M. A. Khan

Twenty-three years have passed since Salman Rushdie’s fiction novel, "The Satanic Verses", was banned by the Indian government, and still the Muslims of India can't get past their rage against Rushdie.

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A charlatan Muslim -- who certainly has no reading of the Jewish and Christian scriptures -- is claiming on the forum that Jesus had talked about the coming of Muhammad as a prophet of God. This long-running claim by ignorant and deceptive Muslims is patently rubbish and false, which I have made clear in this article:  Was Muhammad the Promised Final Prophet of the Torah and Gospels?

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According to this Muslimah, only bad people embrace Islam to give it a bad name. Is that so?

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As a contemporary European, Charb should know that Islam is no “joking” matter. When it comes to Islam, the Liberal West should know that spirit of Voltaire is dead, so is the Freedom of Expression.

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This is Part 9 of the chapter "Islamic Slavery" from M. A. Khan's book, "Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery". The part discusses sexual exploitation of Islamic slaves -- namely female sex-slaves or concubines and sex-boys or Ghilman's for sodomy --- all for the enjoyment of male Muslims (Part 1Part 9). [warning erotic pictures inside]

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