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alman_Rusdie_India_today_conclave_delhiRushdie claimed Muslim fanatics and terrorists, not he, have caused the greatest harm to Islam and Muslims. He also termed the ruling Congress Party's Muslim fanatics-appeasement and votebank politics disgraceful, sickening and cowardly -- which are not working either. He also called Imran Khan, who avoided the forum due to Rushdie's presence, cowardly and a dictator in waiting in the likeness of Gaddafi...

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Muhammad used to send threatening letters to foreign kings to embrace Islam, warning that should they reject his invitation -- they would be attacked and their kingdoms snatched away. He matched his words with actions.

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There is absolutely no way to call Israel an "apartheid state", because it doesn't treat its religio-racial minorities -- namely Arab Muslims, Christians and Druze -- in a discriminatory manner that warrants such a label. There is no such complaint. Instead, Israel's Islamic Arab neighbour states deserve such an identification.

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On the occasion of the Arab countries led observance of the Apartheid Week at the UN, in which Israel is portrayed as the world’s sole Apartheid state of our time, author Efrain Karsh writes that Israel is the only state in the Middle East that is apartheid-free, while the Arab countries are the true practitioners apartheid in terms Religious intolerance, Ethnic inequality, Racism, Gender discrimination, Denial of citizenship, Labor inequality, Slavery, Political Oppression.

Read Karsh's article here: The Middle East’s real apartheid

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The Times of India is reporting that a mob of Muslims brutally tortured a Christian woman, shaved her bald, and paraded in the streets of a village in Pakistan's Punjab province for her alleged "anti-Islam views".

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