Researching Islam for some time, there are a few things that stood out in my mind, and wondered why Muslims can’t see them.

For instance, Muhammad beheaded more than 700 Bani Qurayza (tribe of Qurayza) men in one day. How can a Muslim say that all those men, who had wives and children they had to take care of, be guilty by law, and deserve being killed on the spot? After finishing this job, Muhammad went and had sex with Rihana; one of the widows of Bani Qurayza. Muhammad had beheaded her husband just hours earlier.

In another case, Muhammad marries his daughter-in-law Zaynab bint Jahsh (Zaynab, daughter of Jahsh). How can a Muslim muster that about Muhammad, and still think Muhammad was a prophet of the almighty?

In another case, which is the core of this article, Muhammad “marries” a six-years old child, Ayesha, and goes to bed with her when she was nine years old (in fact, she was not even nine years old yet. She was three months short of that as Arabs during that time used the lunar dating system). How can a Muslim learn that, and remain a Muslim?

Such blind and irrational following of Muhammad was difficult for me to understand, until I started reading about cults and how they operate. This made it easy for me to understand, as cult members’ devotion to the leader prevents their mind from questioning the behavior of the cult leader. My article here is not about cults, so I will not go into details here, but rather go to the topic I wanted to write about – Muhammad streamlining pedophilia

Muhammad’s Pedophilia

Simply put; Muhammad was a pedophile. There is nothing but multiple evidence of hadiths where Ayesha says she was six years old when Muhammad married her. There are multiple hadiths telling that she was nine when Muhammad slept with her (raped?). At the time, he was 53 years old man. Even now, it is very difficult for me to understand a Muslim who tries to defend Muhammad against a rape charge of a child, or against calling Muhammad a pedophile and a rapist. The sad fact is that Muslims try to defend that sick man even when he is acting like a beast. How can any decent human being not call Muhammad a pedophile and a rapist for what he did with Ayesha? Muslims indeed are a different breed. They accept Muhammad marrying a six years old child as “normal”. Because of this fact, Muhammad streamlined pedophilia in Muslim societies. Muslims of the twenty first century are still honoring the despicable act of pedophilia that Muhammad did. Muslim countries have no minimum marriage age for girls in our time.

If you look up the minimum marriage age in different countries, on Wikipedia, you can find tables telling of the minimum marriage age for girls by country. Most countries have the minimum marriage age above 16 years of age. Some have it at 15 years old. But, to no surprise, Muslim devout countries like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Brunei, have no minimum marriage age for girls. This is well in accord with Shari’a law that prescribes no minimum age of marriage for girls. Islam, following Muhammad’s example of marriage, streamlined pedophilia.

Biology and age of Maturity

It is important for us to remember that the onset of puberty does not mean that a girl is ready to be married of. This way of thinking is wrong. When a human being reaches puberty, he/she has reached a mark that says that this human is following the human developmental stage of physical maturity, and can marry in a few years down the road. When a girl has her first period, she is a young girl developing into adulthood. At that time, she is not ready to marry. Her physical body cannot withstand child bearing. Her emotional development has not reached a degree of maturity to qualify her to be the queen of her own house. This will have to wait a few years to come to pass.

Muhammad was a sick man

It does not take a genius to know that Muhammad had some kind of a psychological illness to think that a 53 years old man can marry and sleep with a 9-years old child. By marrying Ayesha, Muhammad destroyed Ayesha’s possible future of marrying someone closer to her age, and establishing her own family. Muhammad, in addition to being a sick man, was a very jealous man, and made sure that no one can marry Ayesha, even after his (Muhammad’s) demise.

People wonder how an evil act looks like. I think it is a pretty easy answer. Just look at some of Muhammad’s actions, and you will look at the answer to your question.

Following Muhammad’s Pedophilia Example

The sad fact is that people still want to follow Muhammad’s example by marrying a child. Examples are many. Here is a video. It shows how dangerous to young girls Islam is:

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