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Islamic Voodoos

Chapter 14

The Soul Voodoos


The concept of Islamic soul is truly fascinating. The more we learn about this arcane concept of Islamic soul the more it will appear that Islam is fully mired in unscientific, laughable and superstitious dogma. In the Qur’an, we find a number of verses, which expose the various natures of Islamic souls. Allah has made Islamic soul so incomprehensible that it has become a potent Islamic minefield of contradictions, confusions, speculations, and simply illogical.

Let us explore a few salient features of Islamic Souls.

An Islamic Soul is a Physical Object

This is hard to believe, but if we are to read a few verses from the Qur'an, and comprehend their exegeses from various authentic Islamic sources we draw only one conclusion: that an Islamic soul is truly a physical entity residing as an internal organ of a body. We have already read in episode 2 (Islamic Angels and Jinns Voodoo) that even the Islamic stalwart ibn Kathir readily admits that human soul is a physical part of the body. During the time of death, Allah sends an angel (or many angels, the Qur'an contradicts) to pluck out the soul of a person. This is similar to the surgery, in which an internal organ or a tumor is removed from a human body. The only difference is that Allah’s trained chief angel (such as Azazil or Azrail) performs this divine surgery.

Truly, in the Qur'an there is a Sura by the title The Soul Snatchers (Sura 79). In this Sura (79:1) Allah swears by the angels who tear out by force the souls of sinners (unbelievers).

Allah says in verse 6:61 of the Qur'an that when the time of death approaches to someone, He immediately sends His messenger (angel of death, Azrail) to take the victim’s life. Ibn Kathir writes that Allah sends guardian angels to look over humans; the angel of death has angels who pull the soul from its body and when it reaches the throat, the angel of death captures it. They guard the soul of the dead person and take it to wherever Allah wills, to Illiyyin if he was among the righteous and to Sijjin if he was among the wicked. Read more on this later. Please note that Osma bin Ladin, in his latest exhortation, mentions this Illiyyin to the jihadists in Iraq.

Muhammad had a competitor. His name was Musaylimah al–Kadhdhab. Once Musaylimah announced that he too could bring from Allah Suras similar to the Qur'an. Angered, Allah immediately sent down verse 6:93. In this verse, Allah vehemently proclaimed that no one could reveal the likeness of the Qur'an. Those who claim that they can compose verses like the Qur'an are wicked. Ibn Kathir interprets that whoever says like Musaylimah, Allah sends an angel to take out the soul of such a person. The soul of the wicked person does not want to be snatched by the angel. Therefore, it (soul) scatters in the body of the disbeliever, and refuses to get out. The angels take the life (i.e., the soul) with their hands. They even beat the non–Muslim until his soul leaves his body.

In verse 47:27 Allah says that in the case of souls of hypocrites, the angels smite their faces and backs. Ibn Kathir explains that that is how their situation will be when the angels come to take their lives, and their souls cling to their bodies, causing the angels to extract them by force, harshness, and beating.

In verse 75:26–28 we read that the soul will reach for the collarbone before death comes. According to ibn Kathir this means your soul will be pulled out of your body and it will reach your collarbones.

Verse 25:22 is more vivid of the manner of extraction of Islamic soul from a human body. This verse says that there will be no joy when the criminals (non–Muslims) see the angels. Ibn Kathir writes:

This is also confirmed at the time when they are dying, when the angels bring them the tidings of Hell and the wrath of the Compeller, and when the disbeliever's soul is being taken out, the angels say to it, "Come out, O evil soul from an evil body, come out to fierce hot wind and boiling water, and the shadow of black smoke.'' It refuses to come out and it scatters throughout his body, so they beat him.

Allah will Pair Souls with Bodies

We already learned that the most intriguing characteristic of Islamic soul is that it (the soul) is a distinctly separate entity inside the human body. Amazingly, unlike other static vital internal organs, the Islamic soul has the ability to move around the body when Azazil (or Azrail) wants to capture it. Allah, with the help of angels, can separate a soul from a body, keep it safe in another location, and on another occasion, such as on the resurrection day, rejoin the soul with its body, which lies inside a grave. It might sound just implausible and weird, but that is the way Allah’s medical science works.

Here is a brief description of what Allah will do with souls on the resurrection days. In verse 50:44 of the Qur'an Allah says that the earth will be rent asunder; all soul will be hurried.

Ibn Kathir explains this verse in this way:

Allah will send down rain from the sky. From that rain the bodies of the creations will grow while they are in their graves, just as the seed grows in soil in the aftermath of rain. When the bodies grow to their full strength, will command angel Israfil and he will blow in the Trumpet for a second time. The souls will be enclosed in a hole in the Trumpet. When Israfil blows in the Trumpet, the souls will depart from it and will fly between the heavens and earth. Allah will declare, "By My grace and power, each soul shall return to the body that it used to inhabit,'' and indeed, every soul will return to its body. The soul will enter its body just as poison enters the body, then the earth will be uncovered from above them, and they will all stand and head towards the reckoning place hastening to obey the command of Allah the Exalted and Most Honored.


Allah will Pair Souls with Bodies - no doubt a difficult task
since the greatest Muslim invention - suicide bombing

Many non‑Muslims might think that if they want to avoid dreadful Islamic hell, all they need to do is to repent on the resurrection day, and secure Allah’s mercy. Nevertheless, Allah is not so dim–witted. He understands very well the minds of the unbelievers. That is why in verse 4:17 Allah says that His Mercy is only for those who repent immediately—repenting on the day of resurrection is of no use. Ibn Kathir says this means Allah accepts the repentance of the servant as long as the soul does not reach the throat. To further frighten the unbelievers, ibn Kathir, in connection with verse 16:29, writes that they (the unbelievers) will enter hell with their souls from the day they die, and their bodies will feel the heat and hot winds of their graves. On the Day of Resurrection, their souls will be re‑united with their bodies, to abide forever in the fire of hell.

Muslim souls waiting in line for the final verdict

Allah says in verse 81:1–7 that on the resurrection day He will fold up the sun, allow the stars fall losing their lustre, set the oceans aflame, make the mountains to vanish, neglect the ten‑month pregnant she‑camel, and herd together the wild beasts. Jalalyn says that this means the wild beasts will be resurrected so that each of them may retaliate against the other before becoming dust. Ibn Kathir writes that the sea will be a blazing fire. While they are in that state, the earth will be split with one huge crack that will extend from the lowest, seventh earth to the highest, seventh heaven. Therefore, while they are in that state, a wind will come that will kill all of them. Every type of soul will be gathered with its peer or mate. Ibn Abbas clarifies the status of souls by saying that the believers’ souls will join with the maiden of paradise and the disbelievers’ with Satan; the righteous with the righteous and the sinful with the sinful. Jalalyn adds that the souls are paired up with their bodies.

Nevertheless, the joining of souls with their dead, petrified, and ossified bodies is not free from Islamic apartheid. A hadis in Sahih Bukhari (7.72.735) says that many well‑dressed souls (people) in this world will be naked on the day of resurrection. 

Animals, Pictures, and Images Have Souls

In Islam drawings, (including photographs, motion pictures and digital images) of any living creature is haram (illegal).
It is a great sin/crime to indulge in artistic works such as painting, sketching, and graphic arts. Sahih Bukhari (5.59.338) writes that angels do not enter a house that has the images of those objects that have souls, e.g., pictures, and dogs.

This means that pictures and images, as well as animals, such as dogs, have souls.

In a hadis in Sahih Muslim (24.5268), Muhammad said that the picture painters would be punished on the day of resurrection; they will be asked to breathe soul into what they had created.

Another hadis in Sahih Muslim (24.5272) says that Allah will give souls to the objects of the painters and they (the pictures) will punish the painter.

This hadis also implies that; if you have to paint at all then paint the pictures of trees and lifeless objects, because Muhammad thought trees, fruits, mountains… and so on are lifeless, meaning they possess no souls.

Islamic Martyrs’ Souls are Alive

Allah says in verse 2:154 that those killed for Islam (in jihad) are not dead; they are alive. As to the context of this verse, ibn Abbas writes that Allah revealed this verse regarding Muslims killed in the Badr, Uhud, and all other battles. This means all the suicide bombers and the Islamists killed during Islamic terror operations have their souls alive and kicking.

These Islamic martyr's souls are alive (for now)

Interpreting the above verse, Ghazali (p.4.411) writes that Muhammad said that the soul comes from the command of Allah. Death does not mean that the soul will die with the body. The proof is in the Qur’an, “Don’t consider those who are killed in God’s way are dead, rather they are alive near their Lord and are given provision” (2:154).

Allah confirms in verse 3:169‑171 that those slain in Allah’s way (in jihad) do not die; they live in the presence of Him, and enjoy His provisions. According to ibn Kathir Allah revealed these verses about the martyrs of Uhud battle. Jabir b.  Abdullah aggrieved that his father had died in the Uhud battle. To console Jabir, Muhammad informed him that although Allah does not talk to a person except behind a veil, but Allah talked directly to Jabir’s father. Then Allah sent down this verse. Tabari (vii.156) writes that this verse also refers to the Muslims killed at Bir Mauna.

Have we ever contemplated about the feeling of a suicide bomber, as he is about to detonate his explosive charges on innocent victims of Islam? Here is how Ghazali (p.4.134) describes the mental state of an Islamist killer (suicide bomber):

About martyrdom (sic) it has been said that at that time soul comes in such a condition that the heart does not contain except love. Such a man stands in the row of fight after giving up all connections in the world. He then purchases the next world in exchange of the world as God said in verse 9:111, “God purchased from believers their lives and properties in exchange of Paradise.”

Verse 9:111 is such an extraordinarily potent weapon for the Islamist killers that we need to comprehend it fully. In this verse, Allah says that the believers fight in the cause of Allah; they kill and get killed; this is the doctrine of Allah; He has purchased the lives and goods of the believers in exchange for booty and paradise. Their obligation is the willingness to kill and get killed in a fight; this is the pledge of Allah in the Torah, Gospel, and the Qur’an.

Interestingly, I could not find this exhortation either in the Gospel or the Old Testament. Nevertheless, this great bargain from Allah guarantees the supreme reward.

Undoubtedly, this verse motivates the suicide bombers. Ibn Kathir writes that all Muslims are bound by a sales/purchase contract with Allah. The price Allah pays in exchange for their lives/souls are the guarantee of paradise.

Where does an Islamic Soul Reside?

Since an Islamic soul is a physical entity, similar to other internal organs in a human body, it needs to be stored. Allah did not say precisely where in a body the human soul is ensconced. Ghazali (p.1.97) writes that Allah says: “it is not the eyes that are blind but the souls that are in breasts. He who is blind in the world will also be blind in the hereafter.”

This means that a living person’s soul resides somewhere inside his breast. Allah did not clarify where the souls of pictures and animals reside. We may assume that Allah stores their souls somewhere inside their bodies, or on the media on which they are drawn.

Allah needs storage facilities for the souls of dead persons. True to these requirements, Allah has separate storage facilities for Muslims’ souls and non‑Muslims’ souls.

In verse 83:18 Allah says that He keeps the records of the righteous (that is, Muslims) in a high place with a register called Illiyyin. Ibn Kathir writes that Illiyyin is taken from the word `Uluw, which means highness. Illiyyin is located in the seventh heaven, paradise; it contains the souls of the believers.

Allah says in verse 83:7‑9 that He collects the records of souls of wicked people (non‑Muslims) in a register called Sijjin. Ibn Kathir writes that Sijjin means prison; it is an eternal prison and a painful torment; it is located beneath the seventh earth; it contains the souls of the unbelievers.

On the interpretation of the above verses, ibn Abbas says that the works of the children of Adam are written on a green rock under the seventh earth; this is Sijjin.

Previously, in verses 3:169‑171, we noted that the souls of Islamic martyrs do not die. To explain these verses, ibn Kathir and Tabari (vii.156) write that the soul of a believer is in the shape of a bird in paradise. As for the souls of martyrs, they are inside green birds, like the stars to the rest of the believing souls. Sunaan ibn Majah (5.4271) writes that the soul of a believer (a Muslim) is a bird; it eats in the trees of paradise.

Sahih Muslim (20.4651) also writes that the souls of the martyrs live in the bodies of green birds who have their nests in the chandeliers hung from the throne of Allah; they eat the fruits of paradise. They will request Allah to return their souls to their bodies so that they may be slain in the path of Allah again, again, and again. In Sunaan Nasai (2.2077) we read that the soul of a Muslim assumes the form of a bird, hangs from trees in paradise until it returns to the body on the day of resurrection. Ghazali (p.1.237) writes that the souls of martyrs lie in the wombs of green birds.

Please note the difference: an ordinary Muslim’s soul resides inside an ordinary bird, whereas, the soul of an Islamic martyr resides inside a green bird of paradise.

This contradicts Allah’s contention in verse 19:71 that says all souls (including the souls of Muslims), even temporarily, will be in hell. Previously, we noted that Allah stores Muslims souls in Illiyyin.


Components of an Islamic Soul, and Types of Islamic Souls

Ghazali (p.3.7‑8) says that the soul is the king of the body and its different organs are its servants to carry out its orders and commands. Ghazali’s idea of Islamic soul means, it (the soul) is the nerve centre or the control center of a human body. Contrast this to the modern medical evidence that our brain is the commander of our central nervous system. Ghazali (ibid) writes further that a man acquires the knowledge of Allah and His attributes by no other organs than the soul.

Ghazali even discovered different parts of an Islamic soul. These are:

§      Qalb: it has two meanings. The first part is a piece of flesh in the left breast called heart, which is hollow in interior, filled up with black blood and which is a source of Ruh or life. The second meaning of Qalb is that soul is immaterial aspect of formless. Ghazali considers this part of Qalb (or soul) is just like unseen electricity.

§     Ruh: it is a material thing within the heart, which vibrates the whole body like the current of electricity wind, which runs through the veins of the body. It is called life. It has the power of touch, hearing, sight, smell and the power of the other limbs of the body. Sourcing Qur’anic verse 17:85 Ghazali writes that Ruh is a command from Allah.

§      Nafs: it is the passion part of a soul. It involves greed, evil, and other attributes.

§      Aql: the first meaning of Aql is the intellect by which the true natures of material objects are known. The second meaning of Aql is the power to understand esoteric phenomena.

Ghazali (p.3.15) classifies the souls in four categories. These are:

  • The soul of a Muslim
  • The soul of an unbeliever (non‑Muslim)
  • The soul of a hypocrite
  • The soul of a mixed person (that is, between a Muslim and a hypocrite)

He (p.3.53) even writes that the greatest desire for the soul is its meeting with Allah, and that there are heavy souls and there are light souls. Good habits create light souls, which show many wonderful things. The heavy souls are the souls of non‑Muslims.

It is perplexing, no doubt. This is because the Qur'an is a repository of contradictions and confusions. Ghazali certainly adds more to it (the Qur'an).

Allah Examines Your Soul When You Sleep

It is quite fascinating that when we sleep Allah plays with our souls. Allah says in verse 39:42 that He takes the souls at death and at sleep. According to Islam, sleep is a kind of death, and while in sleep, some souls are taken to Allah. If the person is destined to die then Allah keeps the soul, otherwise He sends the soul back to the sleeping person.

Please note how Allah contradicts Himself. In verse 32:11 Allah says an angel takes soul.

It is more interesting to read verse 75:30. In this verse, Allah says that everything will be driven to Him. Ibn Kathir writes that, after due examination, when Allah is satisfied that it is not the time of death, Allah says to the couriers of the victim’s soul, "Return my servant to the earth, for verily, I have created them from it, I return them into it, and from it I will bring them out at another time.”

According to Ghazali (p.4.411), during death, the soul separates from the body. After burial, the body of a man is returned to his soul, so that he may taste the punishment.

Ghazali (p.1.256) says further that when a man sleeps with ablution, his soul is hung up with the Throne and his dream becomes true. If he sleeps without ablution, his soul cannot reach there and he cannot see dreams, which are true.

A Few More Interesting Features of Islamic Souls

We already read that in verse 79:1 Allah swears by the angels who tear out by force the souls of sinners (unbelievers). It is certainly a very painful way to extricate the soul of an unbeliever.

In contrast, in connection with verse 10:64, here is what ibn Kathir writes about the comfortable manner in which the angels remove the soul of a Muslim:

When death approaches a believer, angels, with white faces and white clothes, come to him and say: "O good soul! Come out to comfort and provision and a Lord who is not angry.'' The soul then comes out of his mouth like a drop of water pouring out of a water skin.

In verse 79:2 Allah confirms that the angels draw out gently souls of the believers.

According to Ghazali (p.3.15) if sins are committed one after another, the soul becomes dark and that is the seal on the soul. Ghazali (ibid) also writes that Muhammad said, “The soul of a believer is bright and there is a bright lamp in it. The soul of an unbeliever is black and blind.”

A strange property of an Islamic soul is that a Muslim’s soul has the sweetest fragrance, whereas the soul of a non‑Muslim has the stench of a corpse.

Sunaan Nasai (2.1836) writes that during a Muslim’s death, his soul comes out with the sweetest smell. During an infidel’s death, the angels punish him; his soul comes out with the most unpleasant stench of a corpse.

This hadis is repeated in many other hadis books. Here are a few samples:

Sahih Muslim (40.6867) writes that two angels take the soul of dead person into sky, to Allah; if the soul is a believer’s then it has a beautiful fragrance; if the soul is of a non-believer then it has a foul smell.

Sunaan Tirmidhi (511) writes that a believer’s soul has the fragrance of musk; an unbeliever’s soul has foul stench.

Further, Tirmidhi (510) records that a good soul will be taken to Allah to reside in paradise; a bad soul will be grieved in boiling liquid and then returned to the grave of the deceased.

Here are a few more interesting features of Islamic souls:

  • When the soul is taken away the sight follows it. So close the eyes of a dead person… (Sahih Muslim, 4.2003, 2005)
  • The eye-sight of a person follows his soul… (Sunaan ibn Majah, 2.1454, 1455)
  • A defaulter’s soul is suspended until he clears the loan…3.2423)
  • If you did not clear your debt your soul will be held back until you clear the debt… (Sunaan Tirmidhi, 301)
  • A believer's soul is attached to his debt till it is paid…(Sunaan Tirmidhi, 871)
  • Human soul has power of sight as that of external eyes…(Ghazali, p.3.21)
  • From the back of Adam, Allah created all the souls who are to be born… (Sunaan Tirmidhi, 37)
  • Muhammad said that Allah is in the soul of a believer…(Ghazali, p.3.19)
  • A soul is a container of knowledge. It is like a mirror (Ghazali, p.3.15)

Allah has a Soul

It might sound incredible, but Allah, truly has a soul. In verse 2:87 Allah contends that He gave Moses the Book, followed by a succession of apostles; He sent Jesus as son of Mary but people called many apostles impostors; some were even slain. Ibn Kathir says that Allah sent Jesus, aided by His (Allah’s) Ruh al‑Quddus, which most Islamist scholars believe to be Gabriel. Previously, we read that as per Ghazali, Ruh is a component of an Islamic soul. This means that Allah has, at least, a part of His soul, with Gabriel.

Verse 3:49 is more specific about Allah’s soul, Ruh al‑Quddus. Jalayn explains this verse by saying that Gabriel breathed into the opening of Maryam’s garment and she became pregnant. This means Gabriel breathed into Mary’s body Allah soul or Allah’s Ruh.

Lastly, we read in verse 19:17 that an angel, as a man, appeared to Mary. As per ibn Kathir Gabriel is Allah’s Ruh, and he appeared to her complete and perfect in the shape of a man.

This means Allah’s soul made Mary pregnant.


>>>> Continued in Chapter 15

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Abul Kasem is an Bengali ex-Muslim and academic. He has contributed in Leaving Islam - Apostates Speak Out and Beyond Jihad - Critical Voices from Inside. He has also written extensively on Islam in various websites and is the author of five e-Books: A Complete Guide to Allah, Root of Terrorism ala Islamic Style, Sex and Sexuality in Islam, Who Authored the Quran? and Women in Islam. Mr. Kasem leaves in Sydney, Australia. He can be contacted at

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Sometimes links tell you more than words: Islam hates Love! That´s it. And many islamists love hate. But this news did not derive from some radical terrorists in Afghanistan. This is from the political establishement in Saudi Arabia! I think that even the worst Faschists and Stalinists could never be so stupid to comit such a crime against humanity and forbid people to express their love! It is just unbelievable! What else does it take to understand how ill islamism truly is!

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Oddly enough the devil worship crowd in their own writings say that Azrael is the name of Satans personal death angel. The soul as described by allah or muhammed is even slighted in importance, and makes it easy for an evil leader to give orders of unbelievable destruction based on the miniscule value of the soul, furthermore creating palpable reasons for deranged thinking and behaviour and gaining exponentially a destructive mind set. Islam is all about mans works and appeasing an angry diety, (exact opposite of Christianity, where JESUS died for all mans sins that believe and confess on HIM) Imagine the 911 attackers, after they died, they know the truth now, and Satan is laughing at them, i have no animosity towards them, as i am a sinner too also. As a Christian (born again) Bible thumper/JESUS freak, i need to love my/our enemies. Vengence is mine says the LORD, so there is no need for Christians to take revenge on muslims. THe USA is a Christian founded nation, but it is definitely headed for judgement, because of all the evil being perpetrated by America. Abortion, homosexuality, beer and cigarettes, debauchery, lust, lasciviousness, political correctness, apostacy, evolutionism, greed and crimes related to the love of money, etc. The God of Abraham of Isaac and Jacob might well use Islam as judgement against the USA, and Americans even born again Bible thumpers like myself might have to suffer because of it. I feel sorry for the suicide bombers because they destroyed themselves and others, and have no chance of Heaven, but at least the Muslims that are alive have a chance to find out the Love of JESUS CHRIST and can reconcile with the Jesus and ask forgiveness and ask the Holy Spirit to show them what they need to change in their lives and get right with the great I AM of the BIBLE. They will face persecution and possible death by muslims, but at least they will find Peace in their hearts about Heaven and assurance of the afterlife, with out self destruction, although still facing sin and temptation common to all Christians. JESUS DIED FOR ALL who trust HIM!, if men examine their lives they would find that there is no way anyone could be good enough to get to Heaven by their own futile works of goodness. JESUS did it all for us on that cross, and then was raised from the dead on the third day and sits at the right hand of GOD and He shall come again to judge the living and the dead. Prophecies are being fulfilled in the Bible, alot about Israel, they would come back together as a nation (1948), they would make the desert bloom, they would use the Shekel, they would use Hebrew as the language, the whole world would be against them, if Barak Obama gets elected then the USA would be against Israel, legislation in the USA has been dealing with a Mark of the Beast, (micro chip) Verachip corp. has been pushing this for the last 10 years becuase they have developed it, also Mondex, and Lucient have become major players in central banking technologies, the EU, the coming North American Union, and now mention of African Union. I have to quit now, and make a call, if you are a Muslim reading this, i have love for you, i don't hate you, i am a sinner too. JESUS wants you to turn to HIM, and away from thinking that you could get into Heaven on your own merits or worthiness of yourself. JESUS is the Way the Truth and the LIFE. Jesus was born of a Virgin, He was crucified, died and was buried, and on the third day rose again and was seen by many and walked the earth for forty days and ascended on the day of Pentecost from the mount of Olives.

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According to Koran, people will be resurrected with a new physical body before the Day of Judgment. So, no way to escape hell - be it Hindu or Muslim or anybody else!!!

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You idiots ,I am surprised that even in the space age you dolts are gullible to believe in the so-called "heaven" or "hell". The quran and the bible were written by primitive and halluciniated men to gain political power the easiest way _ "put the fear of GOD" in the minds of the gullible hordes ,absolute power and pelf will automatically follow! We have seen light years into the vast expanse on illimitable space - and there is no sight of heaven or god! It is all in your peurile minds that you see things that are non-existent . It is irrational and lacks commonsense!

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vbv: Just because you seem to manifest the thoughts of a free-thinker, that doesn't give you the right to judge religion and condemn those who believe in it. Sure you think they're idiots, I think you are just one person who lacks plenty of sense. You damn well believe in the existence of 'love' and electricity. Religion is simply the love for God.

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i just wanted to know when a person dies in islam does her/his soul fly for 3 days or forty days or is that just another cultural say or is it true in islam that the soul can see us after his/her death for a short period or that is false? thank you, someone with understanding of the deen please anwser my question. may allah reward you. xxx

Name: Antonio Liz
Date: Sunday July 27, 2008
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Dear author I am a Latino Muslim converted into Islam just few years ago. I will like to read some of your books and analyze your statements. I am open to read and learn from every single person.

Name: Editor
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Dear Antonio Liz, You can read Mr. Abul Kasem books on the internet:

A Complete Guide to Allah

Root of Terrorism ala Islamic Style
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   Further Chapters: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  Conclusion

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