The surge of popular revolutions in the Middle East points to a gloomy, even frightening, prospect. Yet our battle against Islam is quietly scoring points, one at a time -- the publication of "Islamic Jihad" and essays of our writers in Bangla in Dhaka, for example. Our messages have started penetrating into the Islamic heartlands...


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Dear friends and supporters,

What rings through my book 'Islamic Jihad', which might have sounded overly alarmist to some, it seems, is becoming a reality in the Middle East and North Africa—except that it's happening a bit too soon even to my own anticipation. There are many well-meaning souls amongst us, who are being optimistic about the successful and popular revolutions in that part of the world. But under the ongoing surge of Islamic fundamentalism, such optimism seems to be a willful disregard to reality. My own belief is that: The entire belt of Islamic nations in that part of the world (and eventually possibly beyond) would come under somewhat uniform Muslim Brotherhood kind of regimes, the tentacles of which has reached Europe and it's becoming increasingly hard to fight it there.

Amidst this gloomy prospect, I have some good news for you too:

  1. A publisher in Bangladesh has translated and published my book, Islam Jihad, in Bangla.
  2. The same publisher has also published a few more titles in Bangla with translated articles from and (contain articles of our authors Ali Sina, M. A. Khan, Alamgir Hussain, Mohammad Asghar, Ayesha Ahmed, Mumin Salih, Tanvir Kami et al.). I'm including a few cover-images of books, sent by the publisher, which our Bengali readers may be interested in.


(The books can be ordered from the publisher: Ba-Dweep Prakashan, Concord Emporium, Kataban, Dhaka).



astikota-nastikotar dwandwa
Author: Alamgir Hussain
Authors: M. A. Khan, Ali Sina, Ayesha Ahmed, Mumin
Salih, Tanvir Kami

In sum, it's been a satisfying progress in our battle against Islam—given our limited resources and inputs. Our voices have started penetrating into the Islamic heartlands. And as I tour the internet, I can see a deluge of ex-Muslims from all over the world queuing up to join the Atheist/Skeptic club. A true revolution for the liberation of men and women in the Muslim world will start with Enlightenment about Islam amongst Muslims, and it's looking a real and near-future possibility. What we need is patience and perseverance to keep our battle going.

Additional note:

Our contributor Syed Kamran Mirza, while visiting Bangladesh recently, picked a Bangla edition of Islamic Jihad and sent me the following comment on it:

…I read first 3 chapters of your great book while in the plane and I can tell you this -- your book is one masterpiece of job exposing Islam. This book will open anybody's eyes wide-open, who reads it.

And a few recent reader comments on the English edition of Islamic Jihad:

1. Allan Hansen:

Dear M.A. Khan. I am now reading your masterpiece: Islamic Jihad. It's the best I've read since Why I am not a Muslim (Ibn Warraq, 1995).

I am trying if I can persuade a Danish historian, journalist, writer and president of Freedom of Speech foundation, Lars Hedegaard, to translate your book into Danish. Lars Hedegaard is the translator of Why I am not a Muslim.

2. Steven Simpson

I read your book recently. It is a masterpiece. I took it out of the library, but I have decided that I must buy it. Like "Why I Am Not A Muslim" it is a seminal piece of work. Indeed, I will put both books together to form a secular "Holy Bible" on the "Religion of Pieces."

3. Manipadma at

Good review of a large subject spanning many countries. Great work by M A Khan. Wish the book talked more about India the only land not completely converted. The barbarism in this subcontinent is wrongly shrugged under the carpet behind myths like sufism, freedom from caste and racism.

4. Goddess101 at

This book had me reading it intently from the very start. I enjoyed the chapters on Islam in India. And I believe it is true. The history of Islam and its adherents throughout history is discussed thoroughly, and fairly, taking into account all sides of the argument.

A MUST read. This book is all the more important in the world with what's happening today.

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