"How Fatima Started Islam", a satirical new novel by Noor Barack, depicts how Fatimah, the beautiful young daughter of drunkard brothel-pimp Muhammad, started a new religion out of good intention, but it turned out to be a monster to haunt humanity.

How Fatimah Started IslamA bitter conflict is brewing between the American ideal of Freedom of Speech and the radical islamic idea that Mohammad cannot be insulted and that those who do may face torture and death.

The new book, "How Fatima Started Islam: Mohammad’s Daughter Tells It All" by Noor Barack lampoons Islam and pushes the envelope of provocation and Noor is pushing the door toward a Fatwa.

The satirical novel is a first person account of early Islam written by Fatima, daughter of the Prophet. In it, the highly intelligent and beautiful Fatima looks back to the early history of Islam and explains how the modern world has gotten all the facts of early Islam totally and completely wrong, and how the true facts came to be so radically altered.

In the book Mohammad is a slow-witted, alcoholic owner of Mohammad’s Saloon & Brothel who, after a head injury, begins to have strange periods where he rambles on-talking nonsense in random syllables. Fatima, the brightest in the family by far, just short of her 13th birthday, seizes the opportunity to change her miserable life and pretends to be able to interpret Mohammad’s gibberish with wise sayings and thoughts. This is how the Qu’ran and religion are born. Fatima does this to try to bring peace, prosperity, equality, and justice to Arabia and the world but circumstances eventually thwart her goals and a mean, ugly, and oppressive religion emerges over what Fatima wanted and strove for.

The story is very humorous, but it contains elements that will horrify many orthodox Islamists. This book pulls no punches and it will be either loved or hated by readers. To paraphrase the foreword, This book tries to poke fun at some people who are not known for being fun loving.

This book (pp. 234, $19.95) is available via amazon.com only. The author can be contacted through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a short period. If you wish to speak with the author over telephone, please email your telephone number and name to him.

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