Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Naeem Ahmed: Islam cannot be reformed – it must disappear


I had the following interesting conversation with an ex-Muslims, named Naeem Ahmed. - MA Khan (editor).


Dear Editor,

It’s an excellent job you’ve done in putting together this site for the sole purpose of educating the masses about the true nature of Islam and making them realize the very danger that Islam poses to the world. The site provides a good deal of information in that aspect, and should serve as a good resource of information to those willing to know the truth about Islam as it is. It should also help Muslims clear up the fog that shrouds their minds and give up this so-called religion once and for all. I regrettably lived a Muslim much of my life, but ever since I started to reason and realize the truth, I couldn’t continue with the religion anymore, and have been living as an “infidel” since. I was referred to your site by somebody, and I found it really heartening and encouraging to know that so many Muslims have left Islam, and still continue to do so. I hope you and others like you continue the good work you’re doing and work towards eradicating the plague that is Islam once and for all.

Naeem Ahmed


Thanks you Mr. Ahmed. We are delighted to see your very encouraging email. It's a big booster of our morale.

Please be with us and spread the word around.

MA Khan

Hi Mr. Khan,

I delighted at having received your response. I wish to let you know that it has been an ardent desire of mine to get to know somebody, who had given up Islam. I had always wanted to associate with such people, and form a strong bond with them. I, therefore, hope to continue being in touch with you. I’ve been trying to get in touch with people like you and I that have given up on Islam, as well as people that realize the true nature of Islam, much like you and I do. I even wrote to three such people on three different sites, but all I got was an initial response and nothing after that, as if they just weren’t bothered about me anymore. It’s what I don’t like. If we need to win this battle against Islam, we need to not only stay in regular touch with each other, but we also need to form some sort of coalition or organization. It’s only then can we achieve our mission. Islam is a serious danger that needs to be destroyed. We cannot think of reforming it, for that will never and can never happen. So its complete disappearance is the only solution. It’s what I believe in. I would love to know what you mean by “being with you,” whether that would involve regular contact with you, and hopefully, contact with more people like you. I would also like to know what way I could contribute to your cause. If it’s possible at my end, I’ll do the best I can.

Regards, Naeem

Dear Naeem,

Thank you for writing back. We are truly delighted by your enthusiasm. There is much need for people of your enthusiasm and understanding of the problem to fight this uphill battle. I consider: whatsoever is going on in our side of the campaign is just a drop in the ocean of what is needed to win this rather impossible battle. As of now – we are not doing much other than doing this website. But there are many things that can be and must be done to win this struggle. We can simply copy from the book of the Saudis or CAIR. They are great tacticians and strategists. What we, at, are looking at is to build up a following of our mission on the net. Once, we have gotten recognition and wider readership; we can probably look forward to setting up grassroots organizations. One of our major aims is to provide space for aspire radical writers, encourage them and groom them – in short, nurture and create new writers. So, best way for you to work with us is to try contributing some essays. We want ex-Muslim writers to dominate the site and if possible turn it into an exclusive site for them. But not many from Muslim background are writing this kind of materials. So we have given window to some writers of non-Muslim background as well. If you are an experienced writer, you can start contributing write away. If you are an aspiring one or are hesitant to do so – we encourage you to venture in. You seem to have the conceptual ideas. You can probably start by writing a testimony of your enlightenment. From there, you go on.

MA Khan

Dear Mr. Khan,

Thank you for the prompt response.

I appreciate all the encouraging things you said about me, and I thank you for them. Although I have a keen interest in writing and have always dreamed of penning down an article, I just haven’t been able to put together a single decent paragraph, and believe me, this does frustrate me a lot, especially since I so much want to send forth articles and essays to sites like yours. However, I shall definitely try. I once again want to tell you (and I hope you don’t mind my harsh words) that I hate Islam as much as Islam preaches hate against all infidels – who are otherwise decent, event excellent, human beings. There is nothing more I would want than to see its total disappearance. It’s a plague to the world that if left unchecked the way it is going now, the world is definitely going to suffer terribly – it may destroy the civilized world. We must join hands to fight this menace. Educating the masses, as you are doing, is the first major step, and as the mission gains momentum, we can take things from there. Islam turns Muslims into a vile people in my opinion, and I wish that they are given the same treatment that they give to others, the “kaafirs”. Those that leave the faith should be warmly accepted, but those that don’t, they should bear the brunt of the very violence they preach. I am sorry if I have sounded too harsh or if I offended you in any way, but it is how I feel.

Regards, Naeem

Dear Naeem,

Thank you for your comments again. About your comments on harshly dealing with the Muslims – I understand your frustration, outrage and anger for the 14 centuries of atrocities of Islam. I personally feel that there is nothing good or no pride or humanity in absorbing all the horrible things Islam has been dishing out to the infidels at all corners of the world on a daily basis. Counteracts are needed. However, they must be as civilized as possible. We try to be as ruthless as possible with the ideology – that is Islam – but not with the Muslims themselves. We must criticize Muslims for their horrible actions but not advocate acts that would bring our moral standing down to their level. I am delighted to hear your enthusiasm about putting your thoughts on Islam in writing. I look forward to publishing your essays.

Sincerely, MA Khan

Dear Mr. Khan, Thanks for the reply. I totally agree with you that it would be wrong to advocate dealing with Islam in the same way Muslims behave or act. That would be like carrying out the same violence against Muslims that they dish out to others. I offer my apologies.

Regards, Naeem


MA Khan is the editor of website.

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