Apparently a Muslim, living in France, pretends to be the wife of the Indonesian murder victim, in whose case ex-Muslim Imran Firasat was implicated by Indonesian authority, and makes claims as if she saw Imran kidnapping her husband or have decisive evidence against Imran...

Muslims are divinely sanctioned by their religion to lie to get things done in the interest of Islam.

Take the case of Imran Firasat. He left Islam, and now even criticizes it and seeks its demise. It is Muslims' sacred duty, as per the Quran, to kill Imran simply for leaving Islam. After all, Muhammad also killed each of his disciples, who had left Islam in Muhammad's life time. Given Imran has also started a campaign to discredit Islam, spilling Imran’s blood is the most sacred duty to the world’s 1.5 Muslims.

While living in Indonesia with his Buddhist wife, Imran even started writing songs that discredited Islam. So the state of Indonesia, one of the world deadliest places for non-Muslims to live in, has tried its best to annihilate Imran by framing him into a kidnap and murder case, so that they could hang him to death. And funny enough, they tried to implicate him into the murder case after willingly deporting him from Indonesia. And Imran was lucky enough to land in Spain. Meanwhile, Spain had given him asylum.

When they tried to frame him into the murder case, and asked to hand him over, the Spanish authority smelled something fishy in the case. Spanish detectives launched its own investigation before complying with the Indonesian request. And when it found no credible evidence to link the murder to Imran, it asked the Indonesian authority to present its evidence in a Spain court, so that they could review them before handing Imran over to the Indonesian authority. Despite repeated requests, the Indonesian government did not send its law enforcement officials to present the evidence they have against Imran. Eventually, Imran was cleared of the allegations by the Spanish court. Readers may read more on Imran's acquittal case here.

But Muslims won't and can't let the case rest. How should and could they? They have to execute their sacred duty. If they give up, hellfire would await them for sure. So, they continue inventing falsehood against Imran. And they would go to the point of pretending to be the wife of the Christian murder victim, in whose case Indonesian authority tried to implicate Imran. One such pretender, apparently a friend of our dear Islamist reader ABC, posted the following comment to our recent post:

Hi I'm the wife of murdered victim by Imran
written by Imran's victime murdered , June 05, 2012

My name is Selvi Magdalena, im CHRISTIAN. 
Imran killed my husband Victor Rizki on june 2010 and he fleed to Spain after that. 
All what he talked on media about how he suffered because Islam, all are bulshit. 
Because he met his wife in japan, there was no authorities who killed his family or threated his family likes he told in media (those said by his wife in Justice). 
But the fact that he killed my husband is the truth.
Indonesian authorities searched him and want to arrest him because he mutilated my husband. 
He always said that he hate moslem ppl but why he killed my husband whose not moslem and he killed my husband on my daughter just celebrated her first birthday.
He wrote the petition to the Spain government and used media only to make ppl forget about all his criminal act!!!!! 
To all the ppl, plz help me find justice for my husband and my family!!!!!! 
Thank you.

Just look at the post. As if this pretender wife of the murder victim has seen with her own Imran kidnapping him (her reporting the case to the police gives no such inkling). If not, she is a master detective, who has done her own investigations, and found decisive evidence, although Indonesian law-enforcement authority failed to produce any.

And guess what? ABC jumped in immediately, twice before anyone could, to lend credence to this pretender's lie:

written by Abc, June 05, 2012

"I hope you get justice.

I wouldn't count on any help from the bigots that post here.

They will just repeat imrans lies because it suits their hate agenda!"


written by Abc, June 05, 2012

"Imran is being supported by some Christians in Spain. Maybe you can appeal to their good nature to see if they can help you."

ABC is even trying to incite the Christians of Spain against Imran. What a trick? Christians of Indonesia are the most endangered species in Indonesia, thanks to Islam and Muslims, not an ex-Muslim and foreigner, with no evidence of having any link with underworld gangs to be able to engage in kidnapping and doing the grisly killing of Victor Rizki (which is rather a hallmark of how radical Muslims kill).

Now why I say, this person is a pretender? It's because this post originated from an IP address in France, not from Indonesia where murder victim Victor Rizki's wife Selvi Magdalena lives. Maybe a good friend of our UK-based reader ABC!

We hold that until the Indonesian authority produces clear and convincing evidence as the Spanish authority has requested, Imran remains cleared and innocent of the murder charges as the Spanish court has determined. We also believe that Spanish justice system is honest enough to consider any credible evidence and decide Imran's case accordingly.

Until then, let us just wow at audacity of how Muslims lie!

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