Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Islamic Drug
The first 21st Century war against narcotics:
An open letter to the World Leaders

[Author's Note: President George Bush has invited the world leaders in Washington to discuss about his courses of actions against the terrorist attacks on American soil on the 11th of September 2001. This is an open letter to these distinguished world leaders]  

Dear distinguished world leaders,  

In a few days time you will decide if the first war of the Twenty First Century will commence or not. You will decide if our present civilisation will endure the aftermath of the horrendous murder of the 11th September 2001 or not.  You will hear many opinions both from the Islamic scholars as well as from the people who consider themselves as secularists and freethinkers.   Many Islamic leaders will try to convince you that what happened on the fateful morning of the 11th September had nothing to do with 'real Islam'.  They will also try to hide the ugly face of Islam by quoting only one or two verses from the holy Quran to back up their faith.  They will simply take the advantage of the American's utter ignorance about the 'core business' of Islam.  They will not fail to tell you that getting rid of Osama bin Ladin and the Talibans will end the sufferings of humanity from Islamic terrorism.  Many of you will turn apologetic and will apparently find that everything is fine and dandy with Islam.  If you are thinking in this fashion, then you are simply deluding yourselves and I must say that you have very scanty idea about what the 'real agenda' of the Islamists are.   The truth of the matter is that these Islamists want our civilisation back to the 7th century and enforce the tyrannical Sharia Laws to every human being on this planet.  They will never hesitate to carry out their ultimate goal even if that means slaughtering a billion people through nuclear holocaust.  Why?  It is simply because their religion asks them to do so.  In the following paragraphs I shall explain my reasons.  

I am appealing to all of you to really comprehend the root cause of this Islamic terror and find a real lasting solution for this worldwide horror of unbelievable scale so that our progeny will inherit a planet free of terror, genocide, and uncivilised and age-old customs.  

Respected world leaders, please understand that Islam is a very much like an opiate, which is a drug.  And it is an extremely potent one.  At a low dose, it may look innocuous and benign.  But in overdose, it could bring catastrophe to human civilisation as manifested on the events of September 11 at WTC and Pentagon.  You see, this drug is administered to the children when they are at very tender age.  The shooting galleries for this terrible drug are the ubiquitous mosques and madrassas in the Islamic countries.  Most addicts of this drug never escaper from its tight grip.  The only victims who detoxify themselves are those who, at a later part in their lives, come in contact with other philosophical ideas like secularism, freethinking, atheism, etc.  But it is not that simple for the Islamic drug addicts to free his /her mind and accept other ideas so readily which, for believers of other religions is so easy to do. The reason for this is that to release oneself from the bondage of this terrible narcotic, one must die. This is the terrible price one has to pay to get hooked on Islam and later trying to free himself/herself from its bondage.  

The Islamic drug is no different from other religious and cultist programming that we saw wreaking havoc in many parts of the world from time to time.  It is the same drug that Rev. Jim Jones administered to his followers to commit mass suicide in Guyana in the 1970s.  It is the same drug that the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo uses to release Sarin gas to murder innocent people in Tokyo subway. It is the same drug that David Koresh of the cult Davidian injects in his follower's brain to commit suicide in a blazing inferno in Waco, Texas.  It is the same drug that propels the Hindu addicts to demolish the mosques in India.  It is the same drug that turns innocent children of RSS in India into murderous thugs.  It is the same drug that causes genocide in Bangladesh causing the loss of 3 million lives in 1971.  It is the same drug that killed 2 million Cambodians in the 'killing fields' of their country.  

The only differences among these narcotics are in the degree of addictive power. In this respect, Islam is the champion.  Once you are hooked on Islam, you cease to be a human being.  You turn into a zombie of some sort and the more Islam you gulp, the more is your craving for the drug. You need daily doses in terms of prayers, fasting, and going to mosques and getting more and more high on the drug.  

When a person overdoses himself/herself with heroin /cocaine/marijuana, he/she kills himself/herself. In the case of Islamic drug, the addict does not simply kill himself/herself but kills many others along with him/her. With a proper indoctrination Islam, an overdosed addict turns into a killing machine of flesh and blood.  He loses his intellect and ceases to think rationally.  He has stopped becoming a caring, loving, sympathetic, tolerant human being.  His penchant for more and more of this drug becomes insatiable until the time when the overdose kills him and others in a violent manner (suicide bomber).  He turns in to a zombie killer.  Nothing will stop him until he dies and gets the company of 72 most beautiful houris and 22 boys; has plenty of wine to drink and have sex ad infinitum.  Are there any other rewards greater than this for killing innocent people in the name of Allah and Jihad (Holy war)?  

 Dear President Bush, the Americans spend billions of dollars each year to wipe out the menace of narcotics.  You have drug enforcement units stationed in many parts of the word to monitor and destroy the production and distribution of all types of drugs like opium, heroin, cocaine marijuana, etc.  Have you ever thought of including Islam in your list of narcotics?  It is high time that you do so.  Otherwise, the very survival of the civilisation we know today will be at stake.  

The administration of any drug involves rituals, initiations and in many instances of bizarre music and parties.  What rituals do we find when Islam is administered in the brains and veins of the Muslims? The party that is held to inject the Islamic drug is the mosque congregation.  In this congregation, the principal administrator (the Imam) floods the brain of the Muslims until it is saturated with Islam.  This is like overdosing.  The Muslims are regularly told what are their duties towards the Ummah (Islamic community).  They are asked to read Quran everyday and get more addiction with each reading.  This programming continues several times a day.  There is very little escape for the poor addict.  If he misses the daily session, then he must come back for the weekly session.  The drug lords make it almost impossible for him to detoxify himself.  He must memorise Quran by heart for everyday ritual of drug injection.  And when he reads Quran what does he find in it with respect to the unbelievers? Here is a partial list of actions that he must take with regards to the unbelievers to enter paradise.  

The Islamic apologists often accuse the writers that the quoting of the following verses as out of context, irrelevant, mischievous, and in many cases blasphemous.  Leaders of the world, I request that you ask the Islamists:  

Please tell us what are the real contexts of these verses.

Please tell us whether the contents and actions of these verses still apply today or not?

Please tell us whether the Muslims are supposed to fight the non-believers at all times or not?

If these verses are not relevant to the world of today, then, why not remove them from Quran?

Are Muslims required to follow each verse of the Quran to the letter or not?

Tell us if the terrorist actions of Islamic Osama bin Laden are according to Quran or not?  If it is not, then, why is it not?  He always said that he and his actions are in perfect line with the Quran.  

Here are the mantras from the Quran, which create the killing machines. Here is what Quran says about the unbelievers.

(Readers note: There are many similar verses in the Quran.  I have given a partial list only)  

  • God sealed the heart of non-believers, great penalty (2:7)

  • Even if some believe, God does not trust them (2:8)

  • In their heart is a disease, God has increased the disease (2:10)

  • Unbelievers make mischief on earth (2:11,12)

  • Wander like blind ones (2:15)

  • Deaf, dumb and blind (2:18)

  • The fuel of fire is men and stones (2:24)

  • Be apes (2:65)

  • Most grievous punishment (2:81,104)

  • Penalty shall not be lightened (2:86)

  • God curses the blasphemers (2:88)

  • God curses those without faith (2:89)

  • God's wrath and humiliating punishment (2:90)

  • God is an enemy to those who reject faith (2:98)

  • Disgrace and exceeding torment for unbelievers (2:114)

  • Companion of blazing fire (2:119)

  • Only Islam is acceptable (3:85)

  • Punishment for rejecting faith (3:91)

  • No friends from outsiders (3:118)

  • God makes some one more sinful so he can be punished more (3:178)

  • Punishment for apostates (3:86-88, 3:90, 4:137, 16:106)

  • Torment for non-believers (4:56)

  • Kill non-believers (4:89)

  • Non-believers go to hell (4:140, 7:36)

  • Partial believers will go to hell too (4:150)

  • No friendship with non-believers (3:28, 4:144)

  • Severe punishment for atheists (5:10, 5:86)

  • No friendship with Jews, Christians (5:51)

  • Intentionally preventing unbelievers from knowing the truth (6:25, 110)

  • God could guide, if chose to, but He did not (6:35)

  • Those who reject faith are dogs  (7:176)

  • Smite unbelievers at neck and cut off fingers (8:12)

  • Penalty for unbelievers is fire (8:14)

  • It is not ye who slew them; it was God (8:17)

  • God is a "plotter" (8:30)

  • Unbelievers are impure, will be heaped together and cast into hell (8:37)

  • Fight them on until there is no more tumult -.(8:39)

  • Taste the fire of blazing fire (8:50)

  • The worst of beasts is one who rejects God (8:55)

  • Apostle should not take prisoner of war -..(8:67)

  • Enjoy booty of unbelievers (8:69)

  • After the holy four months slay the pagans wherever you find them  (9:5)

  • Mosques are for believers only (9:18)

  • No friends with parents/siblings if not believers (9:23)

  • Pagans are unclean (9:28)

  • Unbelievers pay Jizya tax (9:29)

  • Grievous punishment for not joining in war (9:39, 48:16))

  • Heat will be produced from the wealth the forehead branded (9:35)

  • Be firm against unbelievers (9:73)

  • Do not offer prayer at death of unbelievers (9:84,113)

  • Fight non-believers (9:123)

  • Boiling water for unbelievers (10:4)

  • Fire heaving of sighs & sobs for unbelievers (11:106)

  • Fire will seize unbelievers (11:113)

  • Yokes around necks, companions of fire (13:5, 2:81)

  • End of unbeliever is fire (13:35)

  • Intentionally misguiding those whom he pleases (14:4)

  • Boiling fetid water to drink)  (14:16)

  • In gulp boiling water, death (14:17)

  • Unbelievers covered with shame and misery (16:31)

  • Fire for the pagans (16:62)

  • Hell a prison for those rejecting faith (17:8)

  • Unbelievers will burn in hell (17:18)

  • God destroys or punishes a population (17:58)

  • Intentionally preventing unbelievers from understanding Quran (17:45-46)

  • It is God who causes people to err and He punishes them for that (17:97)

  • Increases the fierceness of the fire (17:98)

  • Terrible punishment for unbelievers (18:2)

  • Fire like walls, roofs, waterlike melted brass to drink  (18:29)

  • Sinners will not find a way to escape fire (18:53)

  • A veil put on heart (18:57)

  • Hell as entertainment for unbelievers.(18:102)

  • Those rejecting prayers face destruction (19:59)

  • Unbelievers brought on their knees round hell (19:68, 72)

  • Unbelievers will be burnt (19:70)

  • Torment of hell (44:43-58)

  • Sadistic punishment (56:42-43)

  • When you meet non-believers smite the neck of non-believers (47:4)

  • Severe punishment for non-believers (22:19-22, 72:23, 98:6)

(Quran translation by A. Yusuf Ali)

The reason as to why I have chosen to quote such a lengthy list of verses is to illustrate just how violent, terrible, unkind, intolerant and savage Quran is towards the people of other religions.  Mind you, I have not finished the entire Quran.  I just quoted merely about a third from the Scripture.  I have not even touched the Ahadith at all, which are just as violent and tyrannical as Quran is if not more. You can clearly see that practically every chapter of Quran is full of these hate-mongering verses.  So, when a Muslim digests these verses from his childhood, what do we expect him to become?  Shall he become loving, forgiving, kind, tolerant, just, sympathetic, understanding and fair with people of other religion?  This is simply impossible.  He simply cannot think in terms of humanity.  There can be no written books as hateful as Quran is.  If a Muslim is tolerant to other faiths, it is not because of Quran. It is because he does not follow Quran.  It is because he follows his own conscience and innate human nature.  The world is very lucky that most Muslims do not follow the Quran.  Otherwise, we will have the 11th September horror every day of the year around the globe.  

How shall we banish this pestilence from mankind's progress?  Punishing Osama bin Ladin, bombing Afghanistan and defeating the Talibans may give you temporary respite.  However, this drug will not go away.  The manufacturing plants will be back in business sooner than you think and the Mullahs will start peddling this narcotic in no time at all.  After all, dealing in Islamic drug and injecting that in the veins and brains of the gullible Muslims are the only trades they know to earn a living.  Therefore, making a war on innocent civilians will not give a permanent solution.  

Let me tell you when will you know that you have won this war against the peddlers of this dangerous narcotic, i.e. Islam.  

You know you have won this war when you find that Muslims are leaving Islam by thousands each day.  

You know you have won this war when you see that the mosques in the Islamic countries are almost empty.  

You know you have won this war when the call for prayer is played and very few Muslims respond to that prayer call.  

You know you have won this war when the Muslims talk of the Quran as just another historical document.  

You know you have won this war when you find that very few Muslims parents send their children to the shooting galleries (read madrassa) for their regular doses.  

You know you have won this war when you find that your Muslim neighbour eats your food even though they are non-halal.  

You know you have won this war when you find that a Muslim talks to a non-believer as another human being and not as a Kaffir.  

You know you have won this war when you find that Muslims do not go to Islamic Universities to study Islamic sciences, which is at best an oxymoron, and do not bank with the Islami Banks.  

You know you have won this war when the Muslims do not make preparations for their ultimate travel destination,  that is to Mecca for Hajj.  

You know you have won this war when no Muslim woman is forced to wear hijab and/or tortured in the mobile prisons (burqa).  

You know you have won this war when people are not killed for the mere possession of the Bible or other Holy Scriptures.  

You know you have won this war when Muslims are not killed for believing in other faiths.  

You know you have won this war when the preachers of other religions are not killed in Islamic countries.  

You know you have won this war when no Islamic country kills an apostate.  

You know you have won this war when there are no blasphemy laws in Islamic countries.  

You know you have won this war when you find that all automobiles run on batteries (electricity).    

You know you have won this war when all our energy needs are met through non-fossil fuel sources.

And finally, you know you have won this war when the price of crude oil plummets to less than $2 per barrel.  

Can you, the leaders of this modern civilisation, afford to let our future go back 1400 years behind?  

This is the question you have to answer.  Please do not fail to save the humanity from the clutch of the Islamic drug dealers.  

Sincerely yours  

A reformed but Islamic ex-drug addict


Abul Kasem writes from Sydney, Australia.  Comments should be directed at