When a Western artist make cartoon of Muhammad, Muslims engage in violence, but when a Muslim make a pro-Islam movie depicting Muhammad, they keep silent. Let's now make a movie showing real Muhammad and Islam...

Muslims are always adamant about their beliefs. They do not and can not contemplate of making any image (picture) of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, and of the prominent companions of him. Whoever tries or dares to draw a sketch of Muhammad or any of his top-ranked companions, the artist will have to pay for his/her courage with his life.

Recently, we saw protests in the Muslim world against the cartoons of Muhammad, initially published in a Danish newspaper. Muslims have warned all movie producers of the West not to show Muhammad or any of his prominent companions, at all, in a movie. If ignored, the consequences will not be in favor of the western world.



It came, entirely, as a surprise to me, while visiting youtube, which is my hobby, when I saw the character and figure of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, and Ali, the Muhammad’s distinguished companion, son-in-law and the fourth caliph of Islam, in an action movie, a little more than an hour long. The movie, titled "Imam Ali" and translated into English, can be viewed in the following video (posted in Youtube in ten parts, about nine minutes each):

The figure of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, directly speaking to his companions has been shown in the first part at 4:11. Later on, Ali is also shown in the movie, proving all his valorous and brave actions, according to the myths of Islamic history.

To my conjecture, this movie is made, obviously, by some Shia Muslims. The quality of the movie is not as good as should have been.

Now, why don’t Muslims all over the world agitate and protest against this movie? Why don't they come out to the streets, starts attacks, killing and vandalism? By engaging in no acts violence against this movie showing their prophet, Muslims prove themselves as hypocrites.

I won't hesitate to say that this movie has paved the way for western movie-makers to make an elaborate historical movie on the Life of Muhammad and other foremost figures of Islam, who were close to Muhammad. First, by making this movie and, then, by not engaging in protests and violence, Muslims have lost any justification, or reason, to protest against a movie that may depict a person playing the role of Muhammad or his companions.

Since playing the role of Muhammad is a dangerous gamble and few would dare, I would be ready to embrace that danger and play the role in such a movie in order to show the world the truth about Muhammad life and Islam. I would, definitely, be putting my life on the line. It, nonetheless, would be interesting to have an experience of how it feels like having more than 12 different women as my wives and concubines in the movie, however unreal it may be.

As far as Ayesha is concerned, the youngest wife of Muhammad, we will have to search for a girl of 18 years old with the look of a 9-year-old. It is because, it is unlawful, and considered as sexual harassment and child abuse in the civilized world, for a 9-year-old to play the role of a married woman.

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