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Assassination, or secret killing, is the most dreaded weapon to demolish an opposition or to silence critics. Authoritarian, fascist and fanatic regimes have historical used assassination with great effectiveness. Today, from Tunisia to Bangladesh, assassinations by Islamist fanatics have been terrorizing their secular and progressive opponents.

In Islam, assassination was one of the violent tools that Prophet Muhammad used in its founding days. Here’s a brief list of the Prophet’s assassinations:

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Earlier we have reported that Pakistani ex-Muslim Imran Firasat’s refugee status was revoked by the Spanish government on the ground that he was a national security threat because of his criticism of Islam, particularly his making of the movie “The Innocent Prophet”. His identity card was also abruptly confiscated, paving the way for his possible swift deportation to Pakistan.

As of latest, Imran’s case has moved to the Spanish court, where he will defend himself against the government’s plan to revoke his refugee status. He will be represented by The Legal Project, a New York based organization, which has a large transnational clientele, “includes authors, bloggers, journals and politicians.” It is dedicated to “…protect the right in the West to freely discuss Islam, radical Islam, terrorism, and terrorist funding.

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imran-firasatIt appears that in certain western democracies, criticism of Islam has become a "capital offence". And despite the abolition of death penalty, Spain is determined to implement the same by deporting Imran Firasat, an apostate and critic of Islam, to Pakistan, where he faces definite death penalty.

We have reported earlier that Imran's refugee status in Spain was revoked after his rather innocuous movie, The Innocent Prophet, was released by the US pastor Terry Jones, taking out his name. Imran was given one month to defend himself in court, which he is working on. But the Spanish authority now seems not willing to give him that chance, and has seized his Identity Card, apparently in preparation for his quick deportation to Pakistan.

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Pakistani ex-Muslims Imran Firasat, a vocal critic of Islam, who recently created a media stir by proposing to make a movie depicting the life of Prophet Muhammad, is facing deportation from Spain, where he holds residency status as a refugee.

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europe-islamic-paradiseIslam is a complete code, system, or way of life. It only believes in a single state, culture and law, guided by the Quran, prophetic tradition and Sharia. All else must go. While Christmas doesn’t symbolize the same old religious significance any more, it still is the signature cultural festive event in secularized European tradition. While Muslims are evidently making vigorous push for its obliteration from the Western tradition, the native populace, particularly the politicians, are as willing to let go of it. And when Muslims are projected to become the majority in Brussels by 2030 according to sociologist Felice Dassetto’s book, “The Iris and the Crescent”, that is going to become a reality in double quick time in the iconic European city of Brussels, the headquarter of the European Union. Given the situation are even worse in places like the Swedish city of Malmo, and Muslims dominated areas in Oslo, the rest of Europe is all set to follow suit.

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