Proven again here on "Islam Watch" forum: religion is the greatest source of hatred in the world than any other cause.

Mahatma Gandhi said:  "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind."

Intense hatred and intolerance towards other religions and cultures will only help the mushrooming of extremist views in other societies as well.

Recently, in my last article published at the “Islam Watch” website, posts have been exchanged between the readers that are against the principles of “Ethical Understandings”; they border hatred and intolerance of others...

We are NOT platform to support hatred and intolerance of any individual, group, belief or nationality .

Nonetheless, that seems, quite frankly, to be the realm of religious fanatics and groups…

In the world today, most hatred appears to be the results of religious beliefs ...that we try to explain.

Very often the believers do become raving wolves; trying to make their points clear to the others…

Is it the right way to prove our thinking, or is it the pompous ways of shoving our messages across?

At “Islam Watch”, we may very rightly point out the flaws in religious beliefs as compared to the scientific facts or even logic! But, we don't promote, nor entertain, hatred and intolerance against each other!

The present world is a complex place with many competing ideologies…  It is our basic goal, to dispel mythologies, and the hatred they generate; but we never want to promote more hatred.

The writers, who publish their thoughts or even tell in what may be appropriately right in their writings, do not mean that it is written in stone…! I may at times try to decipher ‘what may seem rightly in my approach at telling and you may not agree to my wordings but it is still a truth that we say’...

It's our understanding that the world will be a more peaceful place without the encumbrances of conflicting religious views… It amazes us that those, claiming to believe in compassion and acceptance of their neighbors through religious teachings, are typically those, who hold tight to hatred towards these very thoughts.
  • Why do some Christians dislike Jews?
  • Why do some Baptists dislike Catholics?
  • Why do some followers of Islam dislike Christians, Jews, & Hindus?
  • Why do some Buddhists dislike Hindus?
  • Why do some Catholics dislike other Catholics?
  • Why do Christian groups dislike other Christian groups?
  • Why do some Islamic groups dislike other Islamic groups?

The list may go on forever!

We don't know the answers to these questions... But, it is revealing that hatred between religious groups obviously exceeds the hatred between religious groups and other atheists or agnostics or… More importantly, hatred of atheists/agnostics toward others pales in comparison to the hatred of religious groups.

Religious hatred has been the cause of countless wars and other forms of violence throughout our history.

Isn't it time we stop this cycle?

That is our goal. What is yours?

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