M. A. Khan

The cartoon portrays Muslims as terrorists, and suggests the NYPD spying project necessary.

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Dr. Ali Sina’s proposed film on the "true life of Muhammad" has already attracted attention of the media. Felix Strüning, Editor in Chief of the "Citizen Times", a European Union based online journal, spoke to Dr. Sina about: 1) Why he wants to make such a movie, 2) What are the dangers to cast and producers engaged in the movie, and 3) How to market such a film? Dr. Sina seems to have everything well planned. Read the complete interview here: Interview with ex-Muslim Ali Sina about his planned Muhammad biopic.

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A Muslim’s right to attack those, who insult Prophet Muhammad, trumps the constitutional First Amendment Rights of American citizens, ruled a judge in Pennsylvania.

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Malaysia may take pride in its being a moderate, multiracial, and democratic Muslim state, but for the apostate and critics of Islam, it’s a place they should be worried of. Next time you step into their airport, you may be detained and sent back to your Islamic homeland for possible execution.

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Raging condemnation of Malaysia's opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim for suggesting that there should a just two-state solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict that ensures lasting regional peace as well as security and stability of both sides.

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