Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Here is how the Islamist's mind works:

An Islamist is like an addict in a hardcore drug. The more you tell him about the truth of the drug 'Islam', the more he will cling to it. In fact, he cannot live without the drug. But deep inside he knows for sure that he is under the influence of a powerful drug and what is going on around today's world is truly inspired by the doctrine of 'true or real Islam'.

It is like smoking. Most smokers know the potential danger of smoking yet they cling to it despite so much warning by the Government and the medical doctors.

However, we should not get disappointed with this. I myself was one of these drug addicts. I used to think in exactly the same way that these Islamists are reacting whenever they see the truth. It is not that simple for these people to give up their faith. In fact, we should never even say that they should do this. Because this will surely be counter productive. All we do is just show them the picture. Let them go and deny. But they are definitely agitated; if not they would not even bother to respond. The agitation of their mind and their denial is the clearest signal that the message has gone through although there is denial. This is what we do; that is, we create some doubt and a little confusion. It will take some time before the next stage sets in. In this stage they may even turn more to their religion. This is another sign that he is desperate to make sure that what he believes is correct. This may continue for some time.

At some point during this stage he may suddenly wake up and have a second look at his irrational belief. This is the time he will slowly stop practicing his rituals and read more about what we write. This is the time when we win.

Let me tell you that I receive plenty of hate mails and even threats to my life. Almost all of them call me a traitor. All these hate mails prove is that my message is causing agitation and the Islamists are feeling insecure. Whenever I receive a hate mail I become quite confident that the message
has hit the target. I am not bothered even to respond to these hate messages. Time will take care of everything. We just plant the seed of doubt, that's all. Leave the rest to nature. It will take care of itself.

Let me also tell you that I have received quite a few sincere e-mails from Muslims who told me that they have left Islam after carefully examining the pros and cons. As I wrote you before that no Muslim will announce publicly that he has left Islam; therefore, be certain that most Muslims will seldom tell you that they have left Islam.

Therefore, we should not at all get disappointed when we receive irrational/hatemails from the Islamists. It will take a very long time (probably a century) before we can see any visible and tangible result of our effort. I would have died by that time. To me, that is fine. I do not expect a billion Muslim to discard their religion overnight simply by reading a few articles. This is not going to happen. The path to enlightenment is extremely slow.

Please kindly note that without the advent of the Internet we could not have even gotten what we have achieved today. The Internet has changed everything. You can see that so many websites are now telling the truth about the 'real Islam'. Even a few years ago these were unthinkable for the Muslims. I myself got most of the truth about Islam from the Internet.

Therefore, we need some patience. Islam today is the most hated religion in the world. The word 'Islam and fundamentalism' are associated with terrorism, genocide, murder, bombing, hate........anything that goes against humanity. This has caused a great deal of pain, anxiety, panic and insecurity amongst the Islamists. They know rather well that it is the Internet and the  extraordinary power of the electronic media that is their enemy. That is why the Islamists are scanning the entire cyber world to monitor what the world is thinking about Islam and they are determined to counter the truth with falsehood and deception even if they have to twist
their own holy scriptures for this.

I have tried to give you my idea on how to respond to an Islamist. The best reponse is actually no active response. We just portray the 'real Islam' and let the Islamist think.

Abul Kasem, a real person who lives and breathes Australian air, writes from the great city of Sydney.

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