Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

The Way of the Islamists: A Road to Perdition?

[Note: To keep the length of this article short, I have cited only the major message contained in the Qur’anic verses. If you want to read the complete verse then consult the Qur’an and its translation. You may read the English translation of the Qur’an on-line by clicking here:]

Thanks to liberal and non-discriminatory immigration policy of the infidels, millions of Muslims, living in many Islamic countries under abject poverty, misery and helplessness were able to migrate to these Kufur states (like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand….etc) to improve their lot; and many of them were able to do so.

Naturally, their host county would expect them to be thankful eternally for offering them this rare opportunity. Most immigrants have no problem in expressing such gratitude and loyalty to their adopted country. Nonetheless, such is not the case with the diehard Islamists. Let us ask the question of loyalty to an Islamist who has migrated to a western country like the USA or Canada or Australia. What answer shall we expect?

I did ask a few Islamists in Australia such a question. Their answer stunned me completely. I was appalled by their audacity and their show of ungratefulness. The blithe answer they gave was: It is not the Australian Government or its immigration policy that has brought them here (Australia). It was Allah who brought them in Australia.

Many of them contend that this exodus of Muslims to infidel lands is comparable to the seventh century migration of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) from Mecca to Medina with a handful of Muslims, less than seventy in all.

These Islamists then went a few steps further and declared that Australia belongs to Allah, and as such all Muslims have the right to be here, in this Allah’s land. And why Allah has brought them here? That answer is also given clearly. Allah has a grand plan with this new bunch of Muhajirun (migrants).

The plan of Allah is to propagate Islam through His humble followers. That meant: these Muslim migrants, mostly from the Third World countries, are in Australia to lead these sinful infidels into the fold of Islam, so that righteousness is established with the sinners (that is, the western infidels) and they (the infidels) are given a ‘beautiful’ taste of Islam. What an audacious statement—you might say.

But wait, isn’t this what the Qur’an says? They will quote several verses from the Qur’an to backup their claims. In short, these poor people were sent to Australia by Allah to show the ‘straight’ path (Siratul Mustakim) to the uncivilized, corrupt, lustful infidels. Isn’t this very similar to the original Meccan destitute who migrated with the Prophet (pbuh) of mercy?

Look, if those humble, half-clad, half-fed, indigents (Muhajirun) could convert the entire Arabia from Jahilia to an Islamic paradise, then why not the poor Muslim migrants of today achieve the same lofty goal in Australia? As theirs argument goes. How uncanny these similarities are!

Truly, one cannot but wonder at the Kudrat of Allah. Hasn’t Allah, once again, brought the seventh century, pure, serene Islam to redeem mankind? Allah is capable of anything; the twenty-first century is the century of Islam, these Islamists told me in their pithy but no nonsense reply. It is difficult to counter argue with these religious zealots, utterly high on Islam.

Such is the audacity and determination of these neo-Islamists

Let us first look at Qur’an and see what those Islamists told me is correct or not:

God gradually reduces the land under the control of the unbelievers from its outlying borders…13:41

God is the master planner…13:42

God will make the believers to live in the land of the wrong doers (those who are perished by God) and succeed them…14:14

God gradually reduces the land controlled by unbelievers...21:44

God will grant inheritance in land and will establish the authority of believers of religion (Islam)…24:55

There they are, the words of Allah. You have just read them—yes, the Islamists are absolutely correct as far as the Qur’an is concerned.

No wonder, we see many of these neo-Islamists are hell bent to establish mosques in every suburb of infidel countries where they have planted their nascent root, including Australia. No wonder we see them, every now and then, exhorting Islam in various radio-stations.

We see them knocking frequently at the doors of many Muslims to invite them to mosques for religious discussions. And what discussions are being held there? Surely, it is not the discussion about the reform of Medicare in Australia, neither it is a discussion about the impending hike in University fees or anything like that sort-- matters that concern most infidel Australians.

They will invariably deal with Chechnya, Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan….etc. With passionate and tearful speeches they will call the near ‘brothers’ to donate generously in funds (such as MuslimAid, Australia) to help those distant ‘brothers.’ They have so much of sympathy, love, and tears for those far-away ‘brothers,’ but have no heart for the real sinner infidel Australians who have given them a chance to contribute generously to their Islamic brothers in those places.

Neither do they have any tear left to mourn the merciless slaughter of 88 Australian (infidels, of course) in the wake of Bali bombing. Sometimes, they will openly declare that emulating the mainstream Australian life is an act of Kufur or unbelief. They will invariably assert that as far as possible, Muslims should deal with Muslims only and have the minimum interaction with the infidels. In support of this ‘religious apartheid’ they will quote from the Qur’an verses freely and blithely such as:

Do not take unbelievers as friends; caution is necessary to befriend the unbelievers...3:28

It is not honourable to take unbelievers as friends...4:139

Do not take unbelievers as friends...4:144

Believers are not to take the Jews and Christians as friends and protectors; if any believer (i.e. Muslim) turn to them then he also becomes a Jew or a Christian...5:51

Real friends are God, His apostle (Muhammad) and the fellowship of pious and charitable believers...5:55

God's wrath and torments is for befriending the unbelievers...5:80

Whoever seeks the friendship of evil people will be lead to the penalty of fire...22:3

Cannot be on terms of secret intimacy or be friendly with the enemies of faith ...60:1

Some Islamists even criticize their folks for buying a tiny Christmas tree just for the little children or even for attending Christmas parties. They will even go a step further in declaring that the Australians must learn from them (the Muslim migrants) and not the other way around.

In my experience, I found the supreme rage of the Islamists is reserved for the way the Australian women dress, work and live. Many Muslim women are subtly forced to wear hijab just to demonstrate to the infidel women the superior chastity of Muslim women. Ten years ago, it was rare to find a hijabi woman in any street of Sydney.

The situation is quite different now. Go to any rail-station, shopping centre, eating stall, college, university, etc., you will invariably notice a hijabi woman standing nearby. Many Islamists openly declare that all Muslim women must cover themselves in (ugly) hijab and cloak no matter what others may think of them.

This is because these Muslim women will become the shining examples or beacon of femininity, chastity, and Islamic beauty to the infidel women and they (the infidel women) will eventually follow the Muslim women and happily wear the Muslim garb. This means that these infidel women, will, one day, surely be covered by Islamic hijab—these Islamists are absolutely certain. Why? Because, Allah has ordained it—one day the entire world will become an Ummah (Islamic community) of some sort. They have no doubt on this.

Most westerners will be deeply shocked and saddened to learn what lies deeply buried in the hearts of these Islamists living in the West. These infidels have openly and warmly welcomed the Islamists in their midst without imposing any of their religious and cultural practices. The Muslims are free to practice their faith openly anywhere in any infidel country.

The Islamists have a completely different understanding of this kind gesture of the infidels. They believe that this generosity, magnanimity, kindness and policy of inclusion are nothing but gifts from Allah. Only Allah is to be praised for this.

This leads one to conclude that they (the Islamists) are thankful to Allah and Allah only and not to the Australians. They will even insist that the Australians must emulate the Muslims instead of the other way round. Let me give an example: the cry for prayer in mosques or the ringing of bells in churches or temples is considered as sources of noise pollution in Australia.

As such, these religious activities are banned in churches and mosques and at any other religious institution. The Islamists dream of converting all churches in Australia into mosques and wish the air of Australia to be filled with ‘gorgeous’ sirens of Azan. This it what the Islamists mean when they say, ‘no compulsion in religion’ (2:256).

The Islamists started their ‘Dakwah’ (religious invitation) with fervent zeal. Regular monthly meetings were held in mosques and in private houses to spread the beautiful teachings of Islam.

In reality, those meetings were designed by the clever Islamists to program the simple-minded Muslims not to eat at McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut…..but to promote the Muslim eateries, even though these so called halal eating-stations were unhygienic, distasteful, rodent and cockroach infested.. But never mind such unpleasantness and poor foodstuff, Allah’s food is more valuable than the clean, hygienic and nutritious infidel, non-halal , impure, unholy junks.

Many Muslims were told to keep away their children from the influence of infidel kids. Further exhortations were made to enroll the children in Islamic kindergartens and Islamic Primary Schools.

Then from nowhere came the 9/11, and about a year late, the Bali bombing. Most infidels wanted an answer for such barbaric and inhuman ‘Islamic justice.’ The mainstream media was hopeless. People were not at all satisfied with what the PC correct mainline electronic and print media wrote about ‘Peaceful Islam.’ They turned to the Internet and found out about the ‘real Islam.’

The bombshell articles they read shattered the myth of peaceful Islam. The infidels, as well as many innocent, non-practicing Muslims were simply stunned and shocked. They could not believe what they were reading about what they always thought to be the most peaceful, non-violent, merciful religion of Allah.

Alarmed by this exposure of the truth about ‘real Islam,’ the Islamists hastily laid out their strategy to combat this ‘Internet apostasy’ and ‘Electronic blasphemy’. Here, I am listing five distinct tactics that the Islamists have, thus far, pursued systematically:

In the beginning, the Islamists arguments ran like: ‘out of context’, ‘selective quotes’, ‘verses not quoted in its entirety’, ‘using incorrect verse’, ‘translation problem’, ‘Qur’an cannot be translated’, ’spelling error’, ‘grammatical and punctuation mistakes’, ‘no fluency in Arabic’, ‘ulterior motive to defame Allah’s Din’ (religion of Allah) and so on.

Afterwards, they started to review the CV of the writers and raised excuses such as: ‘pseudonym writer’, ‘background of the writer’, ‘whereabouts of the author’, ‘the age of the writer’, ’what qualifications the author has’, ‘which University the author graduated from’, ’in which place the writer does his research’,’ who is his supervisor’……….and so on.

When the above-mentioned arguments did not do the trick, then came the following: every religion (actually, meaning Islam) has good points and bad points, why dwell with the bad ones only while ignoring the good ones? Why blame Islam only? Don’t you have time for other activities than ‘bashing Islam? Why waste time discussing Islam when we should talk about industrial development of poor countries? Why not take a long break and refrain from ‘bashing Islam’?

The Islam ‘bashers’ laughed heartily. Why? Those arguments were a clear admission that there are really ‘bad’ elements in Islam, which was, hitherto, sold as the perfect religion of Allah Even Allah admits that He perfected this religion in verse 5:3

This day God perfected the religion of Islam and accepted Islam as the only religion for mankind (last verse revealed)...5:3

How is it possible for this ‘perfection’ of Allah to have some malcontents? Many of us wondered. Do the Islamists realize what they have done to this ‘perfect’ religion by admitting that not everything is fine and dandy with Islam?

Do they recognize that by lumping Islam in the same bucket with other religions, they made their claim of Islamic superiority a laughing joke? Do they grasp that by resorting to such a glib ploy they have rejected the very verse of the Qur’an that says unmistakably that Islam is the only acceptable religion to Allah?

Here are some samples from the Quran:

Can't worship anything other than God; Islam is the only right religion (the purpose of an Islamic state)...12:40

Islam is the religion of God...3:19

Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable...3:85

Islam is the perfect religion...9:33

God has chosen Islam, it is the religion of Abraham; God has named the followers of Abraham as Muslims…22:78

God proclaims Islam (the religion of truth) over all other religion...48:28

It was not too long before the Islamists realized their fatal mistake. Consequently, they changed their tune abruptly. This time, their argument continued something like this: If you criticize Islam, then, how about Christianity? How about Judaism? How about Hinduism? One should not criticize only one religion (that is, Islam).

You must criticize other religions too…. blah, blah, blah. Quoting many belligerent verses from the old Testament, they started to demonstrate how bad it (i.e. Christianity and Judaism) was, forgetting the fact that by bringing out those barbaric verses from the old Testament, the Islamists were simply reinforcing and authenticating the ‘appalling elements’ of the Qur’an as well. Why?

Because, the Qur’an confirms the contents of those holy Books (i.e. the Old Testament and the Gospel). Here are a few verses where Allah authenticates the what He had written in those scriptures are also parts of the Qur’an:

The Qur’an confirms the old books; Moses was given the law, Jesus was given the Gospel...3:3

Quran confirms the previous scriptures and supersedes them; if God willed He could have made a single people; believers are to compete in righteousness...5:48

Quran confirms the previous scriptures…6:92

The Quran is from God, it confirms the revelations of the past; Quran is a fuller explanation of God’s book; it contains no doubt...10:37

The Quran confirms in Arabic the book of Moses...46:12

Therefore, shall we not assume that by ‘bashing’ the Bible, the Islamists had, inadvertently bashed the Qur’an itself? How funny it can be, come to think of it!

The Islamists, once again, very quickly, realized their folly in resorting to this type of amusing game. So, what is the next ploy?

After arduous and diligent research, the Islamists now came to the conclusion that their methods are silly and has become rather counter-productive. The world, at large, is no longer buying their arguments readily. A new tactic was thus necessary. How about admitting that no one has yet become a ‘true’ Muslim? Once the world realizes that there is truly no ‘real Islam’, no ‘true Muslim’, then no one can attack Islam any more.

How clever this idea is, the Islamists smiled to each other. Thus the theory of ‘Islamic denial’ took shape. Let me explain this theory of denial in plain language. Say, someone says that your brother is a corrupt government officer and you are aware that the accuser is correct. What do you do now? Do you accept your accuser’s complain or reject it? No, do not be so foolish enough to do that.

You simply say that you do not have a brother or that your brother has passed away. If the complainant still insists that your brother do exist, you simply say that your brother is not your ‘real’ brother. See, how simple it is!

This is the essence of ‘Islamic denial’ theory. Whenever ‘awful things’ in Islam are pointed out, all that the Islamists have to do is simply state: this is not ‘real’ Islam and that solves all problems. See, how clever it is!

Let us read some examples:

There is not a single ‘true Muslim’ even though there are 1.2 billion of us.

There is not a single ‘pure’ Islamic country.

A perfect Islamic state is yet to be founded.

Ayatollah Khomeini was an enemy of Islam.

Pakistan, Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan, Nigeria…these Islamic Paradise do not follow ‘real’ Islam.

Saudi Arabian Islam is corrupted.

Not all Sahi hadis are Sahi.

The Quran is an ancient scripture; many of its provisions are not relevant now (the Quran says it is an eternal book, and its provisions are alive forever).

Tyrants and dictators rule Islamic countries; they have no idea about Islam.

Since most of the barbarism of Islam is in the Sha’ria, therefore, Sha’ria cannot be a part of ‘real’ Islam.

The clergy/Mullahs do not know ‘real Islam.’

In Islam, there is no ‘clergy’, so you may practice Islam in your own way.

But for Islam/Muslim/Arab scientists, the west would have never achieved modernity and progress. ‘Real Islam’ civilized the west.

The best country to practice ‘real Islam’ is the USA, Canada, UK and Australia!

You cannot practice ‘real Islam’ in Islamic Paradises like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Iran…etc. You must not use these countries as examples of Islamic practices.

Wahabism is not ‘real Islam’.

Alqaeda/Osama is not ‘true’ Islam.

Talibans are not ‘true’ Muslims.

Shias are not ‘true’ Muslims.

Sunnis are not ‘true’ Muslims.

Amhedia/Kadiani are heretics, not Muslims but Dr. Abdus Salam (an Ahmedi) was a devout Muslim because he received Nobel Prize in Physics.

Islam means ‘peace’ although the true meaning is ‘submission’ or surrender.

The West hijacked Islam and made their societies more Islamic than the ‘true’ Islamic societies.

Even though Saddam was a secularist and an atheist, we still consider him as a ‘good’ Muslim.

Those are just a few samples of words and sentences that are in vogue with the Islamists of today. After 9/11, Bali bombing, and many other Islamic terror/atrocities (read Holy terror), many diehard Islamists find no place to hide even though they are looking for a cover or safe haven of some sort.

They too, are deeply appalled and extremely ashamed to notice the practices of unbelievable inhumanity, tyranny, falsity, terror and barbarisms that are an integral part of Islam as exposed by many writers who dare to challenge Islam. Nevertheless, they could never admit that it is Islam that is the breeding ground of such terror acts. They are adamant that it is not ‘real Islam.’

So, why is there such a sudden change of tune? You see, after 9/11 and especially after the Bali bombing, the Australians have woken up from their deep slumber. The statements from the Bali bomb suspects (under trial now in Jakarta) Amrozi and Imam Samudra have deeply shocked everyone in Australia. These two Islamists have said in no uncertain terms that the infidels deserve to be killed.

Most Muslims will dismiss claims by these Islamic fanatics as baseless, but not the victims of Bali bombing and a major section of Australians. Muslims are now looked upon in a very different way. Although not too hateful, most Australians cannot take for granted that one day the Islamic terrorists will not try to seize power by force to enforce ‘real Islam’ in every sphere of Australian society.

Call it Islamphobia or what you may, the West in general and the Australians in particular have already experienced the taste of ‘real Islam’ and they do not want even an iota of it in their lives.

The government is now very concerned about the threat of ‘real Islam,’ not from outside of Australia but from inside Australia, from the very Islamists whom the Australians have fed and clothed, and gave the chance of a better life to them and to their children. The security has also been beefed up and all sectors of security service are now extra vigilant.

It is now abundantly clear that all those arguments are completely dud and hollow. The world is slowly learning the truth about the "peaceful" nature of Islam, previously thought to be similar to any other religion, full of compassion and mercy.

However, the picture that emerges when the veneer of a handful of ‘mercy’ and ‘peaceful’ (actually, there are only three) verses are removed from the Qur’an is terribly disturbing to any one who has the slightest of conscience in him/her. It is impossible to be comfortable with Islam any more. Bit by bit, the world is apprehending that, unless quickly diffused, a potential catastrophic confrontation is looming in the horizon.

It will be a confrontation between the civilized world and the barbarism, a war between humanity and extreme fascism, a fight between freedom and slavery, an altercation between People’s democracy and Allah’s dictatorship. It will be extremely foolhardy to deny this truth.

The world, truly, is about to be divided between the believers and the non-believers, between Muslims and non-Muslims. Those PC politicians must come to terms with this reality. We must face the truth that the present world is really facing a prospective religious war in a wide scale It is Islam versus the world. I do not know who will be the winner in this potential war. But I can tell who will be the loser.

Yes, it will be the 1.2 billion hapless Muslims. It is not that they wanted this war to happen in the first place. A small number of erudite Islamists, imbued with the distorted vision of Pan Islamism and an unrelenting penchant to bring back the seventh century barbarism in the space age of this twenty-first century have pushed these ignorant and innocent Muslims, who have very little idea about Islam, in the precipice of a cataclysm. A few more Islamic bombs and some more Islamic terrorism in infidel lands will make the world lose patience with Islam.

The humanity, no longer will listen to their PC politicians and their kowtowing the Arabs and the Muslim dictators for cheap oil. A time is fast approaching when the people of these infidel countries will demand, with force, a significant change in their constitutions and laws to bar the potential trouble makers (read the Muslims) from reaching their shores.

They may even demand punitive measures for those who abuse their liberal, secular attitude and aim to establish Islamic Paradises in infidel lands and at the same time change the culture of the West. You may dismiss my thought as a pure conjecture and a complete utopia or even as a phobia, but do not forget: There is a limit to every tolerance. There is a bound to every generosity. There is an edge to everything. Once that limit is broken, people can, and will do very unpleasant acts.

Let the Islamists get the real message and at the same time get a life!

Abul Kasem is an Bengali ex-Muslim and academic. He has contributed in Leaving Islam - Apostates Speak Out and Beyond Jihad - Critical Voices from Inside and Why We Left Islam.. He has also written extensively on Islam in various websites and is the author of five e-Books: A Complete Guide to Allah, Root of Terrorism ala Islamic Style, Sex and Sexuality in Islam, Who Authored the Quran? and Women in Islam. Mr. Kasem leaves in Sydney, Australia. He can be contacted at