More and more ex-Muslims are putting their hands up and taking the fight to Islam to take the bull by the horn...

Muslims are not only leaving Islam in an ever-increasing number, they are also taking the responsibility of exposing the vile nature of Islam upon themselves. Given they understand Islam inside out and can grasp how dangerous it is and will be to our future generations, they cannot but only speak up to expose it. And they are doing it in their own brilliant styles. Below I mention of two blogs, started by two ex-Muslims: one of Pakistani and the other of Afghan Pasthoon origin.

1. Shazi Gul. Shazi is a Pakistani ex-Muslim and started the blog, Baloney Thinking. In the latest post in the blog, Shazi writes:

Superstitions: Primitive Legacy Continues in 21st Century

Over the time, we have changed our life style by changing physical world around us. We developed new tools. We made beautiful and strong buildings to live and do businesses. We developed fastest ways of commuting. We created devices for better communication. We discovered depths of universe and invisible world of Atomic particles. After visiting moon we are aiming at other heavenly objects. We are learning about laws of nature and using these understandings to benefit human race.
We did all this because we used combination of imagination and brain. We used our cognitive thinking facilities. We managed to transfer our experiences and knowledge to our next generations and here we are, Rulers of the Earth.
But on the other side, We are still so superstitious that we just see some phenomenons which we can not explain and we tend to accept it as supernatural. We suddenly start to ignore natural laws which are governing this universe and our lives. When we can not find way to explain any phenomena reasonable then we suspend our cognitive thinking and activate our belief system to respond to it.
Our superstitions are closely related to our religious beliefs. Religion being a supernatural belief system make it possible to give space to superstitious things and events in our life.
2. A. R. Khan.  Khan is an Afghan Pasthoon woman from the heartland of the Taliban. The extraordinary thing about her is that she is a Madrassa teacher and very well-versed in Islamic theology. When Madrassa teachers, Mosque Imams, and even potential al-Qaeda suicide-bombers (from whom we have recieved testimonies) are not only leaving Islam, but also showing courage to speak up, despite very real threats to their lives, it's easy to see where the battle against Islam is heading to. All we need is patience and keep the battle going with more and more people jumping on the wagon.
You can read A. R. Khan's blog, Truth Unlimited, in which she exposes the truth about Islam for what is real and she does it brilliantly.

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