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Reader's comments


Allan Hansen:

Dear M.A. Khan. I am now reading your masterpiece: Islamic Jihad. It's the best I've read since Why I am not a Muslim (Ibn Warraq, 1995)

I am trying if I can persuade a Danish historian, journalist, writer and president of Freedom of Speech foundation, Lars Hedegaard, to translate your book into Danish. Lars Hedegaard is the translator of Why I am not a Muslim.

Aasma Riaz:

Thank you so much for your book "Islamic Jihad" and showing me the "Big Picture". For 7-8 days, I was glued to your book, absorbing so much information that I did not know existed. You have crisply covered so much in your book and quoted historical references extensively. I am just overwhelmed with different emotions after reading your book. I will take a printout of your book, cover it with spiral binding and a laminated cover, and circulate it cautiously within my immediate circles. That is the very least I can do in terms of doing justice to such a priceless tome.

Randall E Otto:

I'm about halfway through the book and find it meticulously detailed in explaining the violent and often barbaric expansionism of Islam historically.  Thanks for providing us with this detailed analysis of the history of Islamic imperialism.

Dr Anil K Vajpayee:

"I read your book on Islamic jihad. I think it is one of the best books I ever read on Islam. It is highly informative and insightful."

Slant Right Blog:

"Islamic Jihad is so incredibly documented that it leaves little room to criticize the book for the accuracy of the Islamic exposé. So do not tackle this book for reading enjoyment, rather engulf the book to educate your self on the actual nature of Islam’s past to understand its present and predict its future."

Ayesha Ahmed:

"Your book is amazing, you have done a fantastic job. The info I found in it I had never seen before. Actually I have started going over it again. Only other books I read twice previously were Craig Winn's Prophet of Doom and Ali Sina's Understanding Mohammad. I congratulate you on writing a masterpieace.."

"Mr Khan: I congratulate you on your excellent book, which I finished reading last week. Although I have read several good books on similar topics, including Dr. Bostom's book "Legacy of Jihad" and Mr Ghosh's book "Islam and Kafir" but your book takes the cake. It is a "must read" for Muslims and non-Muslims."

M. Sharif:

I have bought your book, Islamic Jihad, from the Amazon and found the book to be extremely good and informative.

Bill Warner (scholar of Islam and director of Center for the Study of Political Islam):

I am only half-way through your book, Islamic Jihad, but it is of such magnitude that I must congratulate on an extraordinary work. Your work is in depth and has a great scope. Much of the historical material is largely unknown and greatly needed. I believe that you have done a remarkable job on slavery. Your work is a blessing to humanity.

S. Z. Manik

I have just finished 'Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery'. I congratulate you upon your valuable contribution. I would call it a masterpiece and great contribution to humanity... Actually like a spellbound man I have gone through your book. Now I will call it a mighty weapon against Islam.

C. C Chrappa (at

A Must Read
Khan's work stands out from the field... a book that's a goldmine... With Khan's book, you will have solid amateur knowledge not only of Islamic history, but Islamic theology as well. For that reason, it is a threat to those who try to keep us blinkered about the reality of Jihad. And to open eyes was Khan's intention. He has succeeded magnificently... Khan depicts the life of Muhammad as a microcosm of Islamic doctrine and history, and he does so brilliantly.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Read it and learn.

Objective Reader,

With this book, M A Khan joins the ranks of luminaries like Ibn Warraq, Ali Sina, Bat Yeor and Geert Wilders.

Abul Kasem:

Khan’s work is very scholarly, persuasive and cogent. The language is simple, easy to understand, and engaging. Once started reading, readers would feel an urge to finish the book. No serious readers of Islam should ignore this book. Read this book and you will grasp why the Islamic Jihadis are doing what they are doing. Readers of the subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh), especially Muslims, will be shocked at the suffering their ancestors suffered at the hands of Muslim invaders from the Middle East and Central Asia. The compelling account of many invasions and subsequent incursions will force them to eagerly search their roots. Readers from elsewhere in the Muslims world, and even Europe and America, would also be able make a connection as to how Islam impacted lives of their ancestors.

This book is also a must read for today’s political leaders—both Muslim and non-Muslim—to shake off their apathy towards the mortal danger of ascendant Islamic radicalism.

Mohammad Asghar:

The book, "Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery", is M. A. Khan's gift to mankind. It is an essential read for all of us, for it depicts the true nature of Islam and the serious threat it poses to the safety and well-being of non-Muslims. I thank the author for giving us such a precious gift.

Prof. Sami Alrabaa, author of Karin in Saudi Arabia

"I read your book and found it fascinating. It is one of those few books which everybody, Muslims and non-Muslims, must read. It is objective and balanced. For example, when you discuss how moderates interpret Jihad and how radical/militant Muslims interpret it.

“Islamic Jihad” is a comprehensive reference which entails in detail lots of facts about Islam and its prophet, in historical and current times. It is very well documented. All that makes it a must read to all of those who want to understand the driving force behind Jihad and terror."

Dr. Mervyn Brendle, James Cook University, (Australia)

“I have read some sections and… look forward to reading it in some detail. It appears to be a substantial addition to the vital work underway in expanding our understanding of the history, nature, and danger of the global jihadi movement.”

Ibn Warraq, author of Why I Am Not a Muslim

This book, I believe, will be a very important contribution for making a thorough understanding of the rising challenges both Muslim and non-Muslim world faces from Islamic extremists."

Nonie Darwish, author of Now They Call Me Infidel

"This is a must read book, very important and eloquently written, that sheds light on the violent imperialist nature of jihad: a main doctrine in Islam that can only be accomplished at the expense of violating human rights of non-Muslims as well as Muslims."

Nausheen Najib Rehman (Rehman is translating the book)

"I had the good fortune of reading this magnum opus. The author demonstrates beyond any vestige of doubt with extensive documentation that the Jihadi violence and terrorism, which grips our world, comes from the very heart of Islam. This is a "must read book" for all.  The author (M. A. Khan) and Dr. Ali Sina are like two barrel-guns against the threat of Jihad, the world faces."

Mumin Salih (writer)

Your book is well researched and scholarly written. Its strength is in its style, rich insight, depth of analysis and the fact that it is well-sourced from Islamic own literature, including the Quran... The book also presents powerful arguments and critical examination of the teachings of Islam and its sanctioning of jihad. It brings to light the reality of jihad and the horrors of surrendering to its evil known as dhimmitude.

Your book is an essential reading for all those who are interested in understanding the menace of jihad.

Amar Khan

I have read half of the book. it is very versatile. And covering about all the aspect from history and contemporary. A must read book, indeed. One more thing, before start reading it, finish your works, because once you start reading, it will not let you move.......

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