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Muslims Can Bring an End to Western Civilization

Today there are two ongoing developments in the world which carry with them all the necessary ingredients to bring down the western civilization as we know of it. The first of these developments is the Islamic resurgence, which, many devout Muslims believe will be the final showdown between Islam and the infidels. They firmly believe this cataclysmic clash of civilisation will result in a guaranteed victory for Islam. With great aplomb they will refer to the Qur’anic verses (such as 2:30, 6:165, 7:129, 27:62) which firmly declare that only the Muslims are the rightful inheritors of earth. Allah has assured the victory of Islam by expropriating and usurping the land of the infidels and hand them over to the Muslims (verses 13:41, 21:44, 28:58). The Islamic world is patiently waiting for this ultimate victory of Islam—no infidel should bear any doubt on this mindset of great majority of Islamic diehards.

In contrast to the above mindset of the Islamic world, the infidel world, by and large, is in deep slumber. Note the incredible apathy, ignorance, neglect and sheer carelessness of the infidels’ state of mind. They are in the impression that the current Islamic terrorism will soon be a thing of the past, and the world will, once again, revert to the ‘world order’ which, for several centuries, they have taken for granted. These easy‑going, ‘couldn’t care less’, gullible westerners still believe that Islam means peace. Alas, I have bad news for these apathetic western people. To gauge the extent of Islamic incursion into their civilisation, please read on.

The Muslim World- Resurgence

Muslims proudly talk about what they call sahwa Islamia or the Islamic recovery that started slowly in the late 1970s and reached an astonishing speed in the 1990s. It first came to prominence after the declaration of jihad in Afghanistan and the success of the Islamic revolution in Iran. This Islamic revitalization proceeded in two ideologically different fronts: with Saudi Arabia being the main driving force behind the resurgence of the Sunni Muslims; while Iran standing firmly behind the Shiite Muslims. These two fronts are independent of each other and had frequently confronted each other. Right now, this is exactly what is happening in Iraq—one Islam slaughtering another Islam. However, the infidel world must not be deluded by such Islamic Cannibalism. The credo that is common to both groups is their deep hatred for the west in general and America in particular. 

Most Muslims consider America to be their main enemy because it is the world’s only super power and seems to stand in Islam’s way. Notwithstanding with such a unremitting hatred reserved exclusively for America, any non-Islamic country has the potential to win the main enemy title depending on the circumstances. Last year, the title was won by Denmark, thanks to the Muhammad’s cartoons. Back in the 1980s the main enemy title was granted to the Soviet Union because of its support to the communist regime in Afghanistan. Islamist jihadists from all over the Islamic world poured into Afghanistan to fight the infidel/godless Soviet Union. It is interesting to note that during those days, America was nowhere close to wining the Islamic title, as the Islamic world regarded America as an ally of the Muslims. America’s foreign policy and its support to Israel were not seen as important issues during the heat of jihad in Afghanistan. In the 1990s, Serbia emerged as a winner of the Islamic title, because of its wars against Bosnia and Kosovo. However, by this time the Arab opinion was changing fast against America—thanks to Al jazira Television network and its pro-Saddam agenda. Infiltrating Al jazira by the Ba’ath party was probably Saddam’s smartest and most effective anti American weapon. Saddam was well aware of the role of media as a powerful weapon in the battlefield while, even today, the Americans still struggle to comprehend this simple reality. 

Muslims understand their jihad priorities very well and are aware of the need for tactical alliances that serve their purpose. Fourteen hundred years ago Mohammed had already set an example for this convenient strategy. He used to set up tactical alliances with potential enemies to keep them neutral, while he took on his adversaries—eliminating them one‑by–one. 

Islamic jihad exists in various forms: the military form is the best known. But Muslims are also engaged in other softer forms of jihad on a daily basis, especially in the West. Islamic organizations, mosques and Islamic centres are just few of the many battlefronts where Muslims work very hard to consolidate their presence in the West. In the beginning, they only wanted basic commodities such as halal food and places for worship. When this is duly satisfied by the infidels, they now demand Islamic sharia and their own Islamic holidays, not to mention their demand to influence the foreign policies of their host countries. There are thousands of Islamic organizations in the West whose job is to keep pushing their Islamic agenda to reshape the West. The message is loud and clear: conform to Islam or else face jihad, that is, Islamist terrorism. In other words, the host country must now become Islamic, even though the Islamic community is no more than microscopic in number.

The Western World-Apathy and Denial

The West in general has come increasingly under the influence of the liberal left which promotes a culture of self-blaming for almost every fault in this world. The Europeans in particular has lost their sense of pride and has replaced it with a sense of guilt. They despise their history, values and the traditional family. An increasing number of women put off motherhood until late in life or even avoids it altogether, resulting in alarmingly dwindling birth rates. Christianity lost its influence in an increasingly atheistic society, leaving a spiritual and moral vacuum that is rapidly being filled by the influx of Islam. 

Incoming Muslims perceive that the western societies are in a state of moral and social decay. Young westerners become easy prey for the Muslim predators, who waste no time to do what they do best: brainwashing those westerners and converting them into willing soldiers of Islam. 

Only a few months ago, the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, told his Muslim audience that Europe would soon fall to the Muslims without a fight. The number of Muslims in Europe is already substantial and on the increase. Muslims’ high birth‑rate and their continued influx into the continent is bound to makes them a majority in the foreseeable future. One can rarely agree with the maverick Libyan leader on anything, but on this topic I must say I cannot agree more. 

Since the defeat of Islam in the battle of Tours in 732 AD in France, Europe in particular has always been a dream to Muslims. Had the Muslims won that decisive battle, Europe would have become a Muslim land and Christianity would have vanished, rendering it as a thing of the past. But Muslims are not totally heart‑broken; they have reasons to believe that they can achieve with soft jihad what their ancestors could not achieve with military jihad

The demographic damage in Europe is already too extensive to be repaired even if the Europeans start their own sahwa now, which I don’t see happening any time soon. It appears that Europe has to come to terms with the reality that Muslims are in Europe to stay. Attempting to reverse the process now may be too late and may result in bloodshed which nobody likes to witness. 

Europe, needs to make a choice between the only two options available:

·        The first option is to continue the Islamization of Europe, a process which has been going on for decades

·        The second option is to force the secularisation of Muslims in Europe.  

The first option is what Islamists hope to achieve: to set an Islamic state in Europe which applies sharia law and make it a model to follow by their home countries where all their attempts to establish a proper Islamic state have failed. For sometime, Muslims have been targeting Europe as a soft and tolerant continent that can only say yes to their never‑ending demands. Muslims have ambitious plans for Europe; they have already started changing the identity of many European cities by planning to erect massive mosques and Islamic centres across the continent. Such mega Islamic monuments are intended to dominate the skylines of the European cities and put the existing cathedrals and churches in the shade. Islamic culture is already leaving its marks on European life as is evident from self-censorship and the limitation of free expression which was practiced by the once free European society.  

The Islamisation of Europe is the option chosen by Muslims and is already underway. It is not a European choice although the Europeans are not doing anything about it.  This option is unlikely to be viable for the long‑term because there must be a limit to the seemingly limitless European tolerance. Sharia law is inapplicable to any country, never mind the European countries. The fact is: Sharia law was never applied perfectly at any stage in Islamic history. Even during Caliph Omar’s time, the punishment (hudud) for theft was suspended for a year. Many Muslims do not like to hear that because it blasts the very solid Islamic principle that Allah’s rules (hudud) must never be over-ruled by a human. How do we expect to cut people’s hands in our time? And where in Europe can this kind of justice be acceptable where all thieves receive the same punishment regardless of the value and circumstances of their theft?  

Islam is not only a religion; it is also a political movement which actively works to seize power to establish the Islamic state known as khilafa. Islamic sharia is the only recognized law in an Islamic state and it forbids handing over power to other secular parties. In Islam, democracy becomes a sin and the state is ruled from the mosque just as Mohammed ruled his state from his mosque in Medina. 

The second option, which is the forced secularisation of Muslims in Europe, is likely to be met with fierce resistance from Muslims everywhere. It is a difficult choice that requires fundamental changes in law and some solid determination; but once applied it could be very good for Europe and the world. There is nothing wrong with Muslims as humans, their problem lies solely in their ideology—once they are freed from it they have a chance to contribute wonders to human civilization. The behaviour of European converts after they embrace Islam just proves the point—it is Islam which makes their mind sick.  

Muslims’ addiction to Islam is in a way similar to addiction to drugs. Give drug addicts a choice and they will crave for more of the drugs. Muslims should not be given a choice but they should be forced to accept and respect people of other faiths and beliefs, with special regard to the Jews. This alone should help to break a big psychological barrier. They should be forced to accept open criticism of Islam and Muhammad, which should open their minds to the sheer lie they have been living through. Muhammad’s history and the Qur’anic errors/contradictions should be discussed openly and without fear. Most Muslims do not know about the shocking dark history of Mohammed and never notice the hundreds of errors in the Qur’an. Many ex Muslims were devout adherents of Islam until they woke up to the shocking truth about Muhammad and his Qur’an.  

Islamic symbols, like beards and headscarves should be considered as political statements and banned, just as they are banned for that reason in some Muslim countries. Those Muslims who are not willing to conform should have it reflected in their career progress. A united stand against Islamists’ activities anywhere in the world should make Muslims think twice before going to the streets and burn churches and embassies in response to an article or cartoons. A sustained policy of forced secularisation of Muslims will boost the chances of bringing up an enlightened and secularised generation of European Muslims who may become a beacon of enlightenment to other Muslims worldwide.  

This is such a nice dream! But if it comes true it would be the best gift Europe will ever give to the Muslim world. The alternative to this nice dream is the nightmare of a catastrophic civil war.

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