M. A. Khan

somalia-stoning-adultererCould Prophet Muhammad's wife Aisha have burnt the stoning-of-adulterers verse of the Quran -- the only verse Muhammad had kept in his wives' custody, and was supposedly lost because of its being eaten up by a goat -- hoping to relieve the future generation of Muslim women from Islam's extreme injustice against them?

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Against Scholar Hasan Mahmud’s claim that “the Prophet even did not use bad words toward them (apostates)”, Muhammad had, clearly, ordered the killing of every apostate, who came within his power. And he desperately wanted that those apostates were successfully executed.

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To educated Muslims, honor killing has nothing to do with Islam and Turkey is the only "role model" Islamic country, because in all other Muslim countries, honor killing occurs. Unfortunately, after the Islamists came to power in 2002 and opened the gates of gradual Islamization of Turkey, after 8 decades of strict secular rule, Turkey has risen to be the world's "number one honor killing country", with a killing rate 5 times higher than that of Pakistan, known to be notorious for honor killing.

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The Quran’s ultimate command for dealing with the apostates of Islam is to kill them. And Allah arrived at His final decision of killing the apostates in a step-by-step process as situation permitted with Muhammad’s rising power…

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As Islamic hatred of dogs are criticized in the West, some people are trying to say that Allah didn't command to hate dogs, but it comes from hadiths. In fact, Muhammad's commands in hadiths regarding dogs do not necessarily differ from Allah's; and if they do, it's perfectly within the power Allah has ordained upon Muhammad as His equal partner in setting Islamic laws.

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