The Sunni Jihadist ‘Islamic State’ or Dawla Islamiya is the manifestation of what Sunni Islamists have been striving for for a long time, especially groups like Hizb-ut-tahrir and many other hardline Islamist groups.

After 9/11 as I started to research into Islamic teachings I started visiting a liberal ex-Muslim website called secular Islam. There in a comments section for several months I viewed comments / arguments flying back and forwards and in particular some Islamist kept posting links to articles. These were truly scary reading material, very professionally produced with a lot of erudite writers and a large following. More than anything else these articles woke me up to the threat that Islamic thought poses with the most expansionist and supremacist teachings being not a mere historical curiosity but underpinning a large movement of Muslims striving hard for them.

This Islamist movement, far from being a fringe, represents the core orthodox Sunni opinions and has the scriptural backing for its positions and scholarly consensus of Islams greatest scholars from over a millennium to back it up.

These hardline teachings follow from the Quran which is very extreme in its teachings, eg:

  1. Islam is to dominate over all other religions Q9:33, 61:9, 8:39 etc

  2. Muslims are to purify all of Arabia of its Pagans who can convert or be killed Q9:5 (this genocide already completed in 7th century).

  3. Muslims are to fight and subjugate other non-Muslims and subdue and make them inferior second-class citizens (Dhimmis) to pay jizya (humiliation tax) to save their lives. Q9:29 (Done throughout history, now revived by Islamic State, Taliban etc)

  4. Muslims are to have hatred and enmity forever for non-Muslims until they worship Allah alone Q60:4, they should fight those unbelievers close to them and let them find harshness in the Muslims Q9:123

  5. Muslims must engage in this jihad (struggle) as this fighting is ordained for them even if they dislike it 2:216 and they are told they can overcome much greater enemies to a multiple of 10 times or more Q8:65

Historically the World has faced the continuous onslaught of Islamic Jihad as commanded by the Quran. Christianity has been almost totally wiped out from its historical heartlands and barely survives as a beleaguered terrified minority. Western Europe only narrowly survived being over-run in a few medieval battles like Tours, Vienna, Lepanto and the Crusades to win back some conquered lands and which halted the Islamic advance for some centuries.

The teachings to make Islam dominant and supreme are subscribed to by most*(1) Muslims with there being some differences over implementation. There are some gradualist groups like the Muslim brotherhood who try to Islamize the society gradually to reach the goal along with employing some violence too. Other Salafist Sunni Jihadist groups are more impatient to use violence, force, terror, intimidation and killing to reach the goals. Both groups overlap a lot and are part of the same team, with slightly different means and methods.

Those who take the verses and above quoted Quranic teachings seriously, especially point 5, the fully devoted and fanatical Muslims, mostly being male and younger in age, make up the groups like Al Qaeda, Islamic State etc ie; the jihadist fighting core.

Believing blindly in the words of the Quran and flush with success in Afghanistan fighting the Soviets that appeared to bear witness to the supposed truth of them Al Qaeda sought to begin a war against the leading global power, the United States. The aim was to provoke reactions and draw the whole Muslim world behind the mujahideen.

Starting with embassy bombings and other attacks and then calling journalists to declare their war on America they finally managed to pull off the 9/11 attacks that wildly succeeded in drawing America into conflict and also inflicting a major financial damage upon the US.

Rather than merely crushing Al Qaeda and the Taliban as would have been sufficient the US foolishly decided to go into Iraq to overthrow the Tyrant Dictator Saddam Hussain who had been a thorn in the side of the US in the region for a long time.

From Al Qaeda’s point of view this was hitting the jackpot as it allowed a major Jihad front in the heart of the Middle East.

Some theories about democracy in the region being a panacea for Islamic radicalism were thrown about, disregarding the heavy indoctrination of the population in religious dogma and the serious sectarian fissures and other issues.

Sunni Jihadists were very successful for a while until sponsorship of Sunni Tribes (sahawat) to suppress the jihadists and a massive surge of US troops succeeded in suppressing, but not totally eliminating them.

With the election victory of the anti-war leftist politician Barack Obama and a total withdrawal of US troops an opportunity for revival arose. With a sectarian Shiite Muslim Government in power the environment was rife for Sunni Jihadist revival, which accomplished by a brutal campaign of assassinations has led to the overrunning of half of Iraq and Syria to be in the hands of the Islamic State.

This is ominous as if not firstly contained and then eliminated this State will expand to cover the whole Middle East at first. Then as per its clearly stated aims it will wage war on the whole world in all directions as Islamic Jihadis have historically done since the founding of Islam as commanded by the Quran.

The Western World is weakened, war weary and in deep denial of the reawakened threat that Islamic Jihad poses to the world.

It seems that the will power and also clarity of thought is missing from the current crop of political leaders in the West.

To overcome this danger ultimately the supremacist doctrine of the Quran and Islam needs total discrediting, debunking and quarantining. A prolonged cold war / ideological war needs to be waged, similar to that that was waged against Totalitarian communism (and before it Facism).

Those adherants and promoters of the supremacist doctrines of Islam need neutralizing. At present the US has senior Muslim Brotherhood activists advising it and it has purged realists from its counter-terrorism departments. This is the opposite of what is required.

At the same time Western democracies (in particular Europe) are facing a massive influx of Islamic economic refugees who are seriously altering their demographics and pose an existential threat in the future to liberal democracies. This needs urgent addressing.

A majority of the Muslims support the Jihadists as their actions are in sync with the Islamic teachings and tens of thousands of foreign Jihadists are fighting alongside the Islamic State Caliphate at present. Both these fighters and their supporters should be prosecuted and have their citizenship revoked wherever possible.

In the second world war Germans and Japanese were interned in the US as a necessary self-defence option in a state of war. In these times of a reawakened Islamic war of supremacism the massive growth of supporters and active fighters on behalf of this doctrine is a clear threat.

Allowing massive immigration from large numbers of indoctrinated Muslims is suicidal in this period of a war, but they are still coming in their millions for economic reasons and due to welcoming environment supplied by lax, naïve and politically correct policies. The far left has used the scareword of ‘racism’ to intimidate Westerners into a suicidal compliance with the fundamental changing of their societies and this is a disaster.

In the grand scheme of things the world needs to halt mass Muslim immigration and teach secular values to those already in the West and look at deporting the hardline Islamists if it wishes to survive the threat posed by Islamic supremacism and expansionism. This is a war primarily of ideas, although overwhelming lethal force is also required to defeat the mujahideen.


*1(some Muslims are nominal and have little idea of actual Islamic teachings or idealize them to make them more palatable to both others and sometimes themselves)

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