Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims
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We also express our gratitude to Dr Ali Sina of and his associate (doubting_thomas) in helping to host the site in the FFI-dedicated server for free. Finally, our heart-felt thanks to those who have encouraged, given ideas and contributed to this website. With your unstinted support, we look forward to make this website a successful enterprise in countering the menace that Islam poses to the future of our future generations.


Comments from Well-wishers

Jeff (26 December, 2005)
Awesome site, keep telling the truth about Islam and the teachings of Muhammad. I also ask permission to use some of your articles or materials in the future.

Daniel Pipes:
Thank you so much for writing and notifying me about, and even more for your stalwart defense

of myself.

One piece of advice: Do consider putting together a mailing list and sending the new materials as they appear. Such a list will no doubt start modestly but the numbers can grow substantially over time.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Pipes

This is very well-thought out website. Thanks to Meher Ali for presenting this wonderfully done site.

Good job. Congrats!

I'm grateful to you for the site of interest. My abiding here was full of pleasure and profit. My sincere respect to the founder. Thanks.

hello sirs,
very good site. now finally the fight can be taken to the enemy of mankind camp: islam.

I just found out about it sounds interesting... i would like to participate in your efforts..

Ali Sina:
That is great. All thanks to D-T for doing all the work (in server set-up in FFI-dedicated server).

The problem with the links appears to be that the author's name remains in the url for the site navigation links on the left once you've opened an article.
Aside from this minor navigation bug, the site looks terrific. Excellent work!

Very professional looking and attractive site.  Easy to read, and easy to navigate.  The choice of colors is commendable.  Very impressive indeed.
Keep up the great work.

The site looks great and sounds very honest and true and exudes an aura of confidence.

Good to see the site is up and running. Very well done.

Congratulations! The site is quite impressive, very resourceful.

congratulations on your new site. It is very interesting.

Great site. I will book mark it.

Super site! Added to bookmark, thanks!

Thanks a lot.
Yours is an excellent site.

Dear webmaster,
I am the web-mistress of a site that is dedicated to Oriana Fallaci and Bat Ye'or

I have included a link to your outstanding site and am currently working on an initiative to bring together as many sites an organizations in order to arrive at a common front against Islam imperialism and abuse. My main objective at this point is to put an end to the increasingly fast implementation of Eurabia as a fascist, anti-Semitic, anti-American and anti-freedom international monster.

Currently I am working from Belgium and the Netherlands where I am trying to educate the people of what is really going on and the falsity of the pro-Islam media.

Thanks for your courage and wisdom and doing the world a service... you will be rewarded by the REAL ALLAH... who is Merciful and pure Love. I respect you very much.

Comments from Islamists

Samir ben Ali:
why you dont go hell you stupid mortad kafer fesk mounefek?

you buch charon or pigs ok you stupid pig.

why you dont face the Moslems to make conference.

Borz zendaki:
I can't say anything , your all going to burn in hell , though i doubt you were Muslims from the beginning , i cant find it in myself to hope that you come back , u all are worthless sob and must be killed.


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