Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

South & North American Muslim Converts Association: Islam-watch is Hoax; Run by Jewish & Catholic Sick Losers?

We received the following email from a South and North American Muslim converts association:

You are liars and you are twisting the words of god making interpretation of parts of Quran and Sunnah taking phrases out of context and translating anything you want, but you know what? You will not succeed, everyday more people are turning to Islam and our faith is more and more pure and big than your lies and sickness cause you are really sick people.

I don’t know if u used to be Muslims like u say or u are Jewish or catholic, whatever, but u are just corrupted, losers sick people , the only thing u are causing is pity go and get a life.

Patricia Antonia Schiavone
Manager for Muslim women affairs
Asociacion de Musulmanas Argentinas
Professor Doctor Sirhan Ali
Islamic Center of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Av.San Juan 3300,Buenos Aires, Argentina
Maria Gonzalez Ibarra
Islamic Center of DF, Zona Rosa, Mexico
Doctor Musa Smith
Islamic Center of Washington, D.C.
2551 Massachusetts Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20008

Editor's Response:

If we are twisting or misinterpreting anything, please point them out one by one and we will look into it. If you are proven right - we will remove those materials with an unqualified apology.

MA Khan

Convert Association's humble reply:

Thanks for your answer and concern, and we do apologize for the acid and tough way one of our sisters commented about your website. We are a very big group of American citizens, Canadians, Latin-American and European reverted to Islam. We will read in detail your website and send you all the things you are posting wrong and out of context and twisted information and we will sent u all proofs from Quran and Sunnah with the right information and the reality that nowadays most of Muslims practice, and is not like you say. All the proofs are in our side even from the Bible itself. You are full of contradictions and out of context and even not true statements.

You will receive very soon our material.

Best Regards.

Editor's response:

Thanks. It will be interesting to have a debate between we ex-Muslims and you, the neo-converts.

We were born and brought-up in Islam and lived 30, 40 to 50 years of our life as Muslims before coming to conclusion that it was a hoax. There you have just joined the faith. It will give a very good opportunity to understand as how our views on Islam differs?

We look forward to your further communication and if possible a live and civil discussion/debate in our website, which you may circulate/telecast elsewhere if so you wish.

MA Khan

Convert Association: "Islam-watch is a Hoax!"

Do you really think we will lose our precious time with you? Hoax? You are the only hoax and fraud here Please don’t bother to answer this e-mail, you are being blocked and reported as spam and internet hoax and fraud to International Authorities together with your fake website and its fake information.

Plus you will be blacklisted like Islam haters and Muslim community is being alerted about you together with other websites that are trying to misguide people.


Seems like we ever asked to waste your precious little time. It's you who wrote to us in the first place making a series of accusations -- none of which you can defend or prove. You are welcome to take whatever measures you wanna take against our site.

MA Khan

MA Khan is the editor of website.

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