As we have heard, read and seen numberless ridiculous and absurdities about Islam, which has rarely, if at all, been found in any other religion, society and culture in history than in Islam.

As the actions and truth of Prophet Muhammad have been exposed in good detail during recent years and decades, made possible mainly due to the development of electronic media, which would never have been possible otherwise, many Muslims are leaving Islam in ever increasing number both in Muslim and Non-Muslim states. But the huge majority of Muslims, who are otherwise sincere humans, still remain within the clutch of Islam, to whom the true history of Islam and its prophet hasn’t reached yet so as to free them from Islam's shackle.

Islam is the only religion, whose followers split into two different sects — Sunnis and Shiites —right after the death of its founder and started internecine and bloody fights against each. No any religion, divine or spiritual practices gives us proof or record that their religion has been deteriorated right after the death of their founders.

Shiites are the second largest sect in Islam after the Sunnis. In Iran, Shiites comprise 95% of the population; in Iraq, Shiites are estimated to comprise 70 to 80% of population; in Pakistan, estimated 30% of the population are Shiites.

masochism in Islam

Islam is not only a ridiculous and corrupt religion, it also produces masochists among its followers, another eternal psychopathic component left by Islam amongst its followers, the Shiites.

In Pakistan, Shiites are the second-largest sect after the Sunnis. Shiites generally beat themselves on the 9th and 10th of Muharram (Islamic Month) so as to express their mourning for the murder of Imam Hussain, son of Ali, the fourth caliph of Islam. According to their own story, Hussain was murdered treacherously by Yazeed, the son of Amir Muaweeya, who, some sources say, was a companion and assistant of Muhammad in collecting the Quran.

In Pakistan, Shia Muslims beat themselves up in different ways: Some use their hands to beat their own chests; the teenagers and youths beat themselves with chains and knives, which causes blooding, especially from the back. This kind of horrid actions is seen amongst no other people in the world but in Shiite Islam. How many more absurdities and stupidities will we see in Islam?

A bloody conflict broke out between Shiite and Sunni Muslims soon after the death of their prophet and has continued ever since. Shiites abuse the first three caliphs of Islam, Abu Bakar, Umar and Uthman respectively; in response, Sunni Muslims attribute Shiites as non-Muslims. This conflict resulted from a stupid mistake made by their prophet, who did not elect a suitable successor in his lifetime. Due to this little lapse on the part of Muhammad, his followers started fighting and kill each other. Finally, one group, who were in favour of Ali, to become the first caliph of Islam, started beating themselves up to unknown period of time.

Masochism is a condition when people get satisfaction in getting physical hurt, inflicted by himself/herself or by others. It is considered serious mental illness that requires a proper cure, and that cure is freedom from Islam.

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