Muslims invaded the Capitol Hill on 25th Oct. to say Friday Juma prayer as a symbol of Islamic solidarity. In case you are wondering what it all meant, and what it bodes for the future of liberal-democratic America, this article may help clarify it all.

Muslim prayers at capitol hill

Capitol in Washington, D.C. is the House of the United States’ Legislative Brach of Government. It is known as Congress, which consists of two parts: the House of Representatives, and the Senate. This Congress makes laws and studies problems that affect the well being of the American nation. In other words, it is a vital and effective organ of the American government. Abolish or cripple the Congress, there will be no democratic government in the United States!

On 25 September 2009, about 3,000 Muslims gathered on the lawn of the iconic Building of the Capitol to offer their Friday (Juma) prayer to Allah. The organizers of the congregation had expected 50,000 Muslims to be in attendance, but their expectation did not come true due, reportedly, to lack of publicity.

In my understanding, there are at least 15 mosques in the Greater Washington, D.C. area. Muslims have been offering their daily and Juma prayers at these mosques ever since they were constructed. This being the fact, one must wonder why Muslims chose the lawn of the Capitol Building last Friday to offer their prayer to Allah!

To solve the puzzle, and to find out the truth, we will need to know what prayer, if any, was offered to Allah and what sermon, also known as khutbah, the leader (Imam) of the Friday prayer had delivered to the congregation of the Muslims.

Khutbah was introduced by the Prophet of Islam. His khutbah contained words of exhortation, instruction and important announcements, including those pertaining to raid and war (i.e. Jihad) preparations, to his followers.

Following his tradition, Imams have been delivering khutbahs to the Muslims congregations all over the world. Their khutbahs are vastly different from those delivered by Muhammad. Unlike the Friday congregation of the time of Muhammad, the present-day congregations may include the presidents, prime ministers, high government and military officers, doctors, professors and scientists of the Muslim countries as well as the illiterate, but militant Muslims.

Below is a redacted letter, written by a conscientious Muslim to a newspaper in Bangladesh, detailing in it what he had heard the Imam of a mosque tell his congregation before leading it to a Friday prayer.

"…I found out that the Imam of the mosque, in an upscale area of Dhaka where I used to pray, start adding new sentences towards the end of the Khutba. The words such as 'Mujahid' 'Jihad' 'Kuffar' 'Mushriq' 'Yahud' and 'Nasara' caught my attention. One day, I asked the Imam to give me a Bangla translation of the second part of the Khutba. After much persuasion, he acceded to my demand.

The translation proved my apprehension right. The sentences that the particular Imam was adding roughly translated like this, "Allah, make the Mujahids victorious in their Jihad in (Here sometimes places such as Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq etc. are added).

Allah, make us victorious against the Idolaters, Mushriq, Jews and Christians." I asked the Imam, "Why should we be saying things against members of other religions in our prayers?" I added, "I do not know if we have Jews, but we have Hindus, Buddhists and Christians as citizens of Bangladesh. What victory are we seeking against them?" Despite my urging, he refused to deviate from the practice. When I asked, "Why in the past I did not hear those sentences in the Khutba and even now many Imams do not utter those sentences?" To this he had no answer except that what he said was right. When I brought this to the notice of the Head of the Mosque Committee, he apparently was surprised, but later advised me not to rock the boat. Anyway, when I went for Hajj in 2002, I found that the Imams in the Holy Mosques of Mecca and Medina were saying exactly what our local Imam used to say praying to Allah for the victory of the Mujahids in their Jihad against the Kuffars (Unbelievers), Mushriqs (Idol-worshipers), Yahuds (Jews) and Nasaras (Christians). ….” (Source: The Daily Star, September 7, 2005).

The Imam, who led the Friday prayer of the Muslims at the Capitol lawn, made no appeal, like the above, to Allah to destroy the Jews and Christians for obvious reasons, thought he must be harboring in his heart their complete annihilation from the face of the earth. Nor did he end the prayer with an exhortation to Allah to help the Muslim Umma (i.e. the Nation of the Muslims) by bringing them together and to help them in their struggle to preserve and promote Islam. He also did not seek Allah’s help for, and the protection of the country, America, he and his co-Muslim supplicants live in today, as praying for the well being of a non-Muslim country is against the teaching of Allah!

Instead, the Imam began his khutbah with a message to the Muslims in America, telling them:

“We came here today to remind ourselves of the oneness of Allah, the oneness of humanity, and the oneness we all share.”

The Imam echoed Allah’s repeated declarations in the Quran to the effect that ‘there is no god but Allah,’ thus nullifying the Christians’ belief that Jesus Christ is a God by virtue of him being a Son of God. The Imam also lied by saying that he was on the lawn of the Capitol to remind Muslims of the oneness of humanity. This he did, knowing fully well that the Allah Muslims worship has categorically and effectively divided humanity into the Believers and Unbelievers, thereby putting all men and women on earth on a perpetual path of disagreement, confrontation, hostility and death.

As if his above incendiary remark about the Oneness of Allah (God) was not good enough to hurt the religious sentiment of the American Christians as well as of other Christians of the world, and his naked lie about the oneness of humanity insufficient to bluff the unsuspecting Americans, the Imam also declared:

“America, this is our country. We are with you. Muslims have been blessed tremendously living in the gates of North America, and it is our time to give back.”

The Imam addressed America, and not its Christian and other religious people, and openly claimed that it is the country of the Muslims and that they are living in its gates so that they can take it over from its Christians rulers, when such a move will be possible for them. He also claimed America for the Muslims, as Allah has made them the rulers and the inheritors of the entire world (the Quran; 24:55 & 35:39). Once under Muslims’ control, they would give America back what it gave them by converting all of its inhabitants to Islam (The Quran; 9:29), and then imposing Sharia on them so that all of them could follow the infallible laws of Allah. As already empowered by Him through the Quran, Muslims would be at liberty to kill those non-Muslims who would refuse to voluntarily convert to Islam, or pay protection tax to them, with their victims’ wives, daughters and sisters etc., turned into their masters’ perpetual sex slaves.

As if to give some solace to his alarmed non-Muslim listeners, the Imam told them:

“We came today to let the world know what we believe Allah as one, and we seek common ground with all people to live in harmony and peace… We must recognize that every life is sacred. Every human is sacred.”

The Imam wants to live in harmony and peace with all people even after knowing that Allah has ordered all Muslims not to befriend the Jews and the Christians, as they are friends to each other (the Quran; 5:51), and to kill them and all other non-Muslims who refuse to become Muslims by agreeing to believe in His Oneness, in the prophethood of Muhammad and the Quran!

Is what the Imam has said really believable?

I believe it is not. The Imam clearly lied in order to present Islam as a religion of peace to those people who are not aware of its true color. By cunningly hiding the truths about his religion, he also allayed the fear of those non-believers who know that Islam does not permit its followers to live in harmony and peace with them, and that they are nothing to the Muslims, but their enemies.

From the Imam’s ominous declaration, it is clear that he and the 3,000-strong Muslims did not gather at the Capitol lawn to pray to Allah for the security and prosperity of America and its people. Rather, they assembled here to display their strength to the Americans, and to convey to their Congressmen and women, a clear and strong message, which was: We are growing in strength and all of you must take us seriously. Recognize our Allah-given rights, and refrain from making laws that would impede our infiltration into all walks of life of the Americans and the progression of our agenda against your country itself. Also, you should not oppose our attempt to take over your country and its administration, nor should you prevent us from converting all of the non-Muslim Americans to Islam as well as their subjugation to the Sharia Law. Instead, you should help us achieve our Islamic ambitions expeditiously.

Emboldened by the Imam’s statements, one Muslim website, called “Islam On Capital Hill,” announced to its members: “Our Time Has Come,” implying: prepare to take over the Capitol of the United States from its Christian and Jewish members; abolish it and then promulgate Sharia for the Islamic United States of America!

Like the Muslim website, I am also convinced that the Muslims have succeeded in their attempt and the Congress has clearly heard their strong message. However, we will have to wait for some time to find out whether or not the Congress will, knowingly or unknowingly, play into their hands!

While waiting for the reaction of the Congress, I ask my fellow American citizens to act upon my following urgent appeal to them:

Please wake up from your slumber and try to see what is happening around you, and in your country! Muslims, within and outside your great country, have been doing everything in their power to take it over and then turn all of you into their slaves. When it happens, you and your loved ones would have a life, the like of which was not experienced by the slaves that your forefathers had once owned. All of you would work for your Muslim masters, but beg other Muslims for your food (see the Quran; 16:71). You and your loved ones would have to offer your and their bodies to the Muslim men in order to survive. Over time, all of you would prefer death to life and when death would defy your wish, you would want the earth to swallow you up!

Would you like a calamity, like slavery, to ever befall you? If you want this not to happen to you, and to your other fellow Americans, then stand up now, and check with firmness the incursion of the Muslims into your lives. Do not let them dictate what you should do or should not. Do not permit them to play with your social and legal systems. Do not allow them to use lies to fool the gullible amongst you, and make them believe that they want no harm to them or to their loved ones.

Also ask your leaders to know the teaching of Islam first, and then defend it in your opinion court. Their failure to do so would hasten your fall and destruction in the hands of the enormous ogre we know as Islam.

Please do not let Muslims destroy you and the great country of America. Help it survive so that it can act as a savior of the world, and a beacon for mankind.

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