M. A. Khan

Too often I receive emails from moderate Muslims, suggesting that if I want to see and understand what is true Islam, I must go to Indonesia. As if the Arabs, who gave birth to Islam and understand the language of the Quran and other Islamic texts, understand Islam less than Indonesianss, who can't read and understand Islam's sacred scriptures. Also to Western leaders, Indonesia has emerged, more than Malaysia or Bangladesh, as the beacon of true Islamic democracy and religious tolerance. But reality is further from that. It's one of the most horrible place for minorities to live in. Now Human Rights Watch researcher Andreas Harsono is saying exactly that. And surprisingly, New York Times published this article.

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Asians include people of Asian descent, namely Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and others. And in the UK, where Muslim immigrants, who are mostly from Asia, commit any horrible crime and violence in overwhelmingly higher proportions, but authorities and the media report them as crimes by "Asians".

Muslims engages in violent protests on the streets of London are reported as being committed by Asians.

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Opposed to claims by Muslims and even many Western scholars of Islam that Islam is non-racist and egalitarian, the Quran, Sahih hadiths and original biographies of Prophet Muhammad contain ample verses and passages that clearly and irrefutably establish Islam as a racist, Arab supremacist theological doctrine.

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Yes! they are, indeed worse -- they are the most shameless hypocrites and liars amongst Muslims, who contradict, oppose and break all of the central claims of their own and of Islam without any compunction.

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The educated, moderate brand of Muslims often lie in gravely audacious defiance toward Allah to distort the meaning of Allah's words to mean exactly opposite of what they truly mean.

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