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Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery -- by MA Khan

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"I read your book and found it fascinating. It is one of those few books which everybody, Muslims and non-Muslims, must read."
--- Prof. Sami Alrabaa

I had the good fortune of reading this magnum opus... This is a "must read book" for all.  The author (M. A. Khan) and Dr. Ali Sina are like two barrel-guns against the threat of Jihad, the world faces." ---Nausheen Najib Rehman (translator, ongoing)

Debate Between MA Khan & Mr. Ahmed:

Part 1
: Challenge to Close Down Islam-watch: Debate on Quran 9:5, the 'Sword Verse' [11 Dec, 2008]

Part 2: Challenge to Close Down Islam-watch: Muhammad, Not Meccans, Broke Hudaybiyah Treaty [07 Dec, 2008]

Part 3: Challenge from Ahmed: Islam-watch Remains Live; Ahmed Leaves with Respect [03 Dec, 2008]

Talibanization of Pakistan: Realizing the Dreams of Founding Fathers [30 Apr, 2009]

Britain’s Ignorant & Dangerous Policy toward Somalian Pirates: Don’t Do a Medina! [16 Apr, 2009]

Encounter with a Hiz-ut Tahrir Ideologue [06 Apr, 2009]

Living Under Sharia: The Plight of Women in Saudi Arabia [14 Mar, 2009]

A Young Educated British Muslimah Challenges M. A. Khan's Book [10 Mar, 2009]

Emerging Muslim Freethinkers and the Battle of Civilizations [05 Mar, 2009]

'Exposing Islam from the Inside Out': M A Khan in Interview  [04 Mar, 2009]

Islam and the Clash of Civilizations [04 Mar, 2009]

Debate: Muhammed's Challenge to Revert MA Khan to Islam Again [01 Mar, 2009]

Does the Quran Incite Violence? A Debate with Mike Ghouse (2 Parts) [17–22 Feb, 2009]

'Islam-watch Has Been Harsh on Indian Muslims' : A Hindu Reader [28 Jan, 2009]

Bush’s Legacy  [24 Jan, 2009]

Islam-watch: A Platform for Religious Propaganda or Enlightenment? [19 Jan, 2009]

Islam-watch Racist? How We Turned a Potential Rightwing Fanatic to Humanist? [05 Jan, 2009]

Huntington's Prophecies: A Tribute to an Outstanding Political Genius [04 Jan, 2009]

Islam-watch: Igniting the Flame of Enlightenment [01 Jan, 2009]

Articles 2008

Dialogue with a Deluded, Deceptive Muslimah [23 Dec, 2008]

Dialogue with a Potential Irani Apostate [05 Dec, 2008]

Ramadan Jihad and Scholars' Ignorance [30 Sep, 2008]

Should I, a Hindu, Convert to Islam and Marry My Muslim Lover? [17 Sep, 2008]

Articles 2007

Can’t have a relationship with this Muslim man, thanks to Islam-watch [29 Dec, 2007]

Letter: Will Islam Collapse in Our Lifetime? [26 Dec, 2007]

Dialogue with Fatima: On Cowardly & Ignorant Islam-watch, Shiites as non-Muslims & Illegal Zionist Occupation [20 Jun, 2007]

South & North American Muslim Converts Association: Islam-watch is Hoax; Run by Jewish & Catholic Sick Losers? [08 Jun, 2007]

Would-be Ex-Muslim: What's the Meaning of 'Alif Laam Raa' and Sufism the Right Way? [27 May, 2007]

Can Muslims Watch Porn, Do Sex with Toys & Do Masturbation? [18 May, 2007]

Conversation with an ex-Muslim: Islam cannot be reformed – it must disappear [19 April, 2007]

Letter from a Muslim Convert: “Islam made me aware of others rights”  [07 April, 2007]

Fighting Islamofascism: How Much Progress Have We Made? [12 Feb, 2007]

Letter From an Infidel: Can Islam be Reformed?  [21 Jan, 2007]

Articles 2006

Letter from Farzana: 'Islam prohibits sex with slave women and Abolishes slavery'  [31Dec, 2006]

Muslim Scholars’ Open Letter to Pope: A Pack of Lies, Deception and Stupidity   [16 November, 2006]

Uncovered Meat and Rape: Condemning an Honest, Innocent Cleric  [02 November, 2006]

Tactics of Hamas and the Prophet's Treaty of Hudaibiyya  [27 October, 2006]

Malaysia's Jihad against the Singapore Leader [05 October, 2006]

Unfolding Jihad − From Cartoon to Pope to Mozart to the Cricket Pitch   [03 October, 2006]

Junior Qaddafi’s Futile Attempt to Placate the Rage of Allah for Father’s Sin?  [01 October, 2006]

Was the Pope Wrong?  [19 September, 2006]

Tales of two conversions – 14 Centuries Apart  [14 September, 2006]

Islamic Terrorism – Is it a New Threat? [24th July, 2006]

Apostasy in Islam - Response to Mr. Shamim of NFB [23 April, 2006]

Haseeb Shad's complaint to Ayesha Ahmed's "A Complaint to Allah", with response from the Editor [20 April, 2006]

Debate with Prof Lammi [28 March - 26 April, 2006]

Apostasy in Islam and the case of Afghan Christian Convert [26 March, 2006]

Cartoon Saga: Can Prophet Muhammad Command Unqualified Respect from the Westerners? [05 February, 2006]

My Journey to Freedom [30 November, 2005]

Daniel Pipes - A Zionist Islamophobe? [22 November, 2005]

MA Khan is the editor of and the author of Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery.

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