How Islamists twist facts to present horrors of Islam as benign...

This article first published in Politcal Islam.

Recently, a Jewish friend found out that in the Koran, Sura 1:7, those who make Allah angry are the Jews:

1:7 The path of those that You favor; not the path of those who anger You [the Jews] nor the path of those who go astray [the Christians].

He asked a Muslim about this. The Muslim immediately took the Meccan interpretation and explained that although it did refer to the Jews, it also included all those who anger Allah by rejecting Mohammed. Therefore, Jews should not take it personally.

The Muslim added that Koran: said good things about Jews:

3:113 Yet they (Jews) are not all alike. There are among the People of the Book some upright men who all night long recite the revelations of God and worship Him; who believe in God and the Last Day; who enjoin justice and forbid evil and vie with each other in good works. These are righteous men: whatever good they do, its reward shall not be denied them. God well knows the righteous.

But a verse of the Koran he did not quote was:

5:57 Believers, do not seek the friendship of the kafirs and those who were given the Book before you [Jews], who have made of your religion a jest and a diversion. Have fear of God, if you are true believers.

The Muslim went further and said that those who take the hateful view of Jews as being the only ones that anger Allah need to be re-educated and listen to the proper authorities.

Well, happy day. Muslims have no reason to hate Jews. Right? The "good" verse proves it. This type of thinking works if, and only if, you have a truth system in which only one side of a contradiction can be true (unitary logic). But Islam uses a dualistic logic system that is established by the Koran.

There are basically two Korans-the early Meccan Koran and the later Medinan Koran. The Koran is so filled with contradictory verses that there is a rule about interpreting the contradictions. The rule is called abrogation. Abrogation says that the later verse is the better or stronger verse. But the first verse is still true-it came from Allah and all of the Koran is perfect and true. Hence, contradictory statements can both be true. This is dualism.

So according to the dualism of Islam, the Jews are good and Jews are the enemies of Allah. Which is it? It is both.

When Mohammed was weak, the Koran was moderate; when Mohammed was strong the Koran was violent. It is the same with Islam. When Islam is politically weak, it is moderate. When Islam is strong, it is violent. Islam is a process. It is shape-shifting and changes when it needs to change according to the situation.

Now, let us deal with the statement: listen to the proper authorities. Who are the proper authorities? There is only one authority on Islam, Mohammed. There is no pope or ruling council that dictates the "real" Islam. Islam is the Koran and the Sunna (Mohammed's perfect pattern of all Muslims that is found in the Sira and the Hadith). Every Muslim can interpret these as he wishes, including the scholars, who are all over the map. Why? Dualism gives Islamic scholars a broad playing field. Dualism means that you can never nail down only one view.

In order to have clarity in a dualistic system, we must use a statistical count. Here is one example: the Koran written in Medina (the later Koran) is 10.2% anti-Jew. As a measure, Mein Kampf is 6.8% anti-Jew. So the Medinan Koran is more anti-Jew than Mein Kampf.

Here are more examples:

5:64 The Jews say: 'God's hand is chained.' May their own hands be chained! May they be cursed for what they say! By no means. His hands are both outstretched: He bestows as He will.
2:65 You have heard of those of you that broke the Sabbath. We said to them [Jews]: 'You shall be changed into detested apes.'

Enough about the Koran. Here is the iron rule of Islam: anyone who only uses Koran verses to discuss Islam is either a deceiver or ignorant. Islam is not just the Koran, but it is the Koran and the Sunna. The Koran is only 16% of the total textual doctrine of Islam. The Sunna is 84% of the total authority. This is why leaving out the Sunnah is deceptive.

The Sunna shows that in the beginning in Mecca, Mohammed portrayed himself as the last in the line of prophets of the Jewish tradition. Gabriel, the angel who delivered the Koran, was said to be the same angel who spoke to the Jewish prophets.

Then when he went to Medina, the Jews told Mohammed he was not a prophet of their linage. (There were no rabbis in Mecca.) He annihilated the Jews of Medina down to the last man. One day he sat beside his 12-year-old wife as 800 Jewish men were beheaded. The Jewish women were enslaved and the children were adopted and raised as Muslims. (An ironic note: the Jews of Arabia had a rare genetic disease. Today this disease is found in Sephardic Jews and the Arabs of Saudi Arabia.)

Then Mohammed attacked the Jews of Khaybar who were about 100 miles away. He defeated them, tortured their chief to death to get him to reveal where their money was hidden, and took all of their land and goods. The jihadists raped the women. The Jews were then made dhimmis and compelled to give the jizyah tax (50%) to Mohammed. Khaybar was put under Islamic rule, (Sharia law).*

When Mohammed was on his deathbed, he cursed the Jews and Christians to be driven from Arabia. So, how many Jews are in Arabia today? None. This is the Sunna of Mohammed.

The Hadith is filled with Jew hatred. Here is just one example:

Bukhari 4:55:547 Mohammed: "If it were not for the Jews meat would not rot. If not for Eve, wives would never disobey their husbands."

Back to the common statement: it all depends upon the interpretation. When it advances Islam, Jews are good. When it advances Islam, Jews are hated. So, when Muslims talk to you about the Koran, remember duality. There is always a verse from the Koran that negates the good verse. And remember the Sunna, for you do not know Islam until you know Mohammed.

* Andrew Bostom's brilliant work, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, documents Islamic Jew hatred for over 800 pages.

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