature for the accurate and objective understanding of Islam and Jihadi violence. In this book, Khan has made it crystal-clear that Islam is imperialistic and violent at its heart, and that the current Islamist terrorism is a continuation of Islamic Jihad that ensued at the birth of Islam. The message of this book is that Islamic Jihad is very much alive and kicking and the current civilisation may ignore the threat only at its peril.

This seminal work of Khan is in the league of Andrew Bostom’s bestseller, The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non Muslims.

Islamic Jihad is divided into seven main chapters: beginning with the elaboration of such topics as the controversies that currently surrounds the idea of Jihad, basic beliefs in Islam, Prophet Muhammad’s biography and the birth of jihad, and ends with the topic of Islamic slavery. At 380 pages, it is a massive work. Khan deserves a huge acclaim for completing such an influential work.

Khan has written on various aspects of Islamic jihad: violence of Prophet Muhammad, Islam’s treatment of the Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and people of other religions, the imposition of Islamic imperialism and Arab suzerainty in various parts of the world. In this review, I shall briefly highlight some of the salient features of Khan’s work.

On the cultural genocide of the conquered people, Khan writes:

But the Islamic conquerors acted on destroying the culture of the conquered infidels because of the fundamental Muslim belief that the vestiges of the pre-Islamic jahiliyah age must be replaced by the perfect religious, political and cultural civilization of Islam. (p. 164)

This is a profound statement, which tells us why the converts of Islam hate their original culture, language, traditions, and civilisation. Islam completely destroys the link of the conquered-and-converted with their past. This explains why a Muslim from India or elsewhere considers himself Muslim first, then anything else. This book makes it clear why a recent convert becomes eager even to sacrifice his life for Islam and readily volunteers to wear explosives-laden suicide-belts for killing, en masse, his innocent coreligionists of recent past. He completely disconnects himself from his root, his ancestry, his past religion, and perhaps his indigenous language and culture. Khan’s book is a compelling reading for Muslims, who have lost their past.

The author chronicles Islamic incursions in various parts of the world, which started soon after the death of Prophet Muhammad. Sourced from impeccable historical evidences, mostly documented by Muslim historians, Khan has depicted a compelling picture of Islamic invasions of India, the Balkans, Spain, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, plus its spread in South East Asia. The narration of these incursions is detailed and engrossing; much new information up to the current time have been included. Thus, this is not simply a book of chronicle of Islamic history, but up to date. To scholars and academics, this book will be a valuable reference for the history of Islamic jihad. Muslim readers will find this book a masterpiece to understand their root, and know why they are Muslims or why not. The researchers and writers on Islamic jihad will find this book an invaluable one stop reference.

Khan compares the Islamic colonisation of the infidel world of India, South East Asia and other parts of the world with those of the European (Western) colonisation. He wonders why the indigenous people of these regions, who were largely forced to convert to Islam, have selective memories: while they glorify the Islamic imperialism, most often cruelly imposed on their ancestors, yet condemn the Western colonisation as slavery, decadent, and oppressive. He provides ample proof that the Western colonialists, unlike Islamic ones, resorted to much less slavery, committed less violence and left indigenous cultures and tradition often unperturbed. Khan asserts that the converts to Islam of invaded lands have got it totally wrong when they maintain that Islam brought them liberation. The truth is: Islam brought horrible slavery, servitude, forced conversion, obliteration of indigenous tradition and culture, dhimmitude, religious persecution, and genocide to their ancestors. Western colonialists resorted to these practices on fewer occasions.

Khan eloquently describes how the Muslim invaders systematically advanced in India through war, terror, plunder and forced conversion. Islamic invaders diligently killed all the fighting Hindus, looted their temples and shrines, and enslaved the women and children. Many of these enslaved Hindu children were raised as Muslim fighters for engaging in killing their Hindu ancestors. Muslim soldiers methodically raped the child bearing Hindu women, generally captured as war-booty. These hapless Hindu women had no choice but to submit to Islam, and give birth to Muslim children. This profoundly affected the religious demographic in India (the same elsewhere) as Khan writes:

Therefore, wherever Muslims made successful inroads, they reduced the Hindu population directly by slaughtering the men in large numbers and taking away the women and children as captives. It indirectly reduced the Hindu populace by rendering the remnant Hindu men unprocreative by depriving them of childbearing female partners. Since those women became the vehicle for breeding Muslim offspring instead, the final result was a reduction of the Hindu populace and a sharp rise in the number of Muslims. The growing Muslim population was to be maintained by the toiling of the vanquished Hindus, subjected to grinding taxes. This is roughly the same protocol, which Prophet Muhammad had applied to the Jews of Banu Qurayza and Khaybar. (p. 102)

According to Khan, this had been a deliberate strategy by Muslim invaders to permanently change the demography of India, in their attempt to convert the entire India into a Muslim subcontinent. This attempt was a huge success given that India is now flanked by two Islamic nations: Pakistan and Bangladesh, born out of Hindu India. (It has been much more successful elsewhere). This book presents this truth with forceful conviction. Those, still doubtful of the roots of the Pakistani and Bangladeshi people, must read Khan’s book to dispel the doubt. Honestly, Khan’s book forced me to search for my own Hindu roots and heritage. Other Muslims from that part of the world may also happen to do the same, once they read this book.

Khan also lists thirteen humiliating conditions, enshrined in the Pact of Umar, that were to be ideally imposed by Muslim rulers upon their dhimmis subject: Jews, Christians and others (some rulers were lax in imposing them). This list is a must read for all non Muslims and eye opener for those, who think that Islam is tolerant and merciful towards non Muslims. On the Pact of Umar, Khan writes:

The terms in the Pact of Omar for dealing with dhimmis are clearly in agreement with the sanction of Allah [Quran 9:29] and prophetic tradition. Therefore, the Pact of Omar, wrote Abu Yusuf, the great eighth-century Hanafi jurist, ‘stands till the ay of resurrection.’ (p. 106)

Therefore, in a pure Islamic society, non Muslims must not expect any protection of their human rights, which, historically, was most often the case and continues to be so, such as in Saudi Arabia.

Khan also shatters the popular myth that Islam in India was largely spread peacefully by the Sufis. With undeniable historical evidences, he has demonstrated that many of those so called Sufis were anything but peaceful mystics. Khan provides the names of many famous Sufis, who were actually Jihadis resorting to war, plunder, and forced conversion.

Another surprise that Khan’s book springs is the myth that Islam came to South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Southern Thailand and Southern Philippines) through peaceful traders. Based on authentic sources, Khan convincingly proves that propagation of Islam in South East Asia was not as peaceful as it is usually thought to be. It was mainly jihad by stealth, coercion, intrigue and deceit, and in many instances bloodshed. On the propagation of Islam in Indonesia, Khan writes:

Ibn Battutah’s description shows that as soon as Muslims gained political power as in Samudra, they started brutal Jihad against the surrounding infidels. (p. 140)

The author also provides the reason why Islam had spread so quickly in South East Asia after Muslims gained political power. It was, according to Khan, probably because of the Shafii Law practiced there, which gives idolaters only two choices: conversion to Islam or death. Whereas in India, the milder Hanafi Law showed some mercy to the idolaters by elevating them to the status of tolerable dhimmi, thus sparing the lives of Hindus, who did not voluntarily convert to Islam. As a result, the Islamization of India was less successful.

Khan’s book provides an ominous picture of a world dominated by diehard Islamic jihadis as the global Muslim population increases fast and the Christian populations in previously Christian-majority Lebanon, Bethlehem, Sarajevo, and Nigeria etc., dwindles rapidly. Simultaneously, they vanish from Palestine, Egypt, Iraq and other Muslim-dominated countries, resulting of persecutions. It is a serious global threat, indeed.

Islamic Jihad cites many examples of racism inherent in Islam and as practiced by the Arabs, since Muhammad’s time. Even to this day in Arab countries, even Muslims of dark complexion—from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Africa—are treated as less than human and with utter contempt, gross discrimination, lowly status, and poor pay. Khan’s compelling examples flies in the face of the popular claim, even by leading non-Muslim scholars of Islam, that Islam is egalitarian and preaches universal brotherhood. One must read Khan’s book to affirm how groundless those claims are.

The most fascinating and illustrative chapters of this book are Islamic Imperialism in India (Ch. VI) and Islamic Slavery (Ch. VII). Readers will find these two chapters absolutely absorbing. Here is an excerpt from chapter VI:

The scale of the destruction of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh religious institutions by Muslims in India have few parallels in the history of conquests. In most instances, after a temple was destroyed, the idols and treasures therein were carried away, while the remains of the destroyed temple were often used as materials for the construction of a mosque at its place. The Kwat-ul-Islam (Might of Islam) mosque in Delhi was constructed from the materials of seventeen destroyed temples of the The priests of the temples and monasteries were normally slaughtered, as joyfully narrated by Amir Khasrau and Sultan Firoz Tughlaq amongst others (mentioned already). (p. 199)

The Chapter on slavery would reveal a harrowing tale of inhumanity suffered by tens of millions of innocent people from India to Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and even the United States.

In conclusion, Khan’s work is very scholarly, persuasive and cogent. The language is simple, easy to understand, and engaging. Once started reading, readers would feel an urge to finish the book. No serious readers of Islam should ignore this book. Read this book and you will grasp why the Islamic Jihadis are doing what they are doing. Readers of the subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh), especially Muslims, will be shocked at the suffering their ancestors suffered at the hands of Muslim invaders from the Middle East and Central Asia. The compelling account of many invasions and subsequent incursions will force them to eagerly search their roots. Readers from elsewhere in the Muslims world, and even Europe and America, would also be able make a connection as to how Islam impacted lives of their ancestors.

This book is also a must read for today’s political leaders—both Muslim and non-Muslim—to shake off their apathy towards the mortal danger of ascendant Islamic radicalism. The final word about the Islamic jihad can be summed up by Dr Ali Issa Othman, a reputed Palestinian sociologist and advisor to UNRAWA on Education, who said on the propagation of Islam that,

‘‘The spread of Islam was military. There is a tendency (amongst Muslims) to apologize for this and we should not. It is one of the injunctions of the Quran that you must fight for spreading of Islam.” (p. 146)

Perhaps, the only flaws of this book are the absence of an index and a glossary.

Abul Kasem is an Bengali ex-Muslim and academic. He has contributed in Leaving Islam - Apostates Speak Out and Beyond Jihad - Critical Voices from Inside and Why We Left Islam.. He has also written extensively on Islam in various websites and is the author of five e-Books: A Complete Guide to Allah, Root of Terrorism ala Islamic Style, Sex and Sexuality in Islam, Who Authored the Quran? and Women in Islam. Mr. Kasem leaves in Sydney, Australia. He can be contacted at

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Name: Great work
Date: Wednesday February 25, 2009
Time: 12:16:24 -0500


I can only cry for my Hindu brothers who were slaughtered. Its funny how muslims in india today dont even acknowledge that their religion has the blood of hindus on its hands. They want to make Hindus forget the genocide that happened for 800 yrs.

Name: G.Ryan
Date: Wednesday February 25, 2009
Time: 12:34:18 -0500


i really hope that hindu's stop what is happening in their country.your culture is far superior to any outside influences (you have faults, but don't we all). good luck india, your on the front line!

Name: vishnu
Date: Wednesday February 25, 2009
Time: 12:39:47 -0500


congrats. it is a true synopsis of ISLAM. one fact was missed the kaaba is the PAGAN temple of the quereshi tribe mohammed belonged to this tribe muslims also worship the stone of kaaba they also have an idol of SATAN where they throw pebbles hence the muslims are the biggest idolaters

Name: VP
Date: Wednesday February 25, 2009
Time: 14:47:41 -0500


We can see the damage Islam has to millions of human beings and continues to do so now. Hindu women were raped and children were captured as slaves while their husband and men were slaughtered. Islam is a barbaric and violent ideology.

Name: Philip Saenz
Date: Wednesday February 25, 2009
Time: 15:36:48 -0500


Today, I intend to let the evil Muslims know what I think about their god Allah. Allah can be no other than Satan or Satan/Allah because of his wickedness. Allah, or Satan/Allah is the god of forced slavery, the god of brutality, the god wickedness, the god of ruthlessness, the god of hatred, the god of deception, the god of Female Genital Mutilation, the god of suicide bombers, the god of cruelty, the god of stoning women to death for adultery, the god of severing off limbs and gouging out eyes for minor crimes, the god of sadism, the god of torture, the god of polygamy, the god of legalized adultery, the god of legalized prostitution, the god of legal brothels, the god of old Muslim pig perverts who are allowed to kidnap little girls as young as eight years old, marry them against the child's will, and then rape them, the god of violence, the god of depravity, the god that teaches that apostates must be killed, the god that teaches that all infidels must be murdered unless they pay the "jizya" tax, the god that allows crucifixions, the god of perpetual agressive wars, the god and author of The Islamic War Manual, sometimes called the Qur'an. Satan/Allah is also the god that allows hubands to beat their wives, the god of selfishness, the god of death and destruction, the god of honor killing, the god that allows slavery, the god of the unjust "jizya" tax that infidels must pay to Muslims, the god of legalized thievery, the god that allows Muslims to rob and steal, the god that allows rape of infidel women, the god that hangs queers by the neck until dead, the god that has 28 little queers with "pearly eyes" and all that other Muslim pig poop waiting in a Muslim paradise for depraved Muslim queers who die as martyrs in Satan/Allah's cause, the god of constant Jihad against the Christians and Jews, the god that allows Muslims to call Christians and Jews "the worst of beasts in the eyes of Satan/Allah, the god that teaches that "Jews are apes and pigs." Satan/Allah is also the god of confusion, the god of 72 contradictory Muslim sects, the god of 72 virgins in a Muslim paradise waiting for faithful depraved Muslim male sex maniacs who die in Satan/Allah's cause, the god of depravity, the god that allows sex with an infant so long as the Muslim pig pervert does not penetrate, the god that relegates women to second class status or worse, the god of ugly Muslim rags that women are forced to wear to cover their whole bodies, the god that allows Muslim male perverts to have prostitutes besides their own wives, the god of injustice, the god of avarice, the god of covetousness, the god of "best of people" who are only Muslims, the god of unjustifiable pride, the god of lust, the god of hypocrisy, the god that tells Muslim male chauvinists that they are more intelligent than women, the god that condemns nearly all women to hell, the god of deluded Muslims, the god of the paedophile child molester false prophet Muhammad. Despite all of this depravity and aberrations, Islam calls itself the "true religion and the religion of peace." What a cruel and sick joke. Islam, shame shame on you.

Name: Estonian
Date: Wednesday February 25, 2009
Time: 16:44:49 -0500


In Estonia we have 5000 Muslims-ca.0,37% of the total population. They have been polite and loyal. Mostly they are Tatars or Azerbaidjanis . Recently the leader of Estonian Muslims expressed sadness,that in Estonia there are no mosques. One veteran-politician also said,that state must support the building of a mosque. Of course,there is crisis everywhere now,but it is clear, that sooner or later Muslim dream will come true.But will even a single big mosque be a kind of Trojan horse? Forgive my non-thematic commentary.

Name: To Estonian
Date: Wednesday February 25, 2009
Time: 16:04:16 -0500


Your Muslim population is small compared to the rest of the Estonia, therefore you will not see the violence and threats that are seen in countries that have a larger Mohammedan population relative to the overall population. A Mosques is very dangerous. The Mosque will be a central point by which to transmit the violent precepts of Islam and the tenets of hate that is inherent in the doctrines of Islam. These include the Koran, the Hadith and the Sunna. The Hadith are saying of the pedophile prophet Mohammad and the Sunnah are the actions and deeds of the greatest Mass murder, rapist and pedophile their prophet Mohammad.

Name: Beowulf
Date: Wednesday February 25, 2009
Time: 16:05:11 -0500


To: Estonian Yes, mosques are always Trojen Horses because mosques come with libraries of islamic books. And every islamic book of jurisprudence teaches bigotry against non-muslims. So those that study at the mosque will become radicalized. Also, it is likely that they may hire an Arab muslim as the imam of the mosque who will radicalize the muslims there. The reason muslims have remained polite in Estonia is likely that they don't have a mosque there (thus they understand little about their religion) and that the USSR suppressed their religion (one thing the Soviet Union did that was good). My advice to you is to do everything that you can to prevent the construction of a mosque in your country.

Name: To Abul Kasem and M.A.Khan
Date: Wednesday February 25, 2009
Time: 20:13:55 -0500


1. “This is a profound statement, which tells us why the converts of Islam hate their original culture, language, traditions, and civilisation. Islam completely destroys the link of the conquered-and-converted with their past.” If so then why is it you have Muslims from different backgrounds and ethnicity yet most of them kept their languages and cultures. Muslims in Pakistan and India are different from Muslims in Egypt or Saudi. 2. “while they glorify the Islamic imperialism, most often cruelly imposed on their ancestors, yet condemn the Western colonisation as slavery, decadent, and oppressive. He provides ample proof that the Western colonialists, unlike Islamic ones, resorted to much less slavery, committed less violence and left indigenous cultures and tradition often unperturbed.” If we have short memories of the past then lets just examine the invasion of Iraq. More than 1 million civilian Iraqis died because of Islam r maybe because of the continuing Western colonization policy of the Islamic world. Did I forget Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Sudan and the list does not stop? We must blame the Muslims because if they had surrendered to all Western policies then the world would be in peace…. 3. “The author also provides the reason why Islam had spread so quickly in South East Asia after Muslims gained political power. It was, according to Khan, probably because of the Shafii Law practiced there, which gives idolaters only two choices: conversion to Islam or death” This one made laugh, especially “PROBABLY”. It is a historical fact that Muslims did not invade South East Asia, most of the conversions happened through Muslim merchants.

Date: Wednesday February 25, 2009
Time: 23:05:44 -0500


muslim lunatics never talk about what they did to others. so far 80 millions hindus killed since islamic invasion. kashmir, hindu empire once stood as far as afghanistan, later it was invaded by low life muslims. jews lost their land too. hindus in indonesia isolated to bali islands.MUSLIMS ARE LOW LIFE SCUMBAGS,THIS SCUMBAGS SHOULD BE ISOLATED FROM REST OF THE WORLD.ISOLATE THEM!! ALL THE WESTERN COUNTRY SHOULD ISOLATE THIS EVIL MUSLIM COCKROACHES AND SEND THEM BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM. THEY WILL INCREASE IN NUMBER LIKE COCKROCHES AND FIGHT FOR SEPARATE NATION IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY. god is with us.

Name: Re: To Abul Kasem and M.A. Khan (from MA Khan)
Date: Thursday February 26, 2009
Time: 00:14:50 -0500


"It is a historical fact that Muslims did not invade South East Asia, most of the conversions happened through Muslim merchants." --- which history book records this latter part of the fact. Ibn Battutah's records not good enough! He witnessed the tiny Samudra sultanate waging brutal Jihadi excursions against surrounding infidels. I urge you to read this book. If you have disagreements and have alternatively historical records to prove your thesis, we can surely discuss it. And probably I take the section out of my book.

Name: Kasem watch these videos : Wagamama
Date: Thursday February 26, 2009
Time: 03:34:18 -0500


Name: MA khan ,have covered genocide of THe great Nalanda
Date: Thursday February 26, 2009
Time: 07:25:48 -0500


MA khan ,have you covered genocide of THe great Nalanda university genocide where 10 thouasand students from all over the world and 2 thousand professors were killed and beheaded weaponless.THey burnt the university and its 9 storied library of palm books which took 6 moths to become ashes completely. I think it was the greatest tragedy of entire history of the earth and great loss to india from then onwords itl lost all its wisdom on philosophy,physics,medicine and mathematics.You read chinese traveller Huan Tsang book anout that university and its tragedy.Even indians knew it again in 20 th century about it through that historian book only.Fortunately then greek and tibetan students of that university survived and escaped from massacre and later they formed univerity of oxford in the 13th century for philosophy and physics and Lasa monastery for buddhist studies.But large part of then wisdom was lost.

Name: Estonian
Date: Thursday February 26, 2009
Time: 07:29:59 -0500


I presumed such kind of answers,thank you.By the way,we have one Muslim journalist,who in 2008 wrote a short,but propagandistic article:"Before you condemn Islam,look at India!" He praised Islam and condemned "awful caste-system." Of course he did not mention,that many Muslims and Christians in India have also de facto adopted caste-system.In history of India one thing is very peculiar and controversial-Mughals had Hindu generals and Hindu rulers like Shivaji Muslim generals.About Sufis.As I have understood Sufis generally accept the doctrine of reincarnation.They have been described as relatively tolerant Muslims,who have been persecuted by mainstream Muslims.Indeed it seems,that teachings,which accept reincarnation,are generally more tolerant and generous,than Abrahamic religions.Ironically hostility towards reincarnation unites Atheists,Christians and Muslims.Nevertheless there have been a lot of scientific research in the field of reincarnation.

Name: sansarchandra
Date: Thursday February 26, 2009
Time: 10:21:29 -0500


Tolerance of an opposing or contrasting ideology is a basic requirement for any progress whether it is in the field of science, arts or philosophy. We may not like the opposing view and the dominant view may also be opposed to it, but what if it is true. A lot of things could not be proved 1000 years back but can be proved today. Similarly a lot of things which was thought to be beyond doubt has been proved false. We all know that Newton was the greatest scientist the world has had. Trying to understand his range of work in science and maths is beyond the capability of even an intelligent man. Ask someone to add something to his work and he will probably end his life where he began. Imagine a world where his disciples had the power to rule and control the world and they would have decided that Newton was the last and the greatest prohpet of knowledge and nothing was left to be discovered or invented. The world for all of Newtons greatness would still have been a very backward place if compared to today. Religion should make us more civilised and tolerant than what we were before being exposed to it. If it fails in doing so, it has failed. It does not matter which religion it is. See what is good in your religion and accept it and dump which results in conflict and is irrational. No religion can escape a critical examination in light of the existing knowledge. I was pleasantly suprised when His Highness the Dalai Lama said that if modern science were to prove any of Buddhist teachings wrong, he would discard that teaching rather then refute the rational view offered by science. Muslims need not feel apologetic over the cruel history of Islam over the last 1200 years, but they need to face the truth because it is the only way to reconcilliation and peace. A large section of muslim intelligentsia falsely propagate and delude their co-religionist about their so called persecution and victimisation at the hand of some power or the others. It is a just a cover for not being able to implement Islamic laws and way of life on other communities or being unwilling to live peacefully with other communities within the framework of modern laws. Had Islam stayed back in Arabia and other religion tried to impose their rule and culture in an effort to convert them, the theory of persecuetion would have been right, but that is not the case. The history and facts prove otherwise. They are the ones doing exactly the same thing which they claim to suffer from with great success even today and on much larger scale. The fact is the number of muslims outside arabia far outnumbers those from arabia itself. If the level of integration of local muslims with their native land, culture and history is examined, it validates the point made by the author and the critic. This is no armchair assesement. Walk and talk the streets in muslim land, locality or neighbourhood and the facts written by the author can be easily established.

Name: Islam must Be banned and Eradicated-period
Date: Thursday February 26, 2009
Time: 13:12:59 -0500


By reading articles at your website- The only conclusion That any sensible person anywhere in the world can make is to rid The Planet from this ideology. No questions asked and no apologies made. islam needs To be Put down By Force. Internet and newspapers will take too long. When You have a Cancer what do You Do- You get a invasive surgery and the Cancerious cell and tissue is cut out and Burnt.Then You have a therapy for recovery. That is what the world needs to do to Islam.

Name: prince1
Date: Saturday March 07, 2009
Time: 03:48:49 -0500


its a historical fact that muslims of arabia eradicated the original culture and language of syria and lebanon and egypt and entire north africa and have forced those nations to embrace islam " the religion of evil "

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